Psalm 144:15 Who Is Really Blessed?

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Blessed is the people of whom this is true; blessed is the people whose God is Lord. Psalm 144:15 

The majority of the world looks at things, bank accounts and positions for signs of  one being blessed and successful. Getting the newest and best ‘toy’ on the market is exciting to most people. This ‘toy’ can be a new car, a pay raise/bonus, a new title, or some other object but it is something new that they always desired.

When these things are received, people feel blessed. These things can often appear to make life easier for the person and remove some struggles, or be a sign of overcoming some major struggle. It shows accomplishment.

David sees blessing as one thing–that God is the Lord of the person.

It is even very common among believers that receiving things and positions are often considered a great blessing. While it is true that they are or may be a blessing, they are not the greatest blessing a person can receive.

All the things and positions that a person has are only temporary. They last only a short time on this earth then are gone. Bank accounts can dwindle quickly, positions get eliminated, and things break down. None of these things are guaranteed to last and fulfill a person’s life purpose.

The greatest blessing that a person can have is having God as their Lord and Savior. It is the salvation and forgiveness of sins that Jesus provides. It is the peace, comfort and direction that God is providing through His Holy Spirit that will last and be a permanent blessing.

Everything else that a person has can be taken away, but God can never be taken away from him. One can give up his salvation and relationship with God, but no one or nothing can take it from him. It is a secure blessing for all eternity.

Take a moment to realize how temporary the things and positions you have are. They may be great for a moment, but the will disappear eventually.

When God is your Lord, He is the One who is in control and is the master. He will guide you in the best life you can ever possibly have and it will last for eternity and can never be taken away from you.

What can be better than this? This is a true blessing that will last for all eternity.

You are blessed when Jesus is your Lord!

I pray today that you will know Jesus as your Savior; that you will allow God to rule your life; that you will see the blessing in having a relationship with God; and that you know the blessing of God’s daily presence in your life. 

Isaiah 45:7 God Does It All

I form the light and create the darkness, I bring prosperity and create disaster; I, the LORD, do all these things. Isaiah 45:7

The world questions how things come to be or how things happen the way that they do. People want to be in full control of their own lives. They want to take the credit for the good things that occur in their lives. And they want to blame others for the negative or bad things that occur.

Many people will believe in God when things are going good for them. When prosperity is happening, there is a strong belief in God. However, when things turn bad, many will also turn away from God, blaming Him for their troubles.

The hard part for many to accept is that God is the one who allowed the bad things to happen and He did it in love. For most people, it is difficult to think that a perfect loving God would allow pain and suffering in this life. When a bad situation occurs in the life of a person, many choose to walk away from God. They get angry with what He has allowed, or refuse to believe that a loving God would allow it to happen.

Yet, God says He is the one who brings prosperity and disaster in the lives of people of this world. Both events are allowed in the best interest of the people.

In your own personal life, there will be times God allows prosperity to allow you to see His blessings. Other times there will be disaster, to allow you to lean on Him and trust Him more. Going through a disaster gives God the ability to show you His power.

Instead of looking at disaster as a bad thing, see it in light of God perfecting you. Look forward to the many ways God may bring you through that disaster back into prosperity again. In the end you will walk on streets of gold in heaven with God for all eternity, if you trust Him and stay with God.

Allow God to be the Master of your life. Do not fear prosperity or disaster. Know that God is in control of both.

I pray today that you will trust God at all times; that you will not be angry with God when bad things occur; that God will be your Master; and that God will strengthen you in all things.

Ephesians 6:9 For The Master (The Boss)

“And masters, treat your slaves in the same way. Do not threaten them, since you know that he who is both their Master and yours is in heaven, and there is no favoritism with him.” Ephesians 6:9

After telling the slaves to be obedient to their masters, Paul turns to the masters. These are the people who controlled or owned the slaves. Since there is no longer legal slavery allowed in the USA today, this would be the bosses of the workplaces.

He states that they are to treat the slaves in the same way. What is the “same way”? The slaves were to obey their masters as though obeying God. Now the masters are to treat their slaves the same way they would treat God.

How is a believer expected to treat God? With respect, awe, and reverence. It is recognition of who He is and the power He holds.

The slave or worker is a child of God. He is an heir to the king’s throne. You will always treat the heir to the throne with the same respect as you would the king.

Many bosses like to be a dictator over the worker, demanding their own way, refusing to listen to the worker. The boss must listen to the worker. He must treat them with respect and honor. Without the worker there would be no need for the boss.

Along with the treatment, one is not to show favoritism. God does not show it nor expect it. Often in the workplaces there is a lot of favoritism. One is given better treatment than the other, and not for good reason.

If you are a boss or one in authority in the workplace, take note on how you treat those under your authority. Are you treating them as a child of God? Or are you just using and abusing them?

Do you show favoritism? Or do you treat everyone the same?

Remember that yes you are over them, but God is over you and them. Every person has someone under their authority, and someone over their authority. Show the love of God in how you lead others. This is true in the workplace, home, and the neighborhood, anywhere you lead anyone in anyway.

I pray today that you will see those under you as God’s children; that you will not threaten them or treat them harshly in anyway; that you will allow God to be Master over you and others; and that God will draw many to Jesus through you.