Acts 21:13 How Much Are Willing To Go Through?

“Then Paul answered, Why are you weeping and breaking my heart? I am ready not only to be bound, but also to die in Jerusalem for the name of the Lord Jesus.” Acts 21:13

Paul was on his way to Jerusalem and had stopped in Caesarea to stay for a few days. As he was getting ready to leave, many people came up to him weeping and asking him not to go to Jerusalem. One prophet even prophesied about him getting bound up there. Paul told them to stop weeping because he was ready to be bound and even die in Jerusalem if it was God’s will.

When things are going good, it is very easy to do what God desires. It is easy to go to church, tithe, and help out friends. The challenge is when things are not going so well.

At this time, most people, in America, do not have to face being thrown in prison, and definitely not death for doing God’s will. Telling other people about Jesus has not become a crime in America…yet.

The challenge for believers in America, tend to be the inconvenience of doing what God desires. It may take away your time from watching a sports game or television show. It may slow you down a bit from getting to where you are going.

The other challenge can be for some of the ridicule that may be given. Other people may cut you down for talking about Jesus. Some may even hate you. Family may shun you. Some may talk bad about you.

In all of these things, and many more, these are some of the binds and prisons put on believers today. Paul was willing to go all the way. He was willing because He knew that Jesus went all the way for him.

Jesus went through the suffering of beatings and the dying on the cross for you to give you life. If Jesus did all this for you, you should be willing to do as much as possible for Him.

In America the chance of having to die for your faith is slim right now, but are you willing to be made fun of and cut down for Jesus? Are you willing to go all the way for Jesus to tell others about Him? How far are you willing to go?

I pray today that Jesus will reveal to you what you must do for Him; that Jesus will fill you with His Holy Spirit to guide and strengthen you; that you will be willing to do His desire; and that you will go all the way with Jesus.

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