Psalm 109:4-5 Pray When Mistreated

In return for my love they are my accusers, but I give myself to prayer. Thus they have rewarded me evil for good, and hatred for love. Psalm 109:4-5

Everyday people are harmed or falsely accused by others. When this occurs, most, out of extreme anger, like to seek out revenge against the one who did wrong. There is often a desire is to make the person who did wrong to pay for it by one’s own hands. Very seldom do other people strive to seek some other resolution to the wrong that had been done.

David says that as he has shown love to others, they had become his accusers and shown him evil and hatred for his good and love. In response to their actions, David prays.

In today’s society it is becoming more and more like what David had to go through. The world wants to live as they want, with no one to tell them that they are wrong or to live differently.

Believers, often out of love, will point out that sin leads a person on a path to death. Love is shown and good deeds are done to help others to see God’s love and compassion. The gospel message is preached to show the world the way to true life.

In response to the love of believers, the world accuses them of hatred and strive to put them in jail. Speaking out against sin is considered hate speech, rather than love and care. The world hates true love, but desires the false, temporary love of the immediate self-pleasure.

As this occurs, the believer needs to first go to God in prayer. Seek His guidance and favor in every situation. Praying for God to touch the hearts of those in the world to see the error of their ways and to turn to the true love of God.

The stronger you stand for the truth of God’s ways, the harder the world will come against you. The world will quickly falsely accuse of you of hatred against them and their ways of living. Do not back down but go to God in prayer without ceasing. Allow God to step in and do what you cannot do. Allow Him to touch their hearts. Lean on His love and strength. He will reward you for your good being done and love.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will seek God in prayer when falsely accused; that God will give you strength to do good and show true love; and that the world will see God’s good and love in you.

Picture by Aaron Burden on Unsplash