May 23, 2018 Verse of the Day


John 7:6 Only At The Right Time


Therefor Jesus told them, “My time is not yet here; for you any time will do.” John 7:6

The Jewish Festival of Tabernacles was occurring in Judea. The disciples wanted Jesus to go to the festival in order to do miracles and present Himself to the world. Jesus did not want to go at the time, because He said it was not the right time to do that…yet.

Timing is very important. Yet, many people ignore timing of things in their lives.

When farmers plant their crops, they must do it at the right time. If they plant to early, the plants will not begin to grow. If they plant to late, the plants will not be able to grow enough. Many people try to grow a garden and do not keep in mind the timing of when to plant or when to harvest the food.

Businesses must be aware of the right timing to sell certain items. Selling notebooks and pencils must be done at the right time. If a store sets the out to be sold in June, they will not sell many, because people are not in the mindset to purchase those items. School is over and it is the wrong time. They look to buy those items in late summer, getting ready for school again.

God has a timetable of when things should occur. Because He knows the past, present and future of every person on this earth, He knows the best time for everything to happen. The disciples may never have understood why Jesus did not go right away to the festival, but Jesus did. He was following what His Father wanted Him to do and in His Father’s timing, not His own.

There will come times when you will ask God to do something for you, a healing, provision, or some other provision in your life. God may hold off for a time, because it is not the right time or He may do it right away. It is to be done at the right time.

Or God may put it in your heart that someday you may do something specific, but not right away. He wants you to wait for the right time to start. God will guide you when the time is right to begin, if you allow Him to do so.

Wait on God’s perfect timing for everything. Trust His timing.

I pray today that you will trust God’s guidance in your life; that God will show you His time for everything in your life; that you will only move in God’s timetable; and that God will use you to build His kingdom.



John 6:60 Who Can Accept This?

Not Accepting

On hearing it, many of his disciples said, “This is a hard teaching. Who can accept it?” John 6:60

Jesus had been talking to His disciples about Him being the bread of heaven. He had stated that they would need to eat His flesh and drink His blood. As Jesus was saying these things, some of the disciples started pointing out how this was a hard teaching. They could not see how anyone could accept it.

There are many people who will believe just about anything that is told to them. They will believe that they just won a million dollars and can claim it, if they just send in some money to cover the claim costs.

However, while some people can and will believe just about anything, not everyone will. When these people hear something, if it is too good to be true, they won’t believe it. If it is something that is too difficult or impossible, they won’t believe it.

Talking about eating flesh and drinking blood is something that is very difficult for most people to accept or understand. Yet, Jesus was not talking about physical eating and drinking, but a spiritual sense of eating and drinking.

Using eyes and ears of this world will cause a person to hear and see only the physical side of things, not the spiritual. Hearing and seeing physically will cause many things that God has to say very difficult to understand or accept.

God is spirit and works and speaks in the spiritual realm. Some of the words have to be seen that way, or one cannot accept them. Believers are expected to walk by faith, not by sight. They are to trust the teachings of Jesus and use His Holy Spirit to understand them correctly.

As you read the Bible you will come across teachings of Jesus that go against the main thoughts of people today. They are difficult to accept.

There will also be times when God asks something of you that is difficult to accept. It will go against the main thoughts of people today.

In either case, you must be willing to accept them. Seek God to help you understand and trust His words. The cross was very offensive, yet it was the very thing that brought you life.

Will you allow yourself to be offended at the words of Jesus and not believe?

Or will you accept His words?

I pray today that you will know the words of God for you; that God will help you understand His words; that you will be guided by His Holy Spirit in understanding; and that you will accept all of God’s word.

John 6:35 Are You Hungry & Thirsty?

Water and Bread

Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.” John 6:35

The people were talking about believing the scriptures of God, the Old Testament. They were unwilling to believe in Jesus, even though Moses talked about Him, yet they were willing to follow Moses. Jesus then tells them that He is the bread of life and all need to come to Him to be satisfied.

All over the world there are people who are physically hungry and thirsty for real food and water. The reasons for not having enough food and water are different with different people. Some of the cases it is the result of the actions of other people. In some cases it is the cause of draught and famine in the land, natural causes.

There are many people who have more than enough food and water, but are still hungry and thirsty. They have a spiritual hunger and thirst. People want purpose and meaning in this life to feel fulfilled and satisfied. The majority of people seek things of this world to bring them this needed satisfaction. However, they can never get enough, they continue to hunger for more, never being satisfied.

The spiritual hunger that they are feeling can only be satisfied in Jesus. Believing in and following Jesus will give a person purpose in this life. With Jesus one will never have a spiritual hunger for something that does not satisfy. Believing in Jesus will give a person the desire to do the mission that God has for him in this world–to seek and save the lost.

Along with the food, they will also receive God’s Holy Spirit. They will be able to drink in His Spirit and be filled with strength, power, and a refreshing that allows them to keep going. They will be satisfied.

If you are going through life hungry for more in this life, seek Jesus. Take in His words. Then follow His mission in this world. As you fulfill the purpose God has for you in this life, you will be satisfied more than anything this world can offer.

God will fill every need you have as you follow and trust in Jesus. Do not allow yourself to continue to be hungry and thirsty. Believe in and trust Jesus with your life.

I pray today that you will believe in Jesus; that you will do the work God has for you; that you will find satisfaction and fulfillment in following Jesus; and that you will be a witness of Jesus to this world.