Psalm 8:2 Praise: The Greatest Stronghold

Singing worship

Through the praise of children and infants you have established a stronghold against your enemies, to silence the foe and the avenger. Psalm 8:2 

All over the world people and nations are constantly seeking ways to defeat their enemies. They want to know what it will take to stop the enemy from being able to attack and win a battle.

Walls, gates, and security systems are put in place everywhere one looks. Security guards are set up to watch out for the enemy. Billions of dollars are spent to ‘protect’ themselves from the enemy. Spies are enlisted to find out information about the enemy and how to defeat them.

Yet, the enemy still is able to get in and destroy. Sometimes just a little, while other times a lot.

David points out that a great stronghold against the enemy is found in the simplest of ways. It is found in praise of the children and infants. Praise is what silences the enemy.

One may wonder how praise can be a stronghold against the enemy and how it can silence the enemy. Praise takes the focus off of self and off of the enemy. It points one towards God.

Praise gives God all of the credit and the power to do what needs to be done. It builds the faith of the believer as he focuses his mind and heart on praising God. In this way it focuses on what God can do, not what the enemy is trying to do.

With God all things are possible, so as one is praising God, God is able to defeat the enemy. The enemy may be physical, but more often it is a spiritual enemy. these are the enemy of the thoughts, words and actions of self. One cannot praise God and live in sin at the same time, it is one or the other. When praising God one is living for God.

As you face enemies in your life, both physical and mental, turn your focus away from the enemy and towards God. Notice how big God is and how small the enemy really is. Begin to give God praise and worship and see what He can do.

Praising God builds a fortress of God around your life. It puts up a barrier around your thought life to block out unwanted thoughts to enter. As these thoughts are blocked, you can live for God.

Give God praise today!

I pray today that your heart will be overwhelmed with praise to God; that you will see reasons to praise God through all circumstances; that your heart will be filled with joy at praising God; and that you will see God block the enemies of your soul through your praise.


Nehemiah 12:31 Sing Praise

Church choir

I had the leaders of Judah go up on top of the wall. I also assigned two large choirs to give thanks. One was to proceed on top of the wall to the right, toward the Dung Gate. Nehemiah 12:31 

When something great happens, there is usually some type of celebration. People are excited when a great thing is accomplished or finished. At the point of finishing building a large building, there is usually a grand ceremony celebrating its completion.

People are always excited to see something finished. One of the ways that people celebrate things is with music. If something is large enough, bands or singers may be brought in for the celebration. Music is one thing that will bring a lot of people together. Very few people do not like to listen to music, though the types of music listened to may vary a lot.

As the people had finished re-building the walls around Jerusalem, they were excited. Nehemiah had two choirs put together for the celebration. They were to sings songs of thanks and praise to God. They were grateful for God’s great mercy, protection and provision in re-building the wall. It had taken a lot of work with a lot of pressure to stop and give up building the wall.

In the life of every believer there will be times when something has to be done that will take a lot of work and time. There will be a lot of pressure to give up. People may not want it to happen.

But if it is what God wants done, one should not give up. One should do what God wants done and not quit until it is done. However, once it is done, one must give God thanks. This can be done with words or with music and words. It is the first thing to be done in celebrating the completion of some great project or any project. Giving God thanks for what He allowed to be done.

You may be in some great project for God or it may be a small one. Either way it takes God’s favor and provision to accomplish it. Trust in Him as you do the work. And when you are finished, give Him thanks and praise in song for using you and giving you provision and strength to complete the task. Sing a new song of praise and thanks to God.

I pray today that you will give thanks to God for all things; that you will give God credit for work He allowed you to do; that you will know God’s power and provision in your life; and that God will do great things through you.

Psalm 96:1 Sing A New Song

Sing to the LORD a new song; sing to the LORD, all the earth. Psalm 96:1

In many musicals, when a person falls in love with another person, they often break out in some type of love song. The song is showing what is inside their heart. They are excited and filled with joy at the idea that they are in love, that they love someone and that person loves them back.

Look at a little child that breaks out in a new song about something. Often the child is making up her own little song. Again it shows the joy and love that she is feeling about someone or something.

The psalmist encourages the people to sing a new song to the Lord. With thousands of songs out there, why would he want the people to sing and other new song?

While singing a song that someone else had written, it is not the same as a personal song. Often the songs sound very good and the words are great, but they miss part of what is in the heart.

Only you can truly sing from your heart what is in your heart. Think about the things that God has done in and for you. Think about how great His love is for you. Think about all the blessings God has given you over the years. As you think about these things, your heart should be bursting with love for God. Your mind should be blown at how God has blessed you, over and over.

As this happens, sing a song letting God and this world know what you are feeling. The world may think you are just a little bit crazy, but they will see something that they really want to have. They want that love and joy that you contain. Many really want to be free to be able to express their feelings in outrageous ways.

How are you expressing your love for God?

Are you just going to church and quietly telling others?

Or are you bursting out in song, letting the whole world know?

Sing to the Lord a new song today and maybe some will sing along with you.

