1 Chronicles 22:1 A Place For God To Stay

Then David said, “The house of the Lord God is to be here, and also the altar of burnt offering for Israel.” 1 Chronicles 22:1

Having a place to stay is important for every person. Most people have to search for a good place to live and then rent it. Some will get the opportunity to purchase the place, while a few will have the opportunity to build a new place.

To build a new place takes a lot of planning and decision making. One has to decide where to build it and how to have it built.

David wanted to have a temple built for God to dwell in and have the burnt offerings offered in. He chose the house of God to be built.

The world is always seeking a place to live, but very rarely is seeking a place for other people to live, unless it is for a profit. The dwelling places of people are always temporary and come with a lot of challenges.

One thing the world does not seek is where God can dwell and a place where offerings can be offered up to Him.

While it is important for believers to have a place to physically live, it is more important to make a place for God to live. Every believer is to be the temple of God and a living sacrifice. Their lives are to be a place where God can live and they offer their whole lives up to be a sacrifice unto God for what Jesus has done for them.

Jesus provided forgiveness and cleansing from sin for every believer, giving them the opportunity to be the temple of God. Now the believer can live the holy life Jesus provided and make his life a place for God to dwell in for the whole world to see.

Although you may go to some church, the place where God really dwells is inside you, if you are a believer in Jesus. Live your life for God in such a way that God is pleased to make your heart a place to dwell. Offer your whole life up to God as a living and pleasing sacrifice to God.

Do not allow your life to be filled with the world and sin that will evict God from your life. Be the purified and holy temple of God that Jesus died on the cross for you to be.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will be the holy temple of God to dwell in; that you will live a holy life that Jesus has provided for you; that your life will be a sacrifice of love to God; and that the world will see that God dwells in you.

Leviticus 17:7 Stop Giving To False Idols

They must no longer offer any of their sacrifices to the goat idols to who they prostitute themselves. This is to be a lasting ordinance for them and for the generations to come. Leviticus 17:7

People poor billions of dollars worldwide every year into things that they put over everything else. This can be homes, cars, investments, businesses, hobbies, or nearly anything else.

As they put their money into these things, often other things are left untouched or not taken care of. These things become their idols or gods and their whole identity and focus in life, rather than just things being used.

God told the Israelites that they must no longer offer sacrifices to the goat idols.

Every person prior to following God will follow some idol god in their life. They will make something a priority over everyone and everything else and at any cost. Most often the focus of these idols are about self pleasure or to look a certain way.

At the moment a person chooses to believe in and follow Jesus, he is to no longer sacrifice to false idols in his life. All that he sacrifices now belongs to God. His focus in life is God, building His kingdom and becoming more like Jesus.

God will allow the believer to have things, but they should never take priority over God and His kingdom. No longer is the believer to put his trust in things or people, but to trust in God alone for everything.

To put his focus on anything else is to prostitute himself to false idols against God. This is taking God off the throne and putting self and things on it.

As one gives up everything for God, He will in return give him abundantly all that he needs.

Prior to your being a believer, you most likely sacrificed to some false idols. Take a look at your life now and see if you have any false idols still hanging around. Stop giving to those idols and give to God. Those idols will bring nothing but dissatisfaction and death. Do not prostitute yourself to the things of this fallen world.

Jesus gave everything He had, including His life, so that you may have life. Be willing to sacrifice all that you have and yourself to God and He will give you an abundant life with all that you need.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will only sacrifice to God; that you will serve God alone; that you will give your whole life to God and His mission for you; and that you will see God’s provision in your life.

Leviticus 3:6 An Offering Of Peace And Fellowship

If you offer an animal from the flock as a fellowship offering to the Lord, you are to offer a male or female without defect. Leviticus 3:6

During times of war, there is often one side that will offer something for peace to regain fellowship between the warring parties. These are often peace treaties to stop the war.

Once the war is stopped, often one will send some type of offering to the other in gratefulness for the accomplished peace. This occurs on national levels as well as with individuals between neighbors, friends and even family members.

God told the people that if they were to bring an animal for a fellowship or peace offering to Him, it was to be a male or female without defect.

While a person does not believe in Jesus and follow God, there is a war going on. At the moment he chooses to repent of his sins and believe in Jesus, there begins a fellowship or time of peace between him and God.

Although physical animal sacrifices have been done away with when Jesus died upon the cross, the believer can offer a sacrifice of fellowship to God. Being grateful for what Jesus did for him in bringing him into fellowship with God, he can offer himself as a peace offering to God.

The work that Jesus did on the cross has made the believer pure and holy without defect. Giving of his entire life, mind, body and soul, to the work of God is an offering of fellowship to the Father. It is found in spending time talking and listening to the Father, in doing the work that He has him do, in living as He commands, and in building His kingdom here on this earth.

This is the minimum fellowship offering that a believer can give to God for what He has done.

Jesus has brought about peace and fellowship between you and the Father. There is nothing greater than that fellowship that you could ever receive or desire. Let God know about your joy and gratefulness in what Jesus did by offering yourself as a fellowship offering up to Him.

Allow your sinful self to die on the altar and live to do His work. Break the fellowship with the world of sin and death and spend time in fellowship with God for eternity. Let God give you true life with Him.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will have full fellowship with God; that you will know the peace with God you have in Jesus; that you will offer your life as a fellowship offering up to God; and that you will allow Jesus to make you pure and holy as He is.