Romans 2:8 Trouble For Selfishness


But for those who are self-seeking and who reject the truth and follow evil, there will be wrath and anger. Romans 2:8

Throughout this world people are always told that they can have what they want if they work for it. They are told that they can be the best at whatever they do. People are to dream and go for their dreams.

In some countries it is expected that a person will have their own house, car and have a large bank account. If they don’t have those things, they have failed in life.

People get offended very quickly when they do not get what they want. The things that they want can be physical, but it can also be non-physical things. Non-physical things are praise, recognition, position, power, authority, and more.

It is often said that life is all about self, what can self get, or be. They are to look out for ‘old number one’. People will step on others and cut them down in order to look good or to build themselves up. It is all about self.

Paul says that God looks at that as being wrong. People who are self-seeking, all about self, will have trouble in the future. God is holding out for wrath and anger for those who are self-seeking.

Being self-seeking goes against God. God was not self-seeking when He sent Jesus to die on the cross. Jesus was sent for people who had rejected God. Jesus died on the cross so that people could have eternal life.

When a person is self-seeking, he is rejecting the truth of God. God wants all people to be filled with His love, which is not self-seeking, but seeking the good of others.

At times, some believers, get to be selfish. They are offended at the actions of others. They refuse to spread the gospel message and keep it to themselves.

Take a look at your own life and ask yourself if you are being selfish. Do you fight for your own way? Or are you looking out for others?

Do not store up God’s wrath against you, because you have chosen to be selfish and all about self. Seek to build others up and put them before yourself in this life. Put God first, others second, and yourself last. As you do that you honor what God has done for you in Jesus.

I pray today that God will show you what He has done for you; that God will show you ways to build others up; that you will serve God and others above yourself; and that you will not be selfish and against God.


Acts 28:23 Try To Persuade


Peaceful Waterfall

They arranged to meet Paul on a certain day, and came in even larger numbers to the place where he was staying. He witnessed to them from morning till evening, explaining about the kingdom of God, and from the Law of Moses and from the Prophets he tried to persuade them about Jesus. Acts 28:23

Paul had been taken as a prisoner to Rome because of his preaching about Jesus. God had a plan to bring the gospel message to the people of Rome through Paul. Once he was there, even though under house arrest, he was given opportunities to talk to people about Jesus. He did all he could to persuade them to believe in Jesus.

When a person believes in something very strongly, he will do what he can to get others to agree with him on it. This is especially true if it is something that is good for a person. All over people are trying to sell some product saying it is the best for a person’s health. Movies are talked about all the time as though they are the best thing in the world to see. Every car dealership has a salesman who tries to tell everyone that they need to get a new car today.

While all of these things may be good, they are also only temporary. There is one thing that every person needs that is eternal–Jesus Christ. He is the only one who can offer forgiveness and eternal life to a person.

Many believers do not talk a lot about Jesus in the public place. Some don’t because they feel it is a private thing. Others don’t out of fear, fear of rejection or fear of ridicule.

Telling other people about Jesus should be the first priority of every believer. Focusing on striving to persuade a person to believe in Jesus is important. This gives people eternal life.

Each day you get up, make it your priority to tell someone about Jesus. Strive to persuade a person that He is exactly what he needs. Every person needs salvation through Jesus.

Tell people why you believe. Tell people how Jesus has changed your life. Tell them what He has done in your life. Persuade them to believe.

Some will reject it, but others will accept your message. Give every person a chance to accept or reject Jesus.

I pray today that you will know Jesus as your Savior; that you will tell others about Jesus; that God will draw people to Jesus through you; and that you will not fear telling people about Jesus. 

Acts 24:16 A Clear Conscience

Bench By Stream

So I strive always to keep my conscience clear before God and man. Acts 24:16

Paul had been going around Jerusalem preaching the gospel message. Some people grabbed him and took him to the officials saying that he was stirring up trouble in the city. Paul answered what he was doing and that always strived to be innocent of any wrongdoing before God or any person.

A clear conscience is one that believes that one has never done anything wrong to anyone. Most people in the world feel as though they are not doing wrong to anyone regardless of what they are doing. People tend to believe that they are in the right in what they are doing whether it is good or bad.

There are others who don’t care what other people think about their actions. These people will do whatever they want, when they want, without concern for others.

Most people suppress their conscience and deny what they know to be wrong or ignore what is right.

Believers will often fall into this same type of thinking in their own lives. They will feel as though they are following God, regardless of how they are treating others.

Paul took both God and other people in consideration in what he did. He wanted to be clear of any wrongdoing with both God and man.

When a believer has a clear conscience before God, he should also have a clear conscience before man. God wants every believer to love every person, both enemy and friend. When this is done, no harm will be done, no bad words will be said, and all that will be shown is love.

One should not strive to keep a clear conscience before God and ignore other people. And one should not keep a clear conscience before man and ignore God. It has to be both.

As you look at your life, ask God to reveal where you may have done something wrong, both to Him and to others. Strive to make it right.

Also as you deal with other people in your life, live your life in a way that honors God and others. Strive to live a life that has done no wrong to anyone else in any way. Always show love, grace and mercy to everyone you meet. This way your conscience will always be clear of anything wrong.

I pray today that you will repent of any wrongdoings to God; that God will strengthen you to always chose the right action; that you will be clear of any wrongs done to others; and that you will be the example of Jesus on this earth.

Acts 23:5 Watch What You Say

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Paul replied, “Brothers, I did not realize that he was the high priest; for it is written: ‘Do not speak evil about the ruler of your people.'” Acts 23:5

Paul had been taken in for preaching the gospel message and was being questioned. Ananias, the high priest, requested that Paul be struck for what he was saying. Paul yells at him for commanding that he be struck. Someone then stand amazed that Paul insulted the high priest. Immediately Paul apologizes, because he knows he is not supposed to speak evil about any ruler.

In America, there is freedom of speech and many people will use to the point of abuse. When there is a leader who they do not like, there are often words being spoken against that leader. These words are not only against the leader, but also insulting and degrading.

Comedians will cut down leaders in a negative, rude way. People will curse their leaders on a regular basis, and link the leader to Satan. This can happen to leaders of the nation or just a leader in the workplace. In the break room, there are many times people are cursing their boss or some other manager, because of a decision that was made.

People in the church have not been much better. There is often talk that cuts down the pastor or some other leader in the church. Instead of showing love, people will bash leaders in the world.

None of these actions are the ways of God. God wants love to be shown. God wants people to be lifted up, not cut down.

One may not agree with the leader, but that does not require speaking evil of and cursing the person. God has placed every leader in position for a reason, regardless of how good or bad the person is. Trust in God’s decision must be in place.

When you are in disagreement with a leader, you must be willing to pray for that person. Show love and mercy to that person. Do not stand there and cut the person down before others. You can express disagreement, without insulting the leader.

In a time of much unrest and hate of leadership, seek God to give you the words to speak. Find words of love and building up, rather than insulting and cutting down. Watch your words so that you can draw people to Jesus, not run them away.

I pray today that you will speak as Jesus spoke; that your words will be words of love and building up; that you will show proper respect for all leaders; and that your words will draw people to Jesus.