November 8, 2018 Give Thanks


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Luke 17:18 Return And Give God Praise

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“Has no one returned to give praise to God except this foreigner?” Luke 17:18

One day as Jesus was walking along, ten men with leprosy called out to Him for healing. Jesus healed all ten of the men and then told them to go and show themselves to the priests. As they went, one came back to Jesus and gave Him praise. Jesus wondered where the rest were and why only a foreigner would return to give praise.

When people have a need it is common for them to cry out to God for help. The need can be a financial, physical healing, protection, or any other need that they may have. People are quick to call out to God for help. This can even happen among non-believers at times.

People know that God can help them in a time of need and cry out for His mercy on them.

However, when God does answer their prayer and meets the need, the majority move on as though nothing happened. In fact, often people think that they got lucky or that they had solved the problem themselves. They do not give God the credit.

God is always answering prayers and meeting needs in the lives of every person, every day. Many people do not see those needs as being met by God, but by their own efforts or the efforts of others.

Every believer must be quick to realize what God has done or is doing in his life. When that is realized, he must be quick to return to God and give Him thanks and praise for meeting that need.

Each day that you go through the day and things went well for you, you must be willing to give God thanks and praise for it. When those little prayers that you pray to God for get met, stop and return to Him and give Him praise.

God never has to meet your needs, but He wants to meet your needs. He loves you. So keep your eyes open to the needs He is meeting. Once you recognize a need having been met, give Him the praise that is due to Him. God is worthy of all praise, and especially when He meets a need you have.

Do not be like the rest of the men and ignore the fact that God had met a need in your life.

I pray today that you will bring all your needs before God; that you will see when God meets your needs; that you will give praise to God for meeting your needs; and that you will tell others of God meeting your needs.

Habakkuk 3:27-18 Joyful In God No Matter What Is Happening

Though the fig tree does not bud and there are no grapes on the vines, though the olive crop fails and the fields produce no food, though there are no sheep in the pen and no cattle in the stalls, yet I will rejoice in the LORD, I will be joyful in God my Savior. Habakkuk 3:17-18

After Habakkuk has several questions of complaint to God and he hears God’s answers, he comes to the conclusion to rejoice in God. Despite the fact that the nation is being overrun, people are dying, crops and cattle are being destroyed, he finds joy in God.

Life as a human being can be very challenging at times. There are times when it seems that everything that can go wrong, does go wrong. It also appears for some that the time of going wrong never seems to come to an end. Multiple problems keep rising faster than any are being solved.

During these times, some believers may feel as though God has left them. They become depressed and frustrated that God is allowing all those “bad” things to happen. They feel as if there is no hope left in this life.

While many may feel this way, it is not the truth. God is still in control and is orchestrating everything that is occurring for a reason.

Just as Habakkuk turned his eyes towards the Lord, so you must turn your eyes upon Jesus. You must look to Him for strength in the hard times. In light of eternity and the salvation Jesus will provide, having no food, no job, and no way to provide for yourself is very minor problem. Food for your soul is more important than food for your body. Having a great job and security is not as important as having your soul made right with God.

It is great to have things in this life, but they can also get in the way between you and God. Find your joy in God. He is the only one who will last for all eternity and will never leave you. When things are going bad, find joy in the hope Jesus provides.

Rejoice in the salvation Jesus is giving you. Rejoice in the love God has shown you. Let your heart sing for joy in the Lord as the world tries to tear you down.

I pray today that you will know the joy of the Lord in your life; that you will know the joy of the salvation God provides; that you will rejoice in God’s provision for your life; and that you will only look to God for your joy and provision.

Hosea 14:2 Seek God’s Forgiveness

Take words with you and return to the LORD. Say to him: “Forgive all our sins and receive us graciously, that we may offer the fruit of our lips.” Hosea 14:2

Despite Israel prostituting themselves against God, rejecting Him and following false gods and idols, Hosea puts out a plea for them to go before God and ask for forgiveness. As they are to go, they are told to bring words with them to be able to offer the fruit of their lips.

In this world it is easy for a person to fall away from God. For just a few hours, may twice a week, a person is around many other believers. The rest of the time, most people are in this world among many more non-believers, or those who claim to believe, but do not live the life of a believer.

Most believers, do not completely walk away from God and totally reject Him, however, many do step away for a time to follow some sin. There are some that feel once they have done this multiple times, that God will reject them and that there is no longer any hope for them.

