As In The Days Of Noah

Picture by Elias Null on Unsplash Every day you can read news of horrible crimes being committed. Along with all the crime being committed you can see sin being promoted more and more openly. Drugs are promoted and even given by the government. Every type of sex outside of an adult married man and woman... Continue Reading →

Proper Fear Of God

In America there has been a loss of the fear of God. As a whole the nation does not fear God anymore. People are willing to carry the name of Jesus but have no fear of God or what it really means to be a Christian. Churches are filled with people who know that they... Continue Reading →

Filter Needed

For my full-time job, I work at cleaning and maintaining swimming pools. In order to do this well, I will go to each of the pools I maintain on a weekly basis. I begin with emptying the skimmer baskets of any debris in them. Then I will skim the top of the water for any... Continue Reading →

Warning Signs

Nearly every person who drives has had a time when a warning light starts flashing on their dashboard about something. It is very easy to ignore the light flashing if everything appears to be running well. Sometimes one believes that the warning light is not important, such as in the one light in the picture... Continue Reading →

Are You On Fire?

One of the things my wife and I love to do is sit in front of our fireplace and watch it, during the few days it is cool enough to run in Texas. Although our fireplace is a gas fireplace and does not consume anything other than gas, it is great to watch. When we... Continue Reading →

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