Luke 11:3 What To Ask For

“Give us each day our daily bread.” Luke 11:3

The disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray. They had seen that John the Baptist had done that with his disciples and wanted it also. Jesus then gives them a simple prayer. Part of that prayer was the asking for daily bread.

When they pray, most people can come up with a long list of needs and desires to pray for. For many people, much of those prayers are of desires more than needs. For some those desires are for helping others in their time of need.

None of these desires are necessarily bad, but they may be more than what Jesus taught.

Most people want today taken care of, along with tomorrow and even the next month, or twenty years. As a human, you cannot see everything about tomorrow with guaranteed clarity. You want to know that everything tomorrow will be ready.

Asking for your daily bread, is asking for just what you need for today and today alone. In another spot, Jesus said you are not to worry about tomorrow. Asking for something you need tomorrow, is worrying about it.

Each morning you get up, you must trust that God will give you just what you need for that day. Think of Israelites when they were in the wilderness. Each morning they got up and had to get their food for the day that God provided. There was not a morning when their food was not provided, yet it was not seen the day before.

Are you trusting God for the provision you need? Or are you trusting what the world says?

You may have a large bank account today, but tomorrow that bank could collapse leaving you nothing. You may have a refrigerator full of food today, but tonight it may break down and all the food goes bad tomorrow. Trust in God for your daily provision.

Trust God for what you need. Seek that and that alone. If God chooses to give you above that accept it as a bonus gift, but don’t trust in it. Trust in the daily provision God will give you.

I pray today that you will know that God does provide for your needs; that you will trust God; that you will learn to pray to God as Jesus taught; and that you will follow God’s desire for your life.


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