90 Minutes In Heaven (book review)

Title: 90 Minutes In Heaven–A True Story Of Death And Life
Author: Don Piper with Cecil Murphey
Publisher: Revell Publishing
Date: 2004/2014
Pages: 241

90 Minutes In Heaven–A True Story of Death and Life (book review)

Don Piper, with the help of Cecil Murphey, tells this true story of death and life. Don was a minister at a minister’s conference in central Texas. He had left the conference and was driving home, when he was hit head on by a large truck. The emergency team that had arrived on the scene had found him dead in his vehicle, with various body parts shredded.

Another minister came along and felt God lead him to pray for the dead man in the vehicle and then to sing a song. As he was singing, Don began to sing along with him, having come back to life.

Don spent next eighteen months in the hospital recovering with no expectation to every walk again. In this story, Don talks about what he saw in heaven when he died and what it was like. Then he talks about the pain and suffering he went through during the time of recovery and all the questions he had. Later, Don learns how to use what God had allowed him to go through to point others to Jesus and the reality of heaven.

He is now a world-wide traveling speaker telling people about the accident, death, life, time of recovery and that heaven is real and that the only way to it is through Jesus. His focus is more on the need for people to be saved, then just talking about heaven.

Prior to reading his book, I had the opportunity to hear Don Piper in person and meet him directly. I strongly encourage everyone to read this book. It is a short and easy book to read, but it will challenge your belief in life after death, heaven and the need for Jesus to get to heaven.