I pray today that you will be filled with God’s joy and love; that you will be deeply in love with God; that you will have song on your heart for God at all times; and that you will sing a love song to God today for all the world to hear.

Psalm 89:1 Sing And Tell

I will sing of the LORD’s great love forever; with my mouth I will make your faithfulness known through all generations. Psalm 89:1

There are many movies that show a man or woman who has just fallen deeply in love with someone. As they have fallen in love, they break out in song singing about that love. Then they start to tell everyone about that new-found love.

One classic movie that shows this is found in “My Fair Lady,” when Eliza sings the song “I Could Have Danced All Night.” She has fallen in love with Professor Higgins and sings late into the night, loudly, letting all the servants know what she is feeling. There is no shame or fear in her words.

Not everyone actually sings in public when they fall in love with someone, but in their hearts they are singing. Many will sing in private, but all will tell others about their new-found love.

The author of this psalm is singing about God’s love. He has discovered a love that passes all other loves. He has also learned of God’s great faithfulness and wants to tell everyone about it.

Every  believer has learned of God’s love and faithfulness. It is those very things that draws a person to God.

In your own life you had to have experienced some of God’s love for you to have become a believers. Think about how great God’s love is for you. You deserved nothing but painful punishment and death, yet God forgave you and gave you abundant life.

Along with that love, you have learned of His faithfulness. God has met needs of yours. He has answered many of your prayers. He has never failed to be by your side and meet every need you have, not necessarily every wish, but the needs.

With these things in mind, you should be more than willing to break out in a love song to God. You should also be willing to tell others about His faithfulness and love. Do not be ashamed.

Think of a time when you were in love with someone. How did you act? What did you do?

In that same way act and do even more so for God. Sing and tell others about God today.

I pray today that you will know God’s great love for you; that you will see God’s faithfulness; that you will not be ashamed of God; and that you will tell the world about God.

Psalm 57:7 Making Music In Troubled Times

My heart, O God, is steadfast, my heart is steadfast; I will sing and make music. Psalm 57:7

During times of trouble and hardship, very few people find reason to be happy or to sing joyfully. It is at those times that many people start to sing the blues and complain about what is happening.

Along with singing the blues, many start to have fear in their hearts. The results of that fear is the heartbeat goes up and is no longer steady, causing some health concerns. All they see is trouble and danger ahead, because all they can see is what is immediately in front of them.

Some of these troubles are things that directly affect the individual. Other troubles are those things that people see in news or hear about from someone else. All over the news, all over the world, trouble can be seen. Many are living in fear of the problems that are occurring.

Believers in Jesus should have a different view. Just as God was in front of the Israelites in the wilderness, so He will be in front of every believer today. God is unchanging and steady. Jesus is the rock that is solid and will not be moved by any event in this world.

Keeping the eyes on Jesus will allow the believer to have a reason to sing and make music. Jesus had overcome death and sin, so there is nothing that He cannot do or overcome.

As you turn your eyes on Jesus, you will be able to sing a song of praise and make music to Him, regardless of what is happening in your life. You will see that God is in control. Those troubles will no longer seem as large and scary anymore in light of Him.

As you sing and make music to God, it will also help you keep your focus on Him even more. In doing this, it will calm your heart and keep it steady.

Sing a song of praise to God today. Sing a song you already know, or make up a new song from your heart. He is worthy of all praise!

I pray today that you will focus on God in your life; that God’s love will remove all fear; that you will have a song of praise to sing today; and your heart will be calm in God’s presence.

Psalm 47:6-7 Sing Praises To God

Sing praises to God, sing praises; sing praises to our King, sing praises. For God is the King of all the earth; sing to him a psalm of praise. Psalm 47:6-7

Giving praise to someone or something happens all the time. Watch the advertisements on television and one will see praise about many things. Every product is considered the best product out there. Many of those commercials are done with a song and music to draw a person into wanting to purchase that item.

Praises are also given to people all the time. People are lifted up as being the best at various things. Probably the most common are the sports players and then the musicians and actors. Awards are given out each year to those who are best in those categories, from the individual, up to the team or group.

It is acceptable to give praise to those who deserve it. There are some who have done something great and are worthy of some honor.

However, the focus should not just be on people or things in this world. Those people and those things will only last for a short time. Before very long, someone or something else will replace them. Someone will come along that is better or they will die off.

The one that does not die off and no one can be better than, is God. He has always been there since the beginning of time and will be there forever. God is the One who created everything that there is and holds it all together.

Keeping this in mind, should make you want to sing praises to your God and King. As you lift God up in praise, it will keep your focus on Him, rather than on the problems and mountains in your path.

Think about all the good things that God has blessed you with. Think about all the challenges God has already brought you through. Now praise Him for those things.

Your praise does not have to be with fancy words or perfect music, it just needs to come from your heart. Singing praise will lift your heart from a challenging situation. It will stir your heart to more faith in God.

So go through today with a song of praise on your lips and in your heart. Give God praise because He deserves it.

I pray today that you will know what God has done for you; that you will give Him praise for who He is; that you will focus your heart on God; and that you will make God the King of your life.