Leviticus 3:6 An Offering Of Peace And Fellowship

If you offer an animal from the flock as a fellowship offering to the Lord, you are to offer a male or female without defect. Leviticus 3:6

During times of war, there is often one side that will offer something for peace to regain fellowship between the warring parties. These are often peace treaties to stop the war.

Once the war is stopped, often one will send some type of offering to the other in gratefulness for the accomplished peace. This occurs on national levels as well as with individuals between neighbors, friends and even family members.

God told the people that if they were to bring an animal for a fellowship or peace offering to Him, it was to be a male or female without defect.

While a person does not believe in Jesus and follow God, there is a war going on. At the moment he chooses to repent of his sins and believe in Jesus, there begins a fellowship or time of peace between him and God.

Although physical animal sacrifices have been done away with when Jesus died upon the cross, the believer can offer a sacrifice of fellowship to God. Being grateful for what Jesus did for him in bringing him into fellowship with God, he can offer himself as a peace offering to God.

The work that Jesus did on the cross has made the believer pure and holy without defect. Giving of his entire life, mind, body and soul, to the work of God is an offering of fellowship to the Father. It is found in spending time talking and listening to the Father, in doing the work that He has him do, in living as He commands, and in building His kingdom here on this earth.

This is the minimum fellowship offering that a believer can give to God for what He has done.

Jesus has brought about peace and fellowship between you and the Father. There is nothing greater than that fellowship that you could ever receive or desire. Let God know about your joy and gratefulness in what Jesus did by offering yourself as a fellowship offering up to Him.

Allow your sinful self to die on the altar and live to do His work. Break the fellowship with the world of sin and death and spend time in fellowship with God for eternity. Let God give you true life with Him.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will have full fellowship with God; that you will know the peace with God you have in Jesus; that you will offer your life as a fellowship offering up to God; and that you will allow Jesus to make you pure and holy as He is.

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