The City At World’s End (book review)

Title: The City At World’s End
Author: Edmond Hamilton
Original Print:

This book is a science fiction book that takes a different type of look at a nuclear war. A small town is directly hit with a nuclear bomb. They are not destroyed, but moved into a future time, several thousand years later. A lot has changed and they must start everything new.

As they meet ‘people’ in the future who come to help them. They begin with distrust and treat them badly, because they are different. This book shows some of the horror of racialism and prejudices that people tend to have against new or different people.

Although this has a great story about overcoming and moving on with life, it has nothing to do with God. Although there are a few references of people who believe in God, there is no overall belief in Him. One of the quotes a person says in the story shows this very well: “Leave us to work out our own salvation.”

This quote is something that the world tries to say all the time. They do not want God or Jesus in their lives and try to work out their own lives. Many believers in God also attempt this. They try to live a good life in order to be on God’s good side, rather than trusting the salvation Jesus provided and His grace and mercy.

The author does a great job at presenting a different outcome of a nuclear bomb, than the standard death. He also does a good job at presenting how people are with unknown or different people, how people can be prejudice and cruel to others. However, there are several curse words used in the book that did not really need to be used thus lowering its overall value to me.

I cannot highly recommend this book, though it is good to read and see the philosophy and thoughts of mankind without God.


Exceedingly Growing Faith

Title: Exceedingly Growing Faith
 Kenneth E. Hagin
Publisher: RHEMA Bible Church
Date: 1983
Pages: 102

Faith is something that every believer knows about and wants. In this short, easy to read book, Kenneth talks about what faith really is.

He points out that often people feel as if they really do not have any faith and need to get some. It states in the Bible that every person is given a measure of faith by God. It is not something that a person needs to seek to find, but has to exercise what he has.

Kenneth uses a variety of examples from the Bible to show how people had faith to receive healing. Many scriptures are quoted throughout the book, instead of just being paraphrased.

Faith in the Bible was not just something believed in the heart. It was something that was spoken out loud and acted upon.

Jesus did not just pray quietly for a person to be healed, He spoke healing into the life of the person. It was the same way when God spoke the earth into existence. Words have a powerful impact in the life of a person, both positively and negatively. This is where faith comes in. Speaking God’s words into your life, as fact, brings about His power.

My favorite quote of this book is: “The God-kind of faith is the kind of faith in which a man: (1) believes in his heart, and (2) says with his mouth what he believes in his heart, and (3) it comes to pass.” (page 96)

I recommend this short book to read. It will help you see what faith really is and how to apply it in your life. I enjoyed the amount of scripture used. There are very few pages that does not have at least one verse quoted. It is short enough to read in just a few days, if you take your time and are a slower reader.

The Risk Factor

Title: The Risk Factor: Crossing The Chicken Line Into Your Supernatural Destiny
Author: Kevin Dedmon & Chad Dedmon
Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers Inc
Date: 2011
Pages: 205

Kevin and Chad are a father and son who work in ministry together. They chose to write this book to encourage people seek out their spiritual destiny. They equate faith with risk. Having faith means that there is a risk involved.

They point out how Jesus had allowed Himself to be led by His Father and would not do anything without His leading. Every believer is to live their lives in the same way that Jesus did.

One of the things that Jesus (and the Father) did was take risks. He went up to the lepers and touched them. He called and trained some men to take over His ministry when He left the earth. Jesus told Lazarus to come out of the tomb after being dead for several days. He allowed Himself to be killed on the cross. God took a big risk at sending Jesus to the earth to do a work. What if Jesus would have backed out and refused to die on the cross? All His work would fall apart.

Each of these things were a risk. What if something did not happen? Or if it backfired and did not work out the way He hoped for?

In the same way believers are live their lives as a risk. The authors described ways in which they felt led by God’s Holy Spirit and took a risk in doing something. In the end there were many times where God showed up and lives were changed.

An example of their risks was going up to a person, in public, on crutches and asked if they could pray for healing for the person. The person was immediately healed. Then many others in the store would hear of it and ask for prayer. Many people were healed and many gave their lives to Christ.

