John 14:6 Only One Way

“Jesus answered, I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14:6

As Jesus is nearing the end of His time on the earth He is telling the disciples some last information. He tells them about His leaving and that they will know the way. They are confused because Jesus had never directly given them any physical directions. Jesus points out that He is the way.

The world is always looking for the best way to do something. The directions for anything must be understandable. They must make sense.

People also want to be able to do things directly themselves. Most want to be able to say that they did accomplish the task on their own. Many do not want to ask for any help.

In order for a person to get to the Father, who is God, he must ask for help and go through Jesus. The death and resurrection of Jesus provides the way to heaven because that is what took away the sins of any person. Jesus spoke only the truth of God, which points only that the only way to the Father is through Himself. The blood that Jesus shed brought about life, along with the fact that by the word of Jesus everything was created that is created.

As the world is looking for a way to get to heaven on their own, Jesus is stating that you must go through Him. There is only one way. It is a very narrow way.

Since there is only one way to heaven, it eliminates boasting. It also levels out the playing ground for everyone. Everyone has the same chance. It has absolutely nothing to do with your abilities.

It is also very simple. It does not take a college degree to understand or follow. Going the world’s way is complex, and then no one is absolutely sure of it being correct. This is because it is not correct and God’s way is the only way.

Are you getting into heaven through Jesus? Or are you trying to earn your way into heaven by good works?

I pray today that you will see Jesus as the only way into heaven; that you will show others Jesus as the only way; that you will not try to earn your way to heaven; and that you will know Jesus more and more each day.


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