Psalm 57:7 Making Music In Troubled Times

My heart, O God, is steadfast, my heart is steadfast; I will sing and make music. Psalm 57:7

During times of trouble and hardship, very few people find reason to be happy or to sing joyfully. It is at those times that many people start to sing the blues and complain about what is happening.

Along with singing the blues, many start to have fear in their hearts. The results of that fear is the heartbeat goes up and is no longer steady, causing some health concerns. All they see is trouble and danger ahead, because all they can see is what is immediately in front of them.

Some of these troubles are things that directly affect the individual. Other troubles are those things that people see in news or hear about from someone else. All over the news, all over the world, trouble can be seen. Many are living in fear of the problems that are occurring.

Believers in Jesus should have a different view. Just as God was in front of the Israelites in the wilderness, so He will be in front of every believer today. God is unchanging and steady. Jesus is the rock that is solid and will not be moved by any event in this world.

Keeping the eyes on Jesus will allow the believer to have a reason to sing and make music. Jesus had overcome death and sin, so there is nothing that He cannot do or overcome.

As you turn your eyes on Jesus, you will be able to sing a song of praise and make music to Him, regardless of what is happening in your life. You will see that God is in control. Those troubles will no longer seem as large and scary anymore in light of Him.

As you sing and make music to God, it will also help you keep your focus on Him even more. In doing this, it will calm your heart and keep it steady.

Sing a song of praise to God today. Sing a song you already know, or make up a new song from your heart. He is worthy of all praise!

I pray today that you will focus on God in your life; that God’s love will remove all fear; that you will have a song of praise to sing today; and your heart will be calm in God’s presence.


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