John 6:67 Do You Want to Leave Also?

“You do not want to leave too, do you? Jesus asked the Twelve.” John 6:67

Jesus had just finished talking about that He is the bread of life and that people have to eat of His flesh and drink His blood to have that life. Many people chose to walk away from Him at that point. They had a hard time with His teaching. He then asks the disciples if they were going to walk away also.

You hear of people choosing to no longer follow Jesus a lot. The reasons for their choosing are many in number. Some it is because of some major loss. Others were hurt both other Christians or the church. Still others have a difficult time with the teachings of Jesus.

Ultimately choosing to not follow Jesus is due to the choice of refusing to accept His teachings. Jesus stated that there would be difficult times and hard choices to make. He had to go through massive persecution and had to make the choice to go through with the crucifixion. Jesus never asks you to do anything less or more than what He would do in your situation.

While there are many that completely walk away from Jesus, there are still many other believers who step away for a short time. They will choose to walk into sin even while the Holy Spirit is urging them not to do so.

Being willing to do a sinful act is choosing to leave Jesus for a time. Jesus cannot be with sin. If you are choosing to sin, you are also choosing to move away from Jesus and leave Him. Do not make that choice.

Realize that Jesus is the only one with true life. His teachings may be difficult at times, but they are worth it. He taught only what was needed to give you an abundant life here on earth and forever in heaven.

Are you seeking Jesus? Are you staying with Him? Are you accepting His teachings? Or are you walking away from Him?

I pray today that you will stay in the teachings of Jesus; that God will reveal the life He has for you; that you will know and follow Jesus all the way; and that you will pass on the teachings of Jesus.


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