Story Of A Secret Heart

Title: Story of a Secret Heart
Cassi Ellen
Publisher: Kindle Edition
Date: March 2016
Pages: 174

This is an autobiography of the author’s experience in relationships with men. After being married for some time she gets divorced. Her heart is broken and she is torn apart. She then begins to seek love in other relationships in the wrong ways and wrong places.

The story is filled with an extreme amount of excessive drinking of alcohol, that is promoted as acceptable and fun. Along with that it is filled with sexual relationships. Although the descriptions of the sexual relationships is not usually explicit, it does state it happens on a regular basis.

Although the author does not take part in drugs, there is a good amount of others doing drugs.

With all of this said, I did not finish reading the book. I do not recommend it for any believer.

It does a good job at showing how people can live their lives when God is not a part of it. It shows the depths that people will go to in order to find what they believe is love. It also shows the deception that the Satan and the world will use to deceive people.

The only way to know true love is to know Jesus personally. The author does not show any signs of acknowledging God in any way in the parts that I had read.


The Brass Ring

Title: The Brass Ring
Author: Bill Maudlin
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
Date: 1971
Pages: 275

This book is an autobiography. The author was a political cartoonist during World War II. He tells his story about how he grew up and decided to be a cartoonist.

At an early age he discovered that he could draw well. As a teen-ager there were various businesses that would hire him to draw signs for them. Later on he joined the army to help fight the war against Hitler.

He focused his drawings on what he was seeing during the war. Often it would show the complaints that many of the soldiers had, along with adding some humor to their complaints.

His drawings became extremely popular and he had published several small books filled with his drawings. One of his drawings won him a Pulitzer Prize.

This book is a very interesting book, but is also very graphic in details in certain spots. The description of the war and what is happening at times will be rough for a Christian believer to read. In a few spots there is some foul language used. The largest spot is during a conversation that he has with General George Patton.

If you have been in the military, and especially during a war, you will understand some of the “humor” and the horrors of the war. There is nothing that is Christian or focused on Jesus anywhere in this book. He does not show any signs of any real belief in Jesus. This makes it some difficult reading for a believer.

If you enjoy biographies or stories dealing with war, you may be interested in this book. However, be warned that it is graphic in spots that is not very good for a believer.

Waking The Dead

Title: Waking The Dead

Author: John Eldridge

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

Date: 2003

Pages: 227

The author takes a look at the heart of people. The common view, even among Christians, is that the heart is completely wicked and beyond hope. He points out that when a person accepts what Jesus did on the cross, he is given a new heart. Jesus had died and rose again in order to give you a new heart and a new life.

With this in mind he points out four streams that a person must follow to keep his heart in line with God’s heart. He uses a lot of scripture and various popular movies for illustrations to understand what he is saying.

The first stream is walking with God. You must spend time with God and walk in His ways. In this way your heart will be made pure and holy.

Once you spend time with God, you must also listen to God’s direction for  your life. Spending time in prayer and listening to what God has to say to you. As you do this your heart will grow to be more like God’s heart.

John then points out that as you do these things God will restore your heart to be more like His heart. He will help you to remove the sinful desires in your heart and make your heart pure and holy.

As you do these things, the enemy will try to win your heart back. Temptations and sinful desires will try to get your heart back. It will become a battle ground that you must be willing to fight against. You cannot allow the enemy to take back your heart.

As you allow God to work in your life and change your heart, you will be able to see what God has in store for you. God will be able to do great things in and through you.

I highly recommend reading this book to be challenged in your walk with God. Allow God to shape and mold your heart to be like His. It is a short book that is easy to read and full of great insight.

In His Steps

Title: In His Steps

Author: Charles Monroe Sheldon

Publisher: Barbour Publishing

Date: 2002

Pages: 241

This is a fictional story that starts with a pastor who chooses to only do what Jesus would do. He then challenges his congregation to do the same. There are many who will take up the challenge, while many will reject it.

In the process of choosing to “do what Jesus would do” some people face very challenging choices to make. Some of these choices cost relationships, jobs, status, and many other things in their lives. Some of the people face a difficult rough road, while others see a very rewarding road to walk as they choose to “do what Jesus would do”.

The characters of this story represent the wealthy, the business man, the poor, the average person and others. It takes a strong look at what Jesus meant to follow Him and learn from Him.

Even though this is just a story, it will challenge you to take a look at your life and decide how you are living it. Many people say they follow Jesus, but only when it is comfortable. When the going gets rough, many choose a different path.