People of this world will forgive to a point, but if a person continues to do wrong, most will give up on that person forever. God does not work in the same way. He is waiting there for every person to come and seek forgiveness. God wants to forgive every person. It is what His heart is longing for. He thrives on forgiving and giving live.

No matter what you have done, no matter how bad it is, God is always waiting right there to forgive you. In order for Him to forgive you, you must ask for it. You must go before Him, repent of the sin and ask Him to forgive you.

Once God has forgiven you of any sin, you must offer the fruit of your lips. This is offering Him thanks, praise and worship. Give Him the honor and glory that is due Him. He did not have to forgive you. He had the right to destroy you, but He didn’t. Give Him praise with your lips. Praise Him directly and tell everyone what God has done for you and what He can do for them.

Return to God today.

I pray today that you will know God’s love for you; that you will return to Jesus; that you will seek forgiveness from God; that you will accept His forgiveness; and that you will give God praise all the time.

Psalm 149:6 Praise And A Sword

May the praise of God be in their mouths and a double-double edged sword in their hands Psalm 149:6

Praise is the thing that lifts God up and makes Him the Lord of a person’s life. Honoring God with praise, tells Him and the world that He is the ruler of one’s life.

People do not know what is best for their lives. They look for the easiest way out, instead of the best way through a situation or this life. If there is any pain or trouble, the first thing most people want to have is get away. When God is allowed to be the ruler and king of a person’s life, it allows Him to be in control and to make all things right in the best way possible.

Praising God also gets the focus back on Him, instead of self and all the problems in this life. Praising God will make a person look at what God has done and can do, rather than what is happening.

Once the praise has started, then the double-edged sword can be yielded correctly. In Revelation Jesus is described as having a double-edged sword coming out of His mouth. This sword is God’s Word, which is described as sharper than a double-edged sword.

God’s Word goes out and can cut through the hardest of hearts. It can demolish the arguments of this world.

When you take time to give God praise, you can then take up His sword–the Word of God, and use it correctly. God will be on your side ready to fight for you and destroy all the enemies in your life.

The largest enemies in your life, are not the people who give you trouble, but the sins that weigh you down and crush you. It is the chains and bondages that hold you to sin and death.

As you go through your day be sure to have a praise to God on your lips and in your heart. Let the world know who you are in Jesus and who Jesus is. Then use His Word to defeat the enemies against you, not crushing in vengeance, but used in love to point them to Jesus.

With praise and God’s Word, you cannot be defeated.

I pray today that you will sing praises to God; that you will have God’s Word on your lips and in your heart; that you will know the power of God’s Word in your life; and that God will work in you to make you more like Jesus in this world.

Psalm 134:2 Lifting Hands To Praise

Lift up your hands in the sanctuary and praise the LORD. Psalm 134:2

Lifting up hands towards another person is something that people do all over the world. Most often it is done in honor or praise of the other person. Watch people at a football or soccer game when their team makes a great score. They start shouting and waving their hands and arms through the air for victory. They are excited and not afraid to show it.

While there are many raising hands in victory, there are some who are raising their hands in surrender. War is occurring in many countries. When the enemy comes in, there are some who raise their hands in surrender to the enemy to keep from being killed or harmed.

This type of surrender also occurs when a policeman begins to capture a crook. People will raise their hands to show the policeman that they are unarmed and willing to surrender.

Another reason hands are lifted is seen in a child. The child raises his hands to his father to be reached out to and loved. Hands are raised to be picked up and hugged.

Believers have the greatest reason in the world to be raising their hands. At a minimum they can raise their hands in surrender to the King of kings, Jesus. In order to follow Jesus, a person must give up his own personal will and desire. He must surrender his way of doing things to do the things God wants him to do.

Once a believer has surrendered his life to God, he can then raise his hands in victory to God, giving God praise for what He has done. Praise can be shouted out to God with raised hands.

He an also raise his hands to God seeking God to hold him and give him a hug. Raised hands will allow God to show His love to the person.

Many in the church do not raise their hands in public for fear of what others may think. Yet, look at what God has done in your life. He was not ashamed to reach down to you. Reach up to Him and receive what He has for you. Reach out to Him and give Him the praise that is due to Him.

God wants to give you a great big loving hug. Are you willing to let Him do it?

Give God praise today.

I pray today that you will have reason to praise God; that you will not fear raising your hands to God; that you will surrender your will to God; and that you will raise your hands in praise to God.