Job 15:2-3 Worthless Knowledge And Talk

Should a wise man answer with empty knowledge, and fill himself with the east wind? Should he reason with unprofitable talk, or by speeches with which he can do no good? Job 15:2-3

Everyday people are learning and talking all over the world. Thousands of schools and colleges are filled with students who are working on learning something new to them. Every workplace has people who are learning how to do the job. In between classes and work in their homes and on the streets, people are also talking about nearly everything and anything.

Eliphaz asks if a wise man should answer with worthless knowledge or speak with speeches that have no value or profit.

The majority of the world will talk about things that they desire and want that are temporary. Focus is placed on pleasure in the moment with no thought for eternity.

Hours will be spent on arguing about a call or play was made during a football game and how one would have done things differently. Millions of dollars are spent on classes in college to study sinful acts and how to do them better.

Worthless knowledge and unprofitable talk can be found nearly everywhere one goes.

This type of talk can also be found in the church. Long arguments on what color the new carpet should be, or debates on what songs should have been sung.

While all this type of talk is occurring, people are not discussing how to live for God. There is very little talk about how to reach the billions of lost souls that are heading to hell unless the come to a saving knowledge of Jesus.

Believers need to focus on what God focuses on–saving the world, beginning with each individual. Filling the hearts with the knowledge of God and His word and then telling others what God says is of eternal profit and value.

You will do some talking and learning every day. Ask yourself what the value is in what you are learning and saying.

Looking at what you are learning and saying will reveal where your heart really is. Are you focused on God and eternity and what His heart is after? Or are you focused on yourself and this temporary world?

Be wise with your time on this earth and fill yourself with the knowledge of God. Take time to tell others what about God and what He has done for them.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will seek to know God more and more; that you will tell others about Jesus; that your speech will be of eternal value and glorify God; and that you will build up God’s kingdom in all that you say and do.

Job 14:1-2 Trouble Filled Short Time

Man who is born of woman is of few days and full of trouble. He comes forth like a flower and fades away; he flees like a shadow and does not continue. Job 14:1-2

Young people often feel that life on earth will be long one. They are often carefree and able to run around with no problems. As people get older, they are often faced with more and more difficulties. Life tends to feel like it is nothing but problems one right after the other and then they die and it appears as though it is over.

As Job is going through extreme suffering, he complains that man only lives a few days which are full of trouble. Man is like a flower the rises than fades away and disappears.

There are very few people who do not feel that life, as a whole, is filled with lots of trouble. Those difficulties are different for each person, but they are there. The world sees life as full of trouble and then one dies and it is over.

Since the fall of Adam and Eve, there has been trouble in this world. It is filled with sin and the devil does not want anyone to succeed and will bring on trouble for all.

Jesus even promised His disciples that there would be trouble in their lives. That trouble continues to this day in the lives of every believer.

Yet, the believer has a hope that the world does not have nor understand and Job did not yet know. With Jesus there is forgiveness of sin and the promise of eternal life with no more troubles or pain. They realize that life on this earth is but a short amount of time, even if one hundred years. At the point of death on this earth, there is eternal life free of any more trouble.

You have struggles and difficulties in your life. Some are great ones, while others are relatively minor. Regardless of how great they are put your focus, not upon those troubles, but upon God and what Jesus has done for you and will do for you.

God will never leave you nor forsake you. He will give you strength to make it from day to day in the troubles of life. All of these troubles are temporary and soon you will step into eternity with Jesus and never have any more trouble.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will know God’s presence in your life; that you will seek God’s strength in times of trouble; and that you will know the hope you have in Jesus Christ for an eternal and pain free life.