Numbers 29:8 What Pleasing Aroma Can You Present To God?

Present as an aroma pleasing to the Lord a burnt offering of one young bull, one ram and seven male lambs a year old, all without defect. Numbers 29:8

It is very common for people to put on some type of perfume or deodorant to smell better for others. Along with the scent put on, many will also spray a room or burn some incense to improve the odor of the room, often to cover up bad smells.

The desire is to make themselves and the area more pleasing to others and themselves.

God told the people to present an aroma that was pleasing to God of a bull, ram and some lambs.

When cooking a meal, it will often present and aroma that is very pleasing and appealing to many people. It creates a desire to eat of that meal and have a time of fellowship with others.

Prior to the death and resurrection of Jesus, the Israelites had to offer various physical sacrifices for sin, thanksgiving, and praise to God. The death and resurrection of Jesus took away that requirement.

However, God still desires for His people to be a pleasing aroma to Him. Prayers lifted up before God are considered as a pleasing aroma to God. Along with the prayers, anyone who puts his trust in God and obeys Him presents a pleasing aroma.

Taking time to pray, trust and obey God requires a sacrifice. It is a sacrifice to put self-desires to the side and do what is needed to please God. One is cleaned up by Jesus and made presentable to God.

Doing these things create an aroma that is pleasing to God, one that causes God to desire to be around a person even more than ever before. It makes the sacrifice of Jesus worth it all.
Your life is your offering to God in honor of what Jesus did for you in removing your sins and giving you life. Putting aside your desires and the things of this world is one thing that you can present to God as a pleasing sacrifice with a pleasing aroma.

Allow Jesus to clean you up of the sin and filth of this world so that you can present your life as a pleasing aroma to God, one that trusts in and obeys all the commands of God.

Does God smell a pleasing aroma when you are around?

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will be pleasing to God; that you will trust and obey God with your whole life; that God will be pleased with how you obey Him; and that you will be a pleasant aroma to God.

Numbers 7:89 Enter In To Speak And Listen To God

When Moses entered the tent of meeting to speak with the Lord, he heard the voice speaking to him from between the two cherubim above the atonement cover on the ark of the covenant law. In this way the Lord spoke to him. Numbers 7:89

Communication is extremely important between two or more people. It is how people can understand each other and allow each other to know what is expected. This is done by talking and listening to each other.

In order to be able to communicate, one must be in the same area or have some means to bring them together, such as a cell phone.

Moses would enter the tent of meeting to hear God speak to him before the ark of the covenant law.

During the time of Moses, it was only Moses and the high priests that could go in before the ark of the covenant to speak and listen to God. If anyone else was to enter that area, he would be killed by God. Jesus tore that veil down, opening the way directly to God.

Since Jesus tore that veil down believers have direct access to God any time of the day or night. However, the believer must be willing to go in before God to speak with Him and listen to Him.

This new place is not a physical place, but a change of heart and mental focus. Instead of physically going somewhere, the believer must now take his focus off of the here and now and focus upon God in prayer.

Taking time to pray is a sacrifice. It means that one must let go of what is immediately trying to capture his attention and placing it upon God alone. The value of doing this is found in hearing God speak and guide the believer in life.

As a believer, you have direct access to God no matter the time of day or night. He is waiting for you to come to Him so that He can talk with you and guide you in how to live this life on earth He has given you.

Do not allow the things and cares of this world get in the way of spending time with God. Enter into the private place of prayer with God. Tell Him what is on your heart and listen to what He has to say.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will regularly spend time in prayer with God; that you will hear God’s voice and direction in your life; and that you will obey God’s commands to you.

Leviticus 24:4 Maintenance Is Required

The lamps on the pure gold lampstand before the Lord must be tended continually. Leviticus 24:4

Lighting in a building that is in constant use must be maintained on a regular basis. Light bulbs burn out and need to be replaced. Electrical wiring can wear out and need to be repaired. Provision of power to the lights must always be available.

Maintenance workers are continually monitoring the lights to ensure that they are always working when needed. If the basic maintenance is ignored, the lighting will go out and everyone will be in the dark, unable to see.

God told the Israelites that the lamps that were before Him must be tended to continually, never allowing them to burn out.

Jesus told His followers that they are to be a light on a hill, a light in this world to shine the gospel message in this darkened world. Every believer is a light for all the world to see the truth of God’s amazing love and the salvation He provides.

In order to keep the light burning in the life of a believer, he must maintain the lamp. Maintenance for a believer is continually remaining in God’s word and applying it to his life. It is also praying without stopping making petitions known and listening to what God has to say. It is staying in tune with the Holy Spirit leading and guiding him.

Too many believers let the maintenance be set aside, getting caught up in the things and busyness of this world. Their focus is on the here and now, rather than the future. As this occurs, their light grows dim and often will burn out falling into sinful habits and the ways of this world.

Every believer must focus on keeping their light lit and burning brightly for God. Maintenance is not an option but required.

As a believer, you are to have a light shining bright in your life that reveals who God and Jesus is to the world. Your actions, reactions and words are what that light is. Everything you say and do or not do should be a revealing of who God is and His love for all people.

The only way you will be able to continually keep your light burning is to tend to it continually. Daily study God’s word and apply it to your life and seek God in prayer for wisdom and direction.

Don’t let your light burn out.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will study God’s word daily and hide it in your heart; that you will seek God in prayer for wisdom and direction; and that your light for God will never burn out or grow dim.