Psalm 25:10 The Path Of God

All the paths of the Lord are mercy and truth, to such as keep His covenant and His testimonies. Psalm 25:10

In order to get to any location a person must take some path to get there. Every location in the world has some type of path to get to it. Each of these paths are different, some being very difficult, while others are simple and easy to walk. In the same way that there are paths to physical locations in this world, there is also a path through this life that each person must take.

In this psalm of David, he states that all the paths of God are mercy and truth for those who obey His commands.

Every person begins a journey on a path through life from the moment that person is born. Throughout life, many people are searching for that journey or the meaning of their journey. The world sees it as a journey of self-fulfillment and pleasure as much as possible until the moment of death and the end of it all.

Since the journey is all about self, for most, many see the path of God as restrictive and no mercy. Believers who have chosen to believe God and obey His commands see the path of God as something different.

This path of God begins with mercy. Every person has sinned and deserves the worst punishment possible and death. Instead of punishing and killing a person, God has great mercy and leads that person on a path towards life the continues into all eternity.

As God leads the believer on His path, it is done with truth. God reveals what is wrong or sinful in the life of the believer and helps remove it. He also guides the steps of the believer in what is right and true, not the false lies of the world.

God has you on a path that is for your best interest. It is one to lead you to be more like Jesus and to bring others to Jesus. He has already had mercy on you by not destroying you because of your sin.

Do not trust or follow the paths of this fallen and sinful world. Put your trust in God and His path of mercy and truth. Walk His path that will continue into all eternity. It may be a difficult path to walk, but it will be worth it in the end.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will know the path God has for you to walk; that you will see God’s mercy in His plans for your life; and that you will see the truth in walking God’s path.

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Psalm 1:1 Being In The Right Place

Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor stands in the path of sinners, nor sits in the seat of the scornful; Psalm 1:1

Position is often very important to most people. Many want to be where there is action, power, wealth, excitement and high acceptance. Very few care how they get those things or where they get them from as long as they get what they want. They will seek counsel from anyone and walk whatever path is needed to get what their heart desires, whether good or bad.

The psalmist writes that a man is blessed if he does not walk in the counsel, stand in the path, nor sit in the seat of the worldly sinners.

All throughout the world there are millions of people who are willing to give counsel as to how to live life. Each one has a different philosophy on what is best. With each one, there is a different path to take to accomplish whatever is the desire of the individual.

Although some of these paths may look good, most often they are focused on self at the expense of others and all without a view of God. God is often completely removed from the picture and self is put on the throne, just as Satan did with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, and the path leads to death.

Believers who refuse to seek the counsel and paths of the world are blessed. Instead of the world’s ways of living, they choose to live for God and by His ways of living. Their focus is on eternal life, not just the here and now. They will have a joy and hope that will never fade away, nor can it be taken away.

As you go through life, you will need to get counsel on how to live and do things. Do not seek the counsel of the world, it will only bring about a temporary pleasure, then ultimately disappointment and death in the end.

Make a choice to seek God’s direction in your life and walk the path that He has for you. Be led by the Holy Spirit in walking His path. Hold on to the joy and hope you can have in following Christ Jesus as your Lord and Savior. He will give you the path to eternal life, not death.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will seek God’s counsel; that you will walk the path God has for you; that you will go where God leads you to go; and that you will be led by the Holy Spirit in every area of your life.

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Job 13:27 God Sets Boundaries

You put my feet in the stocks, and watch closely all my paths. You set a limit for the soles of y feet. Job 13:27

Boundaries are set all the time nearly everywhere one goes. This can be found in stores, restaurants, jobs, communities, cities, and nations, even in the home. These boundaries are often set to keep people from doing things that are unsafe and to ensure that what they are doing is correct.

Although most boundaries are for the overall good of others, many times people do not like the boundaries that are set, and some will ignore the boundaries.

In a prayer to God, Job points out to God that He holds his feet in stocks and sets a limit for his walking as He watches his path closely.

Very few people like to be held back or stopped from where they want to go or what they desire to do. People love their freedom do not want anyone to tell them that they cannot do something, regardless of the reason or purpose.

Many believers have grown to take on the world view that they are free to do whatever they desire with no consequences or pushback. Yet, God is watching the path of every believer very closely. He sets limits for what believers can and cannot do.

There are some believers who will push back against God and strive to get around the boundaries God has set in place. Sometimes it will be to step into direct sinful practices, while often it will be to go against God’s command to do something God does not want them to do.

Instead of fighting against God, believers need to allow God to limit what they do. He knows what is best. They need to allow God to direct their paths and stop them when it is not for their good.

God has a path for you to walk in this life. There will be things that He will allow you to do and things that He does not want you to do. In the same way there will be places He allows you to go and places He does not want you to go.

Trust the path that God has for you and don’t stray from it. It is the best path for you and is designed to make you more like Jesus and to do a great work in this world.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will know the path God has for you; that you will know the boundaries God has set for you; that you will not stray out of the boundaries set by God; and that you will grow in the Lord Jesus Christ every day.

1 Samuel 12:25 Guaranteed Destruction

Yet if you persist in doing evil, both you and your king will perish. 1 Samuel 12:26

Every path leads to a certain destination. As long as one continues on that path, whether it takes a long or short time, he will eventually get to that location.

Turning off of one path will cause one to begin on a different path with a different destination. Some destinations have multiple ways to get to it, while some will have only one way to get to it. The more steps and changes in the path will make it more difficult to get to the desired destination.

Samuel told the Israelites that if they continue to do evil, they and their new king will be destroyed and perish.

Doing an action that is not good does not always show immediate negative results. Eating junk food will not cause noticeable harm to the body right away. Continuing to eat junk food overtime will bring on a weight gain and health issues that harm a person.

People will choose to sin in some form thinking that nothing is going to happen and that there really is no harm occurring. Many believers will choose to sin and claim the grace of God upon their lives. Continuing to sin will cause one to perish.

God called every person to repent of his sins and to turn away from sin, not stay in it. Purposefully committing sin is not repenting or allowing God to change oneself. In the end it will bring about death and eternal judgement in hell.

Instead of persisting in sin, the believer must repent and turn from all sin. Then he must allow God’s Holy Spirit to change his heart, mind and life to bring about an abundant and eternal life, not death and destruction.

You have been called to a path of holiness and righteousness. Jesus paid for you to be on that path and journey to heaven, taking away all sin.

Do not allow yourself to return to the evil and sinful ways of this fallen world. Live the holy and righteous life God has called you to live. Walk the path God has laid out for you so that you will not be destroyed by sin.

The Holy Spirit will give you strength to turn away from all sin and guide you on the path to heaven.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will know the path God has for you to walk; that you will choose to turn from all sin and follow God; that you will hear the Holy Spirit guiding you to eternal life; and that you will repent before God of all sin in your life.