They point out that there is always a level of fear and that they have to push through the fear to see what God can and will do. One of them talked about the fear of extreme downhill skiing. Each time they just have to go over the edge and get going. Once they get going, the thrill of the ski trip becomes a reality, despite the fear.

As believers learn to step out in faith and take a risk for God, they must be given room to make mistakes and learn. Often people do not step out in faith because of fear of being wrong or rejected. God never said that you would do everything perfect, but He does expect you to step out in faith and try.

Very few people try to do anything great for God, yet Jesus said you would do greater things than Him.

In this book, the authors challenge the believer to take a risk for God. Step out and be the light of this world. Be willing to give the message God has for all people. See what God can do through you. Be a world changer.

The chapters are easy to read and short. They use real life stories and ask many of the questions most people would ask in taking a risk.

It will challenge your faith in God. Is your faith alive and active–doing things for God?

Or is it dead, just believing God, but not doing anything for God?

One quote from the book I like: “Whenever the enemy tries to shout at me with the accusations of intimidation and fear, I take courage because I know my destiny in God is getting ready to be revealed.” page 141

I recommend every believer to read this book. Take a serious look at your faith in God and determine if it is alive or dead. Then ask God to help you take the steps of risk to be used by Him in mighty ways.


Living Above The Level Of Mediocrity

Title: Living Above The Level Of Mediocrity: A Commitment To Excellence
Author: Charles R. Swindoll
Publisher: Word Books Publisher
Date: 1978
Pages: 278

Charles Swindoll takes a look at living a life that is above the average life. Throughout this book, from beginning to end, he uses an eagle for his illustration. Most people love to see the eagle flying through the air, majestic and powerful. The reason the eagle looks so great is that it does things above what the normal bird does, it is willing and able to rise above the average to soar high in the skies.

Going throughout scripture, the author starts by looking at various lives of people in the Bible who lived extraordinary lives above the level of mediocrity. He then looks at lives of people who rejected living above the normal. Most people fall into this category.

Here he takes a look at the various things that put pressure on people to live just like everyone else does and refuse to rise above the normal and soar in the heavens with God. The four areas that he points out that keep people in the normal are: greed, traditionalism, apathetic indifference, and joyless selfishness. People are born to be greedy and selfish, and want only comfort and the easy life with fame following the same way that they have always lived.

Living for God will not always bring about the easy life, and will definitely not be the easy path. Most people will put pressure on a person to not rock the boat and be different or to soar as an eagle. Yet, God is calling every believer to rise above the standards of this world. He wants to do great and mighty things through every believer, if allowed to do so.

In this book, the author looks at what can cause a person to stay average, the battle it will take to soar, and how to stay focused on soaring as an eagle for God in this world that wants to walk on the ground. It will challenge you in the way you live your life for God. It is a call to excellence for God.

He uses a lot of scriptures and puts all of the verses in the text, so that you do not have to go look them up in a Bible. The writing is in everyday language, not scholarly big words.

I would encourage every believer to read this book, even though it was written nearly forty years ago and some of the current examples are now old history. It is well worth reading and taking to heart.

Grace Rules

Title: Grace Rules
Steve McVey
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
Date: 1998
Pages: 203

The author looks at how many Christians are living for God, but are not always living in joy and excitement with God. People are always condemning themselves for the sins they have committed and feel that they will never measure up to God’s standard of living. They are being robbed of the abundant life that Jesus said every believer will have.

He points out that many Christians are living under the laws of many things to do or not to do. They feel that in order to please God, they must follow all the laws, both God’s and man-made, perfectly. They also impose those laws on others. This type of living is a legalistic life, living by rules, rather than by grace. If the Israelites in the Old Testament were unable to fully obey the laws of God, no one today can begin to do it either.

Looking at the New Testament, the author shows that Jesus fulfilled the law’s requirements which now allows God to pour out grace on His followers. No person is good enough to deserve the life God is willing to give through Jesus. No person will ever become good enough to earn their way into heaven.

