Psalm 4:8 Sleep In Peace

In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, LORD, make me dwell in safety. Psalm 4:8

Throughout his life David had many troubles. For many years he was always on the run, trying to stay away from someone out to kill him. King Saul was the first that was set to kill him. Later, some of his own children wanted David dead. Through all of it, David was at peace at night when he laid down. He trusted God’s protection for his life.

Loosing sleep over events in a person’s life is a common occurrence. Some people lose sleep because they are workaholics. They push and push their work, striving for absolute perfection or attainment of everything. As this occurs, many will lose a lot of sleep to gain what they want.

Many other people will lose sleep out of fear of something in their life. The reasons for the fear could be many. Some is fear of failure, others are fear of rejection, or loss of something or someone, a bill past due, a break down of a vehicle, a sickness in the body. Fear of the unknown is common among many people.

Fear plays a major role in the lives of most people. Look at the level of security systems that people put in their houses and businesses. They are put in because of the fear of someone attempting to rob their house or business.

David knew where his real security was found. It was not in the things made by man, or by man alone. His security was found in God. He knew that God, alone had absolute control of everything. Nothing could happen in his life without God allowing it. David was not constantly looking over his shoulder all night in fear. He would sleep in peace.

As a believer, you have God on your side. He loves you more than anyone else could possibly love you. Despite the problems in your life, you can sleep in peace, because His perfect love casts out fear that tries to rise up in your life.

You can rest assured that God will not allow anything to happen in your life that is not a part of His plan for your life. Rest in peace that He gives. Remember that Jesus is your Prince of Peace.

I pray today that you will know the peace God brings you; that you will not fear this world; that you will sleep in God’s peace and presence; and that you will give God’s peace to others.


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