Uncancelled (book review)

Title: Uncancelled
Author: Phil Robertson
Publisher: Nelson Books
Date: 2022

Uncancelled (book review)

Phil Robertson, famous for the tv show Duck Dynasty, writes a book about finding meaning and peace in a today’s culture of accusations and condemnation. In today’s society there are many groups trying to cancel one another out through accusations both true and false.

He begins by telling his story of how his show was cancelled because of views that he held to that were ‘politically incorrect’ to the powers that are in the media world. Instead of being angry, Phil remembers that this world is not all that there is, and that God is in control.

Phil quickly states that the world is not alone in cancelling people and organizations out, but that the church does the same on a regular basis. Instead of cancelling people out, Phil states that people need to have Jesus in their life.

Throughout the book, he goes back to the basics of belief in Jesus as the most important thing in life. Once that is established, nothing else matters.

This book is an easy, short read that will point a person to Jesus and how to react to being cancelled by the world or being pressured to cancel someone else. Many scripture verses are used to backup what he is saying. It will also challenge your belief in and walk with God in this world.

I highly recommend reading it and allowing God’s Holy Spirit to guide you in how to act and react to the cancel culture that is pervading America and many other nations around the world.

Is God A Trinity (book review)

Title: Is God A Trinity
Author: Blair Adams with Howard Wheeler and Joel Stein
Publisher: Colloquium Press
Date: 2021
Pages: 440

Is God A Trinity (book review)

Blair Adams with Howard Wheeler and Joel Stein take a look at the age old view of the trinity of God versus the belief that God is One God. The basic belief of the trinity is that God is God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit–three Gods as One God.

He begins the book by looking at where the concept of the trinity began and some of the beliefs and philosophies behind it. In his opinion much of the belief of the trinity came about due to the heavy influence of ancient Greek philosophy upon the early church leaders. Throughout the book, Blair points out some of the fallacies of the trinity belief that has come up in the church throughout history. As he looks at the trinity, he also looks at the belief that God is One God and not a trinity.

Blair does an excellent job at using many different sources for his material for and against the trinity. He also uses a lot of biblical verses to show his viewpoint and reasoning.

This book is written at a very high level of reading, though it is a very excellent book to read. Many times I had to reread a passage to understand what he was saying. I also had to look up some words that I did not fully comprehend.

I will not reveal his view on the trinity, you will need to read the book to understand it and know where he stands. On this post I will also not reveal where I stand on the two views. There are some things he states that I fully understand and agree with and there are some things that I struggle with agreeing with.

If you have any interest in understanding the trinity versus One God beliefs, I highly recommend reading this book.

The Mystery Of The Shemitah (book review)

Title: The Mystery Of The Shemitah
Author: Jonathan Cahn
Publisher: Frontline Charisma Media/Charisma House Book Group
Date: 2014
Pages: 276

The Mystery Of The Shemitah (book review)

Jonathan Cahn had first written a book titled: The Harbinger. For a short synopsis of that story it is a novel story of a man who reveals seven harbingers (signs) on the judgement of America. In this book he now breaks down in detail the seven signs and more dealing with an ancient mystery that may be tied to America’s fate.

He starts out with getting a full understanding of what the mystery is when it was started nearly 3,000 years ago in ancient Biblical times and reveals how it ties to America today. Part of that mystery is a seven-year cycle set up by God that can be seen to this day in America. Revealing cycles of economic prosperity and depression can be seen as possibly a part of those seven-year cycles. Along with the seven-year cycles, he looks at the significance of towers and their implications throughout history and in America.

Throughout the book he uses a lot of data that can be looked up and verified as correct in the dates as to when it occurred.

Parts of the book does feel like it is very repetitive of what was already said. However, it does open the eyes to the possibility that what he is saying may be true and that judgement by God is starting to be placed upon America due to the choices having been made.

I cannot say that what he is saying in this book is completely accurate and God is judging America, but I cannot deny that it is extremely possible. Since the book was written in 2014 there have been a lot of changes in America that appear that America is choosing to deny God. There has also been events that have occurred since then that line up with the seven-year cycle that Jonathan wrote about.

I highly recommend you read this book with an open mind to its possibilities and be led by the Holy Spirit as to what to do with the information learned in your life and in your community.

God Talk (book review)

Title: God Talk
Author: Calvin M. Durham
Publisher: Three Skillet Publishing
Date: 2022
Pages: 130

God Talk: Does God Speak Today? (book review)

The author, Calvin M. Durham, has ministry experience that has covered six decades. He has worked as pastor, church planting, administrative, evangelist and missionary. Calvin has served as the head of the General Council of the Assemblies of God Sunday School Department.

One of the questions that many people ask is if God still speaks today. In this book, Calvin explores that question and how God has spoken to Him over the years in many different ways. Some of these ways are audible voice, inner voice, dreams, silence, through others and through the Bible.

Throughout the book Calvin talks about different situations in his life in which he heard God Talk. He talks about some of his doubts and fears and how he was able to overcome them and obey what he heard God speaking to him in the moment, especially when the results were very delayed by years. Each chapter is a different situation and a different way in which God had talked with him.

At the end of each chapter Calvin challenges the reader to hear God Talk in the reader’s own personal life.

It is very clear that Calvin believes that God does speak to people today, if they are willing to listen and obey to what they hear God say.

I strongly encourage you to read this book with an open mind and heart to hear God speak in your own personal life. It will challenge to hear and obey God when he speaks. When you are open to hear and obey God, it will amaze you on what God will say and do in your life.

The Harbinger (book review)

Title: The Harbinger
Author: Jonathan Cahn
Publisher: Frontline
Date: 2011
Pages: 262

The Harbinger (book review)

This book is a novel that is documentary/fictional story based upon true facts with the author’s belief as to what those events mean. Jonathan Cahn in the story takes a look at what is happening in America and sees the events as warnings or judgements of God against America.

Nouriel, the main character (there are only three characters in the entire story) is mysteriously given an old coin by mail with no message or meaning to it. Later he is met by an unnamed man who helps him uncover the meaning of that coin and is given, one by one, eight other coins to discover their meanings. Each of these coins link America to ancient Israel and Solomon and God’s judgements upon both.

The primary verse that is looked at is Isaiah 9:10. Throughout the story, Jonathan quotes many different presidents, politicians and leaders, in real life, in linking them to what Israel had done and America is currently doing that is bringing upon America God’s judgement. The events begin with 9/11 and lead up to the fall of the stock market in 2008. In the end he is challenged to determine what he must do with what he now knows.

Every quote and event mentioned have footnotes that show a link where it can be verified that they actually occurred. I had checked many of them for verification and also because I did not honestly believe that some of the people had said some of the things that were quoted. All of them were true.

As a believer it will challenge one to think about how he sees things that are occurring and how God’s hand is in those events. This story is not a feel good, happily ever after story, but one that paints a picture of coming doom if no change occurs. After reading this it is very difficult to state that what Jonathan points out is not actually very possible, but extremely probable.

One thing that I was concerned with in this story is that there is no mention of following Jesus, only in following and obeying God. Other than that, I highly recommend reading this book. And as you read it, open your heart to what God may be saying and doing in America.