Leviticus 23:42-43 Living In A Temporary Shelter

Live in temporary shelters for seven days: All native-born Israelites are to live in such shelters so your descendants will know that I had the Israelites live in temporary shelters when I brought them out of Egypt. I am the Lord your God. Leviticus 23:42-43

People who move across country will often stay in temporary housing until they can find a permanent home. Others live in temporary housing when they lose their jobs or homes due to difficult circumstances.

Very few will choose to live in a temporary housing outside of a dire need for it. In the eyes of many it is a sign that one is destitute.

God told the Israelites that once a year the people were to live in temporary houses for a time as a remembrance that is where they lived when they were brought out of Egypt.

It is very common for most people to believe that where they are living is a permanent home for them. Most people do not desire to move anytime soon, unless they are planning to purchase a larger home or change jobs soon.

Temporary housing has challenges, new address, new location, unknown changes and more.

Outside of physical housing, the majority of people believe that this earth is all there is, it is their permanent home and that there is nothing more. Believers are to have a different perspective on their home on this planet.

Earth is just a temporary home for the believer until he can step into eternity with God. The believer’s permanent home will be in heaven.

Knowing this, the believer can hold onto things loosely, knowing that something better is coming some day. Everything on this earth, including the home, will pass away, but the home in heaven will never go away.

No matter where you live or what your future plans are on this earth, it is a temporary living space. Do not allow yourself to get wrapped up in the physical things of this earth that will pass away.

Focus your life on the eternal things of God. Your permanent home will be far greater than anything this world can offer.

You cannot bring the things of this world to heaven with you, but you can bring people with you. Point people to Jesus so that they can also have a permanent home in heaven some day with you.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will hold loosely the temporary things of this world; that you will live with eternity with God in mind; and that the return of Jesus to bring you home will be a source of strength and encouragement to live for God.

Exodus 36:8 Meaningful Colors

All those who were skilled among the workers made the tabernacle with ten curtains of finely twisted linen and blue, purple and scarlet yarn, with cherubim woven into them by expert hands. Exodus 36:8

Colors are often used to bring out or reveal meaning to something. Different colors will often maintain various meanings to people nearly around the entire world.

Certain groups will use specific colors so that when people see it, they will know who they are looking at. Holidays are often decked out with specific colors related to that holiday.

As the workers were building the tabernacle, they made the curtains with blue, purple and scarlet yarn that was made of very finely twisted linen.

The color blue is often portrayed as heaven, due to looking up into the heavens above the earth the sky is blue. Purple is usually a sign of royalty or high and powerful position. Scarlet is the color of blood or sacrifice.

The tabernacle that was built was to be a connecting point between heaven and earth, a place of royalty–as God is the great King–and a place of sacrifice for the sins of the people.

Over time God changed the tabernacle to the temple, then Jesus made each believer the new temple of God. Believers, the new temple of God, are to be just like the tabernacle was.

First, they must be a connecting point between heaven and earth, God and this fallen world. They are to be a light of Jesus to this dark world.

Next, they are royalty as a part of the family of God. Believers can walk in the authority and power of Jesus.

Finally, they are to be a living sacrifice unto God. They are to sacrifice their own desires to do the will of God by loving others, loving God and building His kingdom.

As a believer, Jesus has dressed you up with the colors that God has created for the world to see. Allow yourself to be a conduit for God to reach down into the lives of others in this world. Walk with the authority and power that Jesus has given you as a child of God. Sacrifice your life and desires to be the light of the world as Jesus wants you to be.

God used colors to define the tabernacle. Are you dressed in those colors today as the temple of God?

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will be a connection between heaven and earth; that you will walk in God’s authority given to you; that you will sacrifice your life for God’s will; and that you will be who God created you to be.

Exodus 15:13 God Will Lead In Love And Strength

In your unfailing love you will lead the people you have redeemed. In your strength you will guide them to your holy dwelling. Exodus 15:13

From the moment of birth to the moment of death, people are led by someone to some level or more. Some are very closely guided, while others are more loosely led.

With all of these leaders there are many different types. Different styles of leadership are to be found with some being extremely strict and bossy, while others are very lenient and friendly. Of all the human leaders, none are able to lead with perfect love and strength.

After being rescued from captivity in Egypt, Moses and the Israelites sang a song about what happened. They stated that God lead them with unfailing love and strength to the holy dwelling place.

Once a person chooses to repent of his sins and God rescues him out of the captivity and death of sin, God does not leave him alone on his own. He is willing to lead him on the new journey in life to the promised land. This promised land is not a physical land on earth as the Israelites traveled to, but to a home in heaven for eternity with God.

This journey, like all journeys, can be filled with challenges, troubles, and detours. One cannot know all the correct steps to take on his own, but needs guidance and direction.

The world is unable to correctly lead a person on how to make this journey. The world is leading a person to death in sin. God, in His perfect love and strength, is able to lead a person on the right path towards heaven and He will not make a mistake or lead wrong. This path is one that guides the person to become more like Jesus every day in following God’s will.

You are on a journey in this life. If you have chosen to follow Jesus, you are on the journey towards heaven, the promised land.

Do not allow yourself to be guided on this journey by the world. That path will only lead to death and destruction.

God is ready, willing and able to lead you with perfect love and strength. He knows the steps you must take. Seek His direction and obey His commands and you will make the journey in success. It will not be easy, but it will be worth it in the end.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will be led by God’s Holy Spirit; that you will walk the path God lays out for you; and that you will trust God’s perfect love and strength to lead you.