Romans 7:25 You Are A Slave

Thanks be to God, who delivers me through Jesus Christ our Lord! So then, I myself in my mind am a slave to God’s law, but in my sinful nature a slave to the law of sin. Romans 7:25

No one likes to be considered a slave. Everyone loves his freedom, freedom to be himself, think his own way and do his own things.

Yet, most people are bound to others in some form of slavery. The worker binds himself to the employer. The citizen binds himself to his government and all governmental authorities. Each one has to obey someone else or suffer consequences.

Paul realizes that he is delivered from the law of sin by Jesus Christ, but also recognizes that he is a slave to God’s law and to the law of sin.

Once a person becomes a believer, he suddenly comes into a major conflict in his life. He knows that he wants to obey God’s laws and live according to God’s ways, but at the same time he continues to follow sinful ways and habits.

Too many believers throw out God’s law, seeing it as legalism and holding onto grace alone. Living like this, they allow themselves to continue to be a slave to sin and continue to live in sinful ways, believing God will have grace upon them.

Living in this way, does not show one is striving to live for God. He is not allowing Jesus to deliver him from the slavery of sin, but remains in bondage.

Jesus has provided a way to turn away from sin. He removed the chains of sin upon the lives of a believer, setting him free. The sinful nature will still desire to turn back to sin, but the heart and mind will strive to live for God out of gratefulness of what Jesus has done. You may find yourself struggling with some sin.

Turn your focus upon Jesus and what He has done for you. Allow yourself to be a slave to God’s ways of living, rather than to the sinful ways of this world.

Do not try to live for God on your own, but be filled with His Holy Spirit to guide and strengthen you. By His Holy Spirit you can be changed from the inside out, becoming a slave to His righteousness and not to sin.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Savior; that you will be a slave to God’s laws; that God will strengthen you to turn from all sin; that God will break the bondage of sinful habits in your life; and that you will live a holy life unto God.

Romans 7:6 Serve In The New Way

Boat on water

But now, by dying to what once bound us, we have been released from the law so that we serve in the new way of the Spirit, and not in the old way of the written code. Romans 7:6

Laws are good to point out what is wrong. They will quickly point a person as being in the wrong when he does something not according to the law. Most of the laws are built around a negative concept. They point out what  person should not do, rather than point to what a person should do.

People tend to do the very things that they are told not to do. When a sign says not to touch because of wet paint, many people will touch it to test and see if the paint is really wet.

Many people are very quick to test the laws to see if the law is really true. They will question whether what is said will really happen or not.

People react the same way with God’s laws. When Adam and Eve ate of the fruit, they were testing whether what God said was true or not. They did what they were not supposed to do.

Throughout the history of Israel, the people constantly challenged God’s laws and doing what they were not supposed to do.

Now Paul tells the people that they must die to the sin that once bound them. Sin is breaking the laws of God.

When a person dies to sin, God gives him a new life. This new life follows the way of the Spirit. The Spirit of the law was to live for God and live the best life possible. God made the laws to protect and help people, not bring death, yet, it brought about death.

As a believer today, you must follow the way of the Spirit. Instead of following a bunch of laws, or trying to, you will want to follow God’s ways or laws. The heart is changed. It is no longer about doing right or wrong, it is about serving God in the best way possible.

Do not be bound up in a bunch of laws, but be bound up in loving God and loving others. As you do that, all of the laws will be obeyed. Then the power to break the law will be broken and you will have a new life in Christ.

I pray today that you will know the freedom Jesus brings; that you will serve God from the heart; that you will not be bound up in the law; and that you will live to love God and others. 

Jeremiah 13:11 Bound Up To God

For as a belt is bound around the waist, so I bound all the people of Israel and all the people of Judah to me,’ declares the LORD, ‘to be my people for my renown and praise and honor. But they have not listened.’ Jeremiah 11:13

A belt is used to hold something up or together. Belts are put around the waist to hold up pants. They bind up the pants so that they will not fall down.

God said that He had bound up Israel and Judah to Himself. He wanted them close to Him, but they would not do it. They refused to be bound to the Lord and went their own way. Since they chose not to be bound to God, they fell down. They fell down out of God’s grace and protection, because they refused to follow Him. They fell down into sin.

Christians today are to be bound to Jesus, just as the Israelites were supposed to be bound to God. Most people, however, do not like to be bound up to something or someone. It gives the implication of a loss of freedom. Following Jesus in every area of their lives, appears to be a prison for many, so they refuse to be bound that tightly. Everyone likes their freedom, even if it is harmful to have.