This is where grace comes in. God is willing to give you the abundant life in and through Jesus. Jesus is to live in. You are to be controlled by Jesus and the Holy Spirit, rather than by your own thoughts and actions or this world.

It is pointed out that under the law, you have to obey God. Under grace, you will want to obey God. Previously it was a mandatory requirement. Now it is a choice desire.

The Bible calls every believer in Jesus a holy child of God, a royal priesthood. Do you believe that you are a holy child of God and a royal priesthood in God’s family?

This book will help you see the fullness of the grace God is willing to pour out on you. It will help you see how you can have your heart changed to be able to overcome sinful acts in your life.

If you are struggling with living the “full” life Jesus had promised; or if you feel like there should be more to your life with Jesus; or if you feel like you just don’t measure up to God’s standards, then this book is a great book for you to read.

This book is written in easy to read format. There are questions at the end of each chapter for you to ask yourself in response to what was written. Many scripture verses are used throughout the book. I highly recommend every believer to read this book.

Rock Your Network Marketing Business

Title: Rock Your Network Marketing Business: How To Become A Network Marketing Rock Star
Sarah Robins
Publisher: Rockin’ Robbins Publishing
Date: 2013

As the title suggests this book is about network marketing. This is selling a product from your home to people you know and meet. The author does not try to sell her product, but just tells what she had done and how it worked for her in her business. No where in the book does she state what she sells.

She goes into very good detail on how to get started in a business and the value of a network marketing business. Just selling products will make some money, but the idea of getting others to purchase and sell the products makes even more money.

In order to do this it comes down to being willing to talk to people about your products and business, from purchasing to becoming a distributor also. The process includes training and learning yourself, and training and teaching others. Belief in your product and business and lots of hard work is a must, but with persistence it can pay off later with a great residual income.

This book does not in any way show anything Christian in it, nor is it against God in any way. It is a very easy short book to read.

Although I do not have a business or products to sell, I did learn some very great points. I believe that every believer is a salesman or saleswoman. If you love and follow Jesus, you will follow His command to go and make disciples of everyone.

The process of going is to go out and make contacts with people. You are selling them the idea that God loves them and wants a relationship with them. Then you are to train the people to go out and do the same. Applying the principles in this book to the Christian walk can help you become an effective witness for Jesus. It is what I would call using the things of this world for God’s use.

The Insanity Of God

Title: The Insanity Of God
Author: Nik Ripken with Gregg Lewis
Publisher: B & H Publishing Group
Date: 2013
Pages: 322

When the author became a believer in Jesus, he took the words of Jesus to go and make disciples literally. He proceeded to go to Somalia to work at bringing needed care to the people there during the mid-1980s into the 1990s. During that time, Somalia was under extreme warring amongst themselves. Very few organizations were willing to go into Somalia because of the extreme high level of danger.

After building a large relief organization and getting the attention of leaders of various nations, Nik started to question why there was so much struggle for the Somalians. He could not seem to build a large Christian group in the nation. He questioned why there was so much persecution and why God allowed such persecution.

He then chooses to travel around the world to various countries that were known to persecute believers. He wanted to interview various Christians on how they could survive under extreme persecution.

Nik writes of the many people that he encountered and what he saw and felt during those days. In the end he realized that Christians actually thrived and grew while under extreme persecution.

He does state that Nik is not his real name, nor are the names given in the book real. He changes the names of all the people and of  some of the nations to protect the identity of the believers in those nations.

This is an easy to read book that flows smoothly and steadily. At points you will want to cry for the torture that some of the people endured for the name of Jesus. At other times you will rejoice and be amazed to hear of the testimonies of the people who survived extreme persecution.

You will also be challenged in how do you live your life for God. God’s ways are not our ways and often do not make sense. This is where the insanity of God comes into the picture.

At one point he was asked if he thought persecution was coming to America. He stated, “Why would Satan bother with us when we are already accomplishing his goal? He will likely conclude it is better to let us sleep.” (page 211)

I encourage you to read this book and be challenged to be a witness for Jesus at all costs, so that all may have a chance to have eternal life in Jesus.