Revelation 16:15 Staying Awake And Clothed

“Look, I come like a thief! Blessed is the one who stays awake and remains clothed, so as not to go naked and be shamefully exposed.” Revelation 16:15

As John’s vision continues, he sees angels start to pour out seven bowls of God’s wrath upon all of the earth. The picture shown is one of extreme horror and torture. People want to die, but cannot and they are hating God. However, God is seen as righteous in His judgments upon the earth.

Jesus states that He is coming like a thief. He will come unexpectedly. Anyone who follows Him, must stay awake and clothed so that they are ready for His return.

The staying awake is not physically, but spiritually. As a believer, you must be aware of what God is doing and watching for His return. You must also be awake to see what the devil is doing.

When a soldier is standing guard at his post, he must remain awake. If he sleeps at all, it opens the door for the enemy to sneak in.

In your life, if you start sleeping spiritually, the devil and sin will slip into your life. This sleeping is stop reading the Bible, stop worshipping God, stop praying, and stop doing the work God has called you to do. When you stop these things, you are asleep and will not be ready for Jesus’ return.

Jesus also stated to be fully clothed. As a believer you are to be clothed with the righteousness of Jesus. In yourself, you are filthy and dirty and cannot clean up correctly.

As you follow Jesus and believe Him, He takes away your sins and makes you clean. He gives you His righteousness to wear. There is no accusation against you anymore.

When you are awake and clothed with His righteousness, you will be ready for His return. At the time of the return of Jesus, you will not be ashamed because you fell asleep or were not properly clothed.

Are you awake?

Are you properly and fully clothed?

Are you ready for His return?

Get ready, Jesus will return soon, and without warning. Be ready!

I pray today that you will stay awake in your walk with Jesus; that you will trust in the righteousness of Jesus alone; that you will be doing the work God has for you to do; that you will be ready for the return of Jesus; and that you will not be ashamed of Him.


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