Romans 5:1 Peace With God

Peaceful Flower

Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, Romans 5:1

Paul had just made it clear that doing good works does not save a person. A person is only saved through faith in what Jesus did on the cross. It is only by the grace and mercy of God that a person can receive forgiveness and salvation. Now Paul is talking about the results of receiving that salvation.

The majority of the people around the world are looking for peace. They do not want to be at war with anyone. Yet, the majority are not finding any peace. Nations are constantly at war with each other. Criminals are constantly prowling around to rob and harm others.

Along with the lack of peace between others being seen, there is also a purposeful lack of peace. Many people hold on to grudges of past hurts and refuse to forgive and let things go. There is a constant battle with individuals.

Even stronger than the lack of forgiveness of others, is the lack of forgiveness with God. They are seeking peace with God, not through Jesus, but through doing works for God. Working for God does not bring about any peace with God. There still needs to be forgiveness through faith in Jesus.

When a believer begins to believe in Jesus for forgiveness, there is a peace with God that comes over him. There is no longer a fear of judgment or condemnation. There is no longer a fear that one will not measure up to God’s standards. There is a peace at not having to be concerned about working enough for God to provide salvation.

Peace with God brings about the ability to have peace with others and self.

When you know that you are forgiven and saved by the work of Jesus, you know that you are in right standing with God and have His peace in your life. You will no longer strive to earn your salvation, because you know that you already have it.

This allows you to work for God even more. To work for God and honor Him with your life that He has given you, not to earn something you cannot earn. This peace will pass all understanding, because in reality you do not deserve it, it is a gift from God.

Have faith in God for your salvation and have peace.

I pray today that you will know the salvation Jesus provides; that you will have faith in Jesus; that you will know the forgiveness Jesus has given you; and that you will know peace with God in your life. 

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