Romans 5:1 Peace With God

Peaceful Flower

Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, Romans 5:1

Paul had just made it clear that doing good works does not save a person. A person is only saved through faith in what Jesus did on the cross. It is only by the grace and mercy of God that a person can receive forgiveness and salvation. Now Paul is talking about the results of receiving that salvation.

The majority of the people around the world are looking for peace. They do not want to be at war with anyone. Yet, the majority are not finding any peace. Nations are constantly at war with each other. Criminals are constantly prowling around to rob and harm others.

Along with the lack of peace between others being seen, there is also a purposeful lack of peace. Many people hold on to grudges of past hurts and refuse to forgive and let things go. There is a constant battle with individuals.

Even stronger than the lack of forgiveness of others, is the lack of forgiveness with God. They are seeking peace with God, not through Jesus, but through doing works for God. Working for God does not bring about any peace with God. There still needs to be forgiveness through faith in Jesus.

When a believer begins to believe in Jesus for forgiveness, there is a peace with God that comes over him. There is no longer a fear of judgment or condemnation. There is no longer a fear that one will not measure up to God’s standards. There is a peace at not having to be concerned about working enough for God to provide salvation.

Peace with God brings about the ability to have peace with others and self.

When you know that you are forgiven and saved by the work of Jesus, you know that you are in right standing with God and have His peace in your life. You will no longer strive to earn your salvation, because you know that you already have it.

This allows you to work for God even more. To work for God and honor Him with your life that He has given you, not to earn something you cannot earn. This peace will pass all understanding, because in reality you do not deserve it, it is a gift from God.

Have faith in God for your salvation and have peace.

I pray today that you will know the salvation Jesus provides; that you will have faith in Jesus; that you will know the forgiveness Jesus has given you; and that you will know peace with God in your life. 

John 20:21 Not Judgment, But Peace

Lion and Lamb

Again Jesus said, “Peace be with you! As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.” John 20:21

After Jesus had risen from the dead, He began to show Himself to different people. The disciples were in a locked room when Jesus first appeared to them. They were scared, but His first words to them were to be at peace. Then He sends them out to do a work for God.

When a person is going through a difficult time, the last thing he wants is for all of his friends to reject him, or walk away. He needs the help and support of his friends.

While some get the needed support, many have a lot of friends who walk away. They do not support. This is especially true if the situation is very negative.

Very often when a person is accused of a major crime and sentenced to prison, most of his friends reject him. They do not understand how he could have done such a crime. Many people do not want to be associated with someone who has committed a major crime.

People who have been abandoned by another person in great time of need, will often come back later with accusations against that person. He will be angry for being rejected and left alone to suffer.

Jesus did not do that with the disciples. Every disciple had abandoned Him as He was being accused, beaten and crucified.

Later when Jesus rose from the dead and met with them, the first thing He told them was to be at peace. He was not angry with them for abandoning Him. Jesus forgave them and gave each one a chance to start over. There was no accusation or blaming done at all. They were forgiven.

You may have had a friend who has hurt you or abandoned you in your time of need. Instead of throwing accusations and judgment upon him, forgive him and make peace with him.

There may also be times you have let God down and abandoned Him. Allow Jesus to forgive you and make peace with Him. He is there to bring peace, not condemnation and judgment.

God wants you to have peace in your life with Him. Do not be afraid to meet with God after making a mistake and sinning. He is there to forgive you and restore the peace.

I pray today that you will know the peace Jesus brings; that you will go to God when you make a mistake and sin against Him; that you will not fear approaching God; and that you will make peace with those who have done wrong to you.

Luke 2:14 Peace…For Some

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“Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests.” Luke 2:14

The night that Jesus was born, some angels appeared to some shepherds in a field nearby. The angels told the shepherds that a savior had been born and how they would be able to find Him. They also began to praise God and proclaimed peace on those whom His favor rests.

The portion of this verse that is commonly quoted is “peace on the earth.” People like to hear about there being peace on this earth. This is even more encouraging to people who in an area of much turmoil or war.

Christians, along with many other people are desiring peace around the world. They want to see and end to war and fighting. This is a good thing to desire, but the angels never proclaimed peace all over the whole earth.

The angels proclaimed peace only upon those whom His favor rests. Not everyone on this earth has God’s favor. Not even everyone inside a church has His unmerited favor. Any person who has not repented of their sins and chosen to follow Jesus is an enemy of God. Where there are two enemies, there can never be peace.

Two enemies are always at war with each other, as long as they are enemies. God will always be at war with anyone who does not follow Him or obey Him. There are some who do not follow Jesus, but do not openly speak against Him, they are still enemies with God. If one does not follow and obey God, He does not love God, thus an enemy.

The peace the angels proclaimed is to be with those on whom His favor rests. God gives favor to those who love, obey and follow Jesus. Only those who have chosen to turn away from their own sins and self are truly following Jesus and thus receive His favor and peace.

As long as you are at war with God, you will not know peace.

If you are looking for peace, draw closer to Jesus. Become more like Him in following and obeying Him. It is then that God’s favor will rest upon you and you will know His peace. This is a peace that is peaceful regardless of what is going on in your life or in this world. A peace not everyone has.

I pray today that you will know Jesus as your Savior; that you will live at peace with God; that you will love and obey God with all of your life; and that you will share that peace with others.