Ecclesiastes 8:5-6 The Proper Time & Procedure & Misery

Whoever obeys his command will come to no harm, and the wise heart will know the proper time and procedure. For there is a proper time and procedure for every matter though a person may be weighed down by misery. Ecclesiastes 8:5-6

The one who Solomon is encouraging the people to obey is the king. Very few people have a problem with obeying the king, as long as what he is commanding is good and right. The challenge came in when what he was commanding was harmful or wrong.

No one likes to obey a ruler when it does not make sense or causes pain and misery. At that point, people like to rebel and fight against the ruler.

Across the nation people rise up in riots and fighting when they do not like a rule that was made by the president or some other leader in the country. The same thing happens in a business when people don’t like the ruling.

Solomon recognized that there will be times when a person does not like the ruling of the leader. This is where having a wise heart comes in. Knowing and understanding that the rule was bad, just opens the eyes to what is wrong. It is wisdom that guides the person as to how to deal with it.

No matter what country you are from, there is a process to be followed in order to speak about the actions of a leader. Those actions are not found in rioting or fighting or speaking badly about the leader.

Each country, each business, each family has a different way in which to approach the leader about when things are done in a bad way. The one thing, as a believer, that should begin all approaches is love.

As you are going through a time of misery, you need to be dealing with that leader in the love of God. God sees your misery that you are going through, but fighting back harshly will not solve the issue.

Seek the proper way to approach the leader in the love of Jesus. Allow God to work in the heart of the leader and make the necessary changes. Trust His timing in it.

Do not allow your misery to cause you to do wrong and sin. Take a step back, breath, and let God’s Holy Spirit guide you in what to say and when to say it.

I pray today that God will strengthen you in following all leaders over you; that God will fill you with His love for your leaders; that God’s Holy Spirit will guide you in dealing with them; and that you will be a witness for Jesus to your leaders.


Psalm 75:7 The Real Judge

It is God who judges: He brings one down, he exalts another. Psalm 75:7

People who are in leadership are criticized or praised by many people. Some believe in the leader and just sing praises about him, thinking he is the best. Others cannot stand the leader and constantly find fault with him, judging all the time.

In the countries where democracy exists and people elect others into positions, it is commonly thought that the people are in control. Those who go out to vote for a leader will stand on both sides of the spectrum as to whether to choose that person or not. When the elections are over, some people are happy, while others are not.

Believers need to look at it differently. They need to view thing the way God sees it. God is the one who put that person into position or removed that person. God is the one who is in full control. There are times God will place a person who is not a believer into leadership position.

Not only in the leadership elections, but also in everyday life of each person. Some people are raised up into positions or power, while others are removed. It happens in the church, the workplace, the community, and everywhere else.

As a believer, you must seek God’s wisdom and direction in deciding who is in leadership. Trust that God knows what He is doing. Do not worry or fret over someone being in a position. No person can do anything unless God allows it. No person can be a leader unless God permits him to be one. Ultimately God’s purpose will be fulfilled.

Do not attempt to stand in place to be the ultimate judge, that is God’s job to do. You are here to be a witness of Jesus. God will lift some up and remove others, according to His will. Give God praise for all that He is doing and will do.

How are you judging those in leadership?

Are you judging them as though you are in charge?

Or are you looking at the big picture that God sees and building?

I pray today that you will not fear those in leadership; that you will trust God’s reason for each person in leadership; that you will allow God to raise or remove leaders; and that you will not just judge but be a witness of Jesus to those in leadership.

Numbers 27:23 Passing On Leadership

Then he laid his hands on him and commissioned him, as the LORD instructed through Moses. Numbers 27:23

God had told Moses that he was coming to the end of his life, since he was not being allowed to enter into the land of Canaan. Moses asked God to provide someone to lead the nation of Israel. God chose Joshua to be the next leader. Moses had to take Joshua before Eleazar the priest and have him commissioned to be the next leader.

People who are in leadership position often love their position. Many believe that they are indispensable and can never be replaced. With this type of thinking, they never train anyone up for the position, nor do they accept someone else to take their spot when it is time to step down.

The reality is that no person is so important in this life that he/she is not replaceable. It may be difficult to replace a person, especially the more a person does. There are times when it may even take two or more people to replace a person, but either way they can be replaced.

When you choose to have someone replace you, you are passing on your leadership. You are allowing someone else to step up to the plate and continue what God has started with you.

Parents need to pass on their parenting skills to their children. Bosses pass on working skills to the workers. Leaders pass on the leadership skills to new leaders.

Do not allow yourself to think you are the most important person and cannot be replaced.

Seek God’s timing as to when you are to be replaced. Seek God to find out who should replace you. God can bring the right person, at the right time. Until that time comes, do all that you can do for God where He has placed you. Work until it is time for you to move on, but when it comes, let God have control and you pass on the mantel of leadership.

I pray today that God will continue to guide you in the work you do; that God will raise up another to take your place in the right time; that God will help you train others to take your place; and that God will use you to build His kingdom.