It was made into an independent film movie a few years ago. While the movie did a great job, it does not show all that is in the book. You cannot see the inner turmoil that the characters have in making the choices that they have to make.

I highly recommend every believer to read this book. Be ready to be challenged. Be open to what God may have for you. Be willing to “do what Jesus would do”.

The Prisoner In The Third Cell

Title: The Prisoner In The Third Cell
Author: Gene Edwards
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers
Date: 1992
Pages: 128

This is a short story on the life of John the Baptist. The author takes some liberty to fill in some of the gaps that the Bible does not provide. Nothing that he adds to the story can be shown to be against anything in the Bible.

John the Baptist is seen, from childhood through his life, that he keeps his focus on doing only what God wants him to do, regardless of how hard it may be to do it or the consequences of doing it. When John was put in prison, he sent his disciples to Jesus to find out if He was the One expected. Jesus’ final words to those disciples were that the person is blessed who is not offended with him.

This book shows John wondering why things were not going well for him, but constantly remembers the final statement of Jesus. He does not realize how great of a work he was doing at the time.

In one of the final chapters the author challenges the reader to keep in mind that God is a sovereign God who cannot be fully understood. His ways are above man’s ways. When this is kept in mind, all the problems of life are acceptable because they have gone through the hands of God.

This book will challenge you in how you view God and how you view God’s control in problems in your life.

I highly recommend you to read it. It is a short easy read. It only took me about two hours to read it from cover to cover. It was well worth reading.

When A Nation Forgets God

Title: When A Nation Forgets God
Author: Erwin W. Lutzer
Publisher: Moody Publishers
Date: 2010
Pages: 160

Erwin Lutzer looks at seven different lessons that people can learn from Nazi Germany on when a nation forgets God. He looks at how Hitler won the favor of the churches in Germany in order to gain control of the nation.

Hitler had used kind, favorable words to win their support. Once he had their support, he changed some rules that removed the authority of the churches and was able to get them shut down.

Using propaganda and education the people of Germany were slowly numbed to the changes that Hitler was striving to bring about. Most of the Germans would not have accepted the torture and killing that was going on, but due to the change of words and the picture given, it was made acceptable.

A lot of the same things have happened in America. He points out that thirty years ago homosexuality was scorned and hated. Through the media of television, movies, and music it was portrayed first as a funny or crazy thing, but it numbed the people to it. Today it is now widely accepted, even inside the church.

Along with that are the topics of abortion, evolution, drugs and many other areas. The people of the church are being numbed to the sin of these acts and are starting to accept them as good.

The author points out that every believer must keep their focus on God and what He wants. They must remain well grounded in the Bible to be aware of the schemes of the enemy. Satan will strive to get believers to take their eyes off of Jesus and be numbed to what he is really doing.

He is not a doomsday prophet in any way, but does present a picture that the church is allowing the enemy to take over. They are accepting the lies from the enemy.

This is a short but easy to read book. I would highly recommend every believer to read it and see what God has for them. You should pray and seek God in what He wants you to do. Seek God for spiritual eyes that will see the deception that is being presented everywhere around. Do not allow yourself to be deceived.

The Exodus Mandate

Title: The Exodus Mandate: Moses Reveals How You Can Accomplish The Impossible
Author: Brother Andrew and Al Janssen
Publisher: Open Doors International
Pages: 117

The main author, Brother Andrew, is known for smuggling Bibles into Russia prior to it’s collapse. It was known as an impossible mission, yet God was with him and he was very successful. In this book he takes a detailed look at the life of Moses and how he had an impossible mission to lead the Israelites out of Egypt and to the Promised Land.

He points out the many highs and lows that Moses had to go through. Each of these events helped make him into the man God needed to lead the people. Moses learned to be completely dependent upon God for everything.

In each of these events of his life, Bro Andrew shows how today a believer can be going through a similar event or had gone through one already. He uses a chapter for each event in his life.

At the end of each chapter is a few questions to have you think about what was talked about and how you can apply it to your own life. He will challenge you to get closer to God at any cost and to be willing to do whatever God asks you to do no matter how big the task is.

This is a very short book. Each chapter is only a few pages long. This allows for you to be able to read and study it and ponder what is being said without being overloaded with information. It is very simple in its wording and reading, but very profound in what is said.

I encourage every believer to read this book and allow God to change your life.