Being bound up with Jesus actually gives you a greater freedom. It gives you the freedom from your sins that weigh you down. It gives you freedom to live a full life. The life Jesus gives is one that is the best for you and will last for all eternity.

Some try to say that not being able to live in sin is not freedom, but bondage. It is bondage to Jesus, but it is freedom to really live. Sin will appear to be living, until it brings about death in the end. It is only a temporary life.

As you go through this life, allow yourself to be bound tightly up with Jesus. Live the life that He has for you. Allow Him to guide your every step, comment, thought, and action. You will have a life that is abundant and full of joy and peace. It will be a life beyond compare.

Are you bound to Jesus today?

I pray today that you will know Jesus as your savior; that you will be bound to Jesus in every area of your life; that you will allow God to have complete control of your life; and that you will live the abundant life God has for you.

Acts 21:13 How Much Are Willing To Go Through?

“Then Paul answered, Why are you weeping and breaking my heart? I am ready not only to be bound, but also to die in Jerusalem for the name of the Lord Jesus.” Acts 21:13

Paul was on his way to Jerusalem and had stopped in Caesarea to stay for a few days. As he was getting ready to leave, many people came up to him weeping and asking him not to go to Jerusalem. One prophet even prophesied about him getting bound up there. Paul told them to stop weeping because he was ready to be bound and even die in Jerusalem if it was God’s will.

When things are going good, it is very easy to do what God desires. It is easy to go to church, tithe, and help out friends. The challenge is when things are not going so well.

At this time, most people, in America, do not have to face being thrown in prison, and definitely not death for doing God’s will. Telling other people about Jesus has not become a crime in America…yet.

The challenge for believers in America, tend to be the inconvenience of doing what God desires. It may take away your time from watching a sports game or television show. It may slow you down a bit from getting to where you are going.

The other challenge can be for some of the ridicule that may be given. Other people may cut you down for talking about Jesus. Some may even hate you. Family may shun you. Some may talk bad about you.

In all of these things, and many more, these are some of the binds and prisons put on believers today. Paul was willing to go all the way. He was willing because He knew that Jesus went all the way for him.

Jesus went through the suffering of beatings and the dying on the cross for you to give you life. If Jesus did all this for you, you should be willing to do as much as possible for Him.

In America the chance of having to die for your faith is slim right now, but are you willing to be made fun of and cut down for Jesus? Are you willing to go all the way for Jesus to tell others about Him? How far are you willing to go?

I pray today that Jesus will reveal to you what you must do for Him; that Jesus will fill you with His Holy Spirit to guide and strengthen you; that you will be willing to do His desire; and that you will go all the way with Jesus.

1 Peter 2:16 Free Slave

“Live as free people, but do not use your freedom as a cover-up for evil; live as God’s slaves.” 1 Peter 2:16

Peter has just finished telling us to submit to all authorities, now he tells us to live as a free people. Every one loves freedom. America was founded on the principle of freedom.

The first thing is to live as a free people, but with a condition. You are not to use that freedom as a cover-up for evil. Many people, and even some churches, use the freedom they have in Jesus to say living in sinful practice is acceptable. Even though the Bible states to not have relations outside of marriage for a man and a woman, many do so because they are “free in Christ”. If you look around you can see many other ways people are using their “freedom in Christ” to live a sinful life.

This is where Peter states the next part of this verse: live as God’s slaves. Many people do not like the title of slave, it brings about bad connotations. With being a slave to God, this is for your good, not just to benefit God. You are to be bound to God as His slave. This means you must do everything that God tells you no matter what you think of it. In this position you no longer have any rights or privileges, you are owned completely by God and God alone.

You now have the freedom to do whatever God wants you to do when He wants you to do it. You are free to live a life not giving into the old sinful nature. In this way you can live as a free person. Being bound to God gives you all of His favor, wisdom, direction, strength, love, and help to do whatever needs to be done.

God is a loving God and not a tyrant of a master. Men are often tyrants with those under their authority. God does not work that way. God loves you and will never fail to lead you down the best path for your life. Sometimes that path may be painful, but it is still the best for you. You can trust God to care for you in every situation in life. All you need to do is be bound to God and trust and obey Him in everything.

I pray that today God will strengthen you to follow Him as His slave; that God will help you to trust Him in every situation; that God will reveal His love for you to you; that you will live your life freely for God; and you will not use your freedom in Christ for sinful living.