Ecclesiastes 3:17 A Time Of Judgement

Gavel and measures

I said to myself, “God will bring into judgement both the righteous and the wicked, for there will be time for every activity, a time to judge every deed.” Ecclesiastes 3:17 

No one likes to be judged. People want to be able to be who they are with no judgement upon them by anyone. Being judged will often imply that one is doing something wrong.

It is very common for people to quickly condemn judgement by someone else. The other person does not understand or is too harsh or too legalistic. It infringes upon personal rights and freedoms.

Solomon realized that there will come a day when God will judge everyone, both the righteous and the unrighteous. They will be judged for what they did or did not do.

Believers are quick to comment that God will judge those who are wicked, but claim that they will not be judged by God, because they are under the grace of Jesus and His forgiveness. However, every person will be judged for what they said and did.

Jesus said that every idle word will be taken into account. There is coming a day of judgement upon every person.

The difference between the righteous and the wicked is that the wicked will be judged for condemnation. Those who are righteous, followers of Jesus, cleansed by His blood, will be judged for their words and actions for a reward in heaven, not for salvation.

Salvation is free and cannot be earned. The actions of a believer determine the rewards in heaven. Will they come out with precious gold and stones or will their deeds burn up as wood, hay and stubble?

Knowing this, the believer should strive to live for God in every area of his life. He should seek to do what is right in God’s eyes and to live a holy life as Christ lived His. With the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit, this is possible.

As you go through your days, ask yourself how you are living for God. If God were to judge you by your actions, would they show that you do believe in Jesus or would it show a lack of belief?

While you may never be perfect, there is a striving that one can do. As you learn to love God more, you will also learn to live like Jesus more. Live as though your actions determine your salvation, but believe, knowing that Jesus already paid the price for your salvation, it is a gift.

I pray today that you will know Jesus as your Savior; that God will reveal to you how to live your life; that your actions and words will show you follow Jesus; that you will be more like Jesus each day; and that you will love God with your whole life. 

Psalm 141:3 Guard The Mouth

Covered mouth

Set a guard over my mouth, Lord; keep watch over the door of my lips. Psalm 141:3 

One thing that people know how to do is talk. Talk is very easy to do and nearly anything and everything can be said. Talk has been around since man was first made.

In today’s society the ability to talk has increased to much more than just straight words out of the physical mouth. Words can be typed into a chat or someone online social media. Regardless of how they are spoken or written, once out, they are out for eternity, good or bad.

Words that are spoken are often remembered for a long time. Words spoken can help or hurt a person. Many people have gone through troubles because of words spoken many years before. In free societies, people love the freedom to speak, but speaking can cause trouble.

David asked God to guard his mouth and what he says. He wanted to be careful about the words that he spoke.

Most people in the world really don’t care what their words may do or not do, they just want the freedom to say what they are thinking, when and how they want to say it. They do not look at the consequences of their words. This then shows up in rudeness, lies, gossip, and much more. Words that hurt.

Believers can run into the same problems. There are many who gossip on a regular basis inside the church, pretending it is concern. Lies about many things are said. Words cutting down and condemning others are spoken on a regular basis.

These are all words that should not come out of the mouth of a believer. Every believer is to build up and encourage other people, both believers and non-believers. The only way this can happen is by putting a guard over the mouth, being careful about what is spoken.

Take some time to think about what are some words that you speak in both public and in private. What do the words you speak say? Are they building other people up? Or are they cutting other down? Do they bring glory and honor to God? Or do your words bring dishonor to God?

The old saying goes, ‘think before you speak’ is something every believer should keep. Allow God to guard what you say. Let the words you speak be the words of God. What would Jesus say, then say it.

I pray today that you will allow God to guard your mouth; that your words will bring glory to God; that your words will point people to God; and that your words will build people up on Jesus. 

Psalm 45:2 What Do Your Words Say About You?

Pair of swans

You are the most excellent of men and your lips have been anointed with grace, since God has blessed you forever. Psalm 45:2 

A person is often known by how he speaks. Every person speaks a little differently. This is not talking about the language being spoken, but what words are they saying and how they talk to and about other people.

Some are known for gruff talk. They will speak harshly about many different things and people. Often they appear as a grumpy person.

Others will be known for speaking in pride. All that they say is things about themselves.

Some are always cutting others down, making jokes. No one can tell if they are ever serious.

Still others speak with compassion and building others up.

The writer speaks of  a person who is an excellent person. He is excellent because he speaks with grace. His words are kind and merciful to those he is speaking to or about.

It is not common to find a person who is always gracious in what he says. Too often the words spoken are cutting others down or being prideful about self. It is easy for a person to find fault in others.

Believers are often known for constantly finding fault in those who do not follow Jesus or their way of worshipping God. They often do not show the grace that God has shown them.

The person who has his heart set after God’s will speak like Jesus spoke–with grace, love and mercy.

Every person has faults of one type or another. No one is exactly the same. Since this is the case, believers must remember that and speak accordingly with grace, allowing the other person some room to grow in the Lord.

Take a moment to think about how you speak to or about other people. What are your words saying? Are they words that build up or tear down?

People are always listening to what you say. They want to know if what you are saying is matching what you say you are living. You say that you are a follow of Jesus, then that means you must be like Jesus. One of the fastest ways to know if you are following Jesus is by how you speak.

People will know you by what you say. Do they see you as a person of grace? Or do they see you as a person of judgement?

Fill your mouth with words of grace as you speak.

I pray today that you will know God’s grace towards you; that you will show God’s grace to others; that you will speak the words of God; and that you will speak with God’s grace and love.