Luke 24:8 Remember

“Then they remembered his words.” Luke 24:8

Jesus had died on the cross and was buried. Several days later some women went to the tomb of Jesus to do some work there. When the arrived they saw the stone rolled away and two men in bright clothing sitting there. These men told the women that Jesus had risen just like He said He would. Then they remembered His words.

These women, along with the disciples, were near the cross when Jesus died. They saw Him physically die on the cross. They watched Him get buried in the tomb. In their eyes Jesus was dead.

As all of this excitement was going on, they forgot one of the most important things Jesus had told them. He had told them that He would get killed, but He would also rise from the dead in three days. It was only after some angels made some statements, did the women remember the words of Jesus.

Today people can look back at the words of Jesus in the Bible. They hear about them in a sermon on Sundays. Yet, during the week, they forget what Jesus had said.

Some of those things Jesus says: I am with you and will never leave you; I give you my peace; I forgive you; I love you; I am in control; and I will return to take you with me.

Do you forget the words of Jesus? When life gets chaotic on you and things are falling apart, as it did for those women and the disciples, do you remember His words?

You need to remember His words every day. If you forget about them, you will get discouraged, scared, and hopeless. You will lose your peace.

His words have never changed. They are the same today as they were 2,000 years ago. Do you believe them? Do you remember them?

I pray today that God will help you remember His words; that you will find hope in the words of God; that you will be filled with peace from the words of God; that you will not get discouraged or scared; and that you will find life in His words.

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