Romans 1:28 The Price Of Forgetting God

Furthermore, just as they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, so God gave them over to a depraved mind, so that they do what ought not to be done. Romans 1:28

Leaders are people who help put into place rules and regulations that help guide the people correctly. Over the years some men have enacted rules that have been great and helpful to millions of people.

As long as these leaders are remembered, their rules are also remembered. Once the person is forgotten, often the rules that were emplaced are forgotten. As soon as that occurs, people start to fall.

Paul points out that the people had chosen to forget about God. Since they had rejected God, He gave them over to their own ways to continue to sin more and more.

Looking back over history, one can see that nations who served God rose up great. Once they began to reject God, they started to fall. God allowed them to go their own way.

Several nations that were known to follow God have chosen to ignore God and do their own thing. People have rejected the rules and commands of God, choosing a life of sin.

God does not put a chain on them and demand that they follow Him. Rather, He will let them do what they desire. He lets them have their depraved mind.

America is one nation that is at this point as a whole. People have rejected God and promoted sin. Sin is becoming more rampant, excepted and openly promoted as good. Sadly, this is also occurring inside the church.

In order to stop this trend, believers must remember God and live according to His standards. They must go against the trends of this world in following God. Every believer must flee sin as fast as he can, staying as far away as possible from sin.

As a believer, you know the truth of God and His word. You are familiar with how God wants you to live. Do not allowed yourself to be deceived by the sinful ways of this world to fall into their depraved, sinful ways of living.

Stand out as different in following God with all of your heart, soul and mind. Stay in His word, knowing what God requires of you. Pray daily, so that you hear from Him.

As you do these things, God will not give you over to a depraved mind, but keep you in His hand.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Savior; that you will seek God daily; that you will know what God desires of you; that you will be His witness to this world; and that God will strengthen you to flee all sin.

Hosea 4:8 Feeding Upon Sin

Bird eating

They feed on the sins of my people and relish their wickedness. Hosea 4:8 

Freedom is something that is cherished in most nations. People love to have their freedom to think and do what they like. No one really likes to be told what not to do or think.

To many people the thought of freedom is to be completely free from all rules or regulations. People do not like to be bound up in regulations on what they can or cannot do. With this in mind people have chosen to be free to sin and love wickedness.

God tells Hosea that the people love to feed upon sins and relish the wickedness of others. They were pleased when God’s people sinned.

Sin is not only rampant throughout all nations, it is also commonly promoted. People live upon sin. Trillions of dollars are made every year because of sin. This can be seen in the sin promoted in movies, books, television shows, music and more.

While most people see violent murder as wrong, they will go and see a movie that promotes a bad person who just goes around doing violent murder. It gives them enjoyment filling up their appetite for entertainment. This can go for other sins–sex, nudity, cursing, idol worship, defamation of God, and much more.

Often those in the church are being seen doing and acting in the same way as the world. They will also feed off of sin that is promoted in some way. They find enjoyment in watching sin occur.

God’s heart breaks every time He sees sin. It is not His desire that anyone should ever sin in any way. Jesus came to break off of the guilt of sin and remove the power of sin in the life of a person. The believer must feed on God’s holiness and righteousness, not on the sins of this world.

Ask yourself what gives you satisfaction in your life? Are the things, the sins of this world filling you up? Or is it God and His word?

Jesus said that His food was to do the will of the Father, not to eat of the things of this world.

Seek what is God’s will in your life and turn away from the sin of this world. Do not allow yourself to find satisfaction in sinful practices or beliefs. Those sins only bring about death. God’s word will bring you life.

I pray today that you will know God’s will for your life; that you will know God’s holiness; that you will feed upon God and His word; and that you will turn away from all sin. 

Amos 1:6 Selling Communities

This is what the LORD says: “For three sins of Gaza, even for four, I will not relent. Because she took captive whole communities and sold them to Edom,” Amos 1:6

Amos starts out with the words of God against various towns and nations. Each of these are for capturing cities and selling the people and community to other nations. For each one it is listed as for three to four sins God was willing to not relent and bring on the judgment against them. It was a prophecy of destruction against nations that sin against God.

Even though, as a whole, slavery has been abolished across the world, there are many places that still allow it or have it occur on a very wide spread basis. People are bought and sold into various types of slavery all over the world, even in America. Most people will agree that slavery is wrong and should be done away with.

There is, however, another type of slavery that people are sold into on a regular basis, that most people don’t even recognize as slavery. It is slavery into sinful practice and ways.

Stores and bars populate most towns promoting getting drunk. Movie theaters push movies that promote sex, drugs, and every type of sin known to man as worth seeing and doing. Books are published promoting every type of sin there is as something good for a person. Television promotes sinful lifestyles as being acceptable and good. Musicians sing songs pushing sin. Pornography promotes free sex, immorality and lust.

All of these things are taking whole communities into captivity, selling them into slavery of sin. People are captivated by the sin promoted by others. While most people look at these things a freedom and rights, it is sin. Although the world states that a person has the freedom and right to sin, it is still wrong and there is a price to pay–life.

As a believer, you must not be caught up in these things. You must be careful that you are not one of those promoting sin in any shape, size or fashion.

Take captive your thoughts and focus them on God and His ways. Promote Jesus in this world and be His slave. Allow only God to be your master and not the things of this world. In this way God will not have to bring judgment upon you.

I pray today that you will only be captured by God; that you will only be a slave to Jesus; that you will not be guilty of enslaving others into sin; and that you will be a light of Jesus to this world.

2 Kings 17:7-8 A Reason For Destruction

All this took place because the Israelites had sinned against the LORD their God, who had brought them up out of Egypt from under the power of Pharaoh king of Egypt. They worshipped other gods and followed the practices of the nations the LORD had driven out before them, as well as the practices that the kings of Israel had introduced. 2 Kings 17:7-8

Israel had been destroyed as a nation and the people were brought into captivity. The purpose had been because of their continued living in sin. God had brought them out of Egypt, yet they persisted in following false gods, so God allowed them to be overtaken and destroyed as a nation.

Throughout Israel’s history there had been some kings who served God, however, most of them did not drive out all worship of false gods. This allowed for continued worshipping of the false gods, slowly leading the people further and further from God, until destruction was brought about by God.

Worship of false gods has not changed in the several thousand years that have passed since Israel had been destroyed as a nation. Every nation today has people following false gods all the time. Governments lead people in worshipping false gods.

America has followed the footsteps of Israel. It was founded on Christian principles, but has since abandoned them. The government and the leaders promote living in sin in many different ways. Sin is now called good, while good is being called bad.

When these things happen, God removes His hand of favor upon a nation and its people. Although it took several hundred years before Israel fell as a nation, it did occur. They were destroyed for over 2,000 years.

As an individual, you have to choose how you will live and whom you will serve and follow. Things may be looking good for you at the moment, but if you are refusing to follow and worship God alone, there will come a time of destruction. That destruction may occur in this life, or you may live a long life that appears to be good, and in the end be destroyed after death.

God sees your heart and life. He knows who you are really worshipping and serving.  If you are serving God with all of your life and trusting in Jesus for your salvation, you will not be destroyed, though death may come in this life.

If you are not serving God and trusting in Jesus, destruction will come eventually. God may bring it in this life to attempt to get your attention, or after death when it is too late.

Serve and worship God alone today. Trust only in Jesus and not the things of this world. Do not have God have to bring about destruction in your life, now or in the future.

I pray today that you will trust in Jesus alone; that you will worship God alone; that you will not cause God to bring about destruction; and that you will strive to turn others from sin to God.