2 Chronicles 12:8 Being Taught A Lesson

They will, however, become subject to him, so that they may learn the difference between serving me and serving the kings of other lands. 2 Chronicles 12:8

Difficulties come into people’s lives on a regular basis. Sometimes those difficulties are there to teach a person some concept that he does not appear to have learned yet.

Judges hand down jail sentences or work sentences in order to get the person to realize that following the law is better than the alternatives. The purpose is to guide the person back into the right way of living.

Due to the sins of Israel, God sent Shishak, king of Egypt, in to take enslave the Israelites. He did this so that the people would learn the difference between having to serve Him or a foreign king.

Believers are supposed to serve God above self and others. However, many believers often choose to do things that others want or that they personally want above what God has called them to do.

Sometimes God, in His great wisdom, will allow the person to do what he wants, but will also hand him over to the enemy to be taught a lesson. Life will suddenly turn very difficult, and one will lose the favor of God in his life. Instead of having the peace and joy in serving God, one will have trouble serving the world.

The world will hand out condemnation focused on destroying the believer, rather than building him up. During that time, people often hit rock bottom and realize what they have done. At that point they turn their eyes back up to God and begin to serve Him once again.

Rather than rejecting God, believers need to serve God regardless of how easy or difficult it is. He brings life, not death as the world does.

There may be times when you do not really want to continue to serve God. It may look better to serve the world. Do not allow yourself to buy into the lies of the world and reject God. He may hand you over to be taught a lesson on who is better to serve.

Keep your focus upon serving God with all of your heart, soul, mind and strength. He will give you life abundantly, greater than the world will ever be able to supply. Do not be a slave to the world, but to God.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will serve God with your whole life; that you will not reject God’s commands in your life; that God will not have to hand you over to serve the world; and that you will know the abundant life God has for you.

2 Chronicles 11:16 Set Your Heart Correctly

Those from every tribe of Israel who set their hearts on seeking the Lord, the God of Israel, followed the Levites to Jerusalem to offer sacrifices to the Lord, the God of their ancestors. 2 Chronicles 11:16

People will often set their hearts on something, but not always follow through with it. Challenges and obstacles come up and deter them from their desires. Their hearts are not fully set upon accomplishing that desire.

Others are willing to follow through whatever their heart is set up no matter what the challenges or obstacles that get in their way.

After Israel split as a nation, everyone in the tribes of Israel that had set their hearts upon seeking God followed the Levites to Jerusalem to offer sacrifices to God.

While many people set their hearts on something, often it is only for a short time. Desires change very quickly and often. Usually this is due to challenges or peer pressure to change.

Making the choice to follow God is easy, but truly following God takes a dedication that many do not always have. They are willing to seek God when in need, but when it comes time to have to sacrifice something to seek God, many will back down.

In order to seek God, time, energy, entertainment and more must often be sacrificed. They will not travel the distance to fully follow God with all of their heart, mind and strength. People will sleep in or go fishing on Sundays, rather than going to the house of God to seek Him and worship Him with other believers.

Just as the Israelites set their hearts on following God, believers must set their hearts on following God, being willing to leave all to worship and be a living sacrifice to God.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will set your heart upon seeking God above all else; that you will do what is needed to seek God; that you will be a living sacrifice unto God; and that you will meet with others to worship and sacrifice to God on a regular basis.