2 Timothy 3:1 Bad Days


Destroyed city

But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. 2 Timothy 3:1

The books of the New Testament were written nearly 2,000 years ago. At the time they were written, the writers stated that they were already in the end times, yet, they also stated that the end times would get worse. Paul tells Timothy that there will be terrible days ahead in his lifetime, in the end times.

Going through the day-to-day experiences, different people have different ideas of what is a bad day. To one person, a bad day is the stock market dropped and his investments are lost. To another person his bad day was that he messed up at work and got into trouble. Another might be the bad traffic jam on the way home from work or the hair did not stay in place all day and the makeup ran down the face.

Others will go through a more severe bad day and have lost a loved one, got a bad report from their doctor, got into a car accident, or developed a sickness.

Alongside of all of these ‘bad’ things that happen to people, there are also the facts of people living in sin and what sin does. Every believer is living in a world that does not know God and lives in sin. They will see sin everywhere they look.

Although believers strive to bring about change and get people to live for God, the reality is that there will always be those who refuse to follow God or His ways. Sin will continually increase in this fallen world, until Jesus returns and wipes out all sin for all eternity.

Paul gives this warning so that believers will not be surprised when it occurs. Some believers get surprised at the sin and get very angry about it. They turn violent to others. Believers are supposed to show love and mercy to draw people to God. And they must not partake in the sinful ways of this world.

You will have bad days, but remember that God is there with you. He will give you strength to make it through those days. He will also guide you in His way of righteousness in Jesus.

Do not be surprised at the bad days, but lean on God for strength. Know that He is still in control.

I pray today that you will know God’s power in this world; that you will know God’s presence in your life; that you will not fear the sin around you; and that you will be a witness of Jesus to this fallen world.