August 4, 2021 Promise Of God

John 6:58 What Are You Feeding On?

This is the bread that came down from heaven. Your ancestors ate manna and died, but whoever feeds on this bread will live forever. John 5:58

Food is one thing that people love. There are thousands of different types of food to eat all from all around the world to satisfy the different appetites that people have.

With having so many different types of food, there are also many different diets to follow. These diets are to help people control their health by controlling what they choose to eat. Alongside the health issues, is the pleasure factor in determining what to eat.

Jesus had just described Himself as the bread of life. Then He tells the people that whoever eats of Him will live forever.

Physical food has its value. It gives the body the nutrition that is needed in order for one to grow and live upon this earth.

Although many people practically live to eat, this food is only of temporary value and pleasure. It gives a temporary pleasure and satisfaction for a short time. Within a few hours one will need to eat again. And no matter how much one eats or how healthy he eats, he will physically die some day.

Jesus provides food that does not fade away or stop satisfying. He is the bread of life. Jesus is the One that can give eternal life.

Eating the bread of heaven is choosing to believe in what Jesus says. It is making His words a part of one’s life, not just hearing them or ignoring them.

Believing and eating on Jesus gives a person perfect satisfaction and eternal life. In the same way, refusing to eat of Jesus, just like not eating physical food, will only bring about dissatisfaction and death, only eternal, not temporary.

Every day you choose to eat different foods to feed your physical body. This is done for both personal pleasure and health.

Just as you eat those physical foods, make sure you are taking time to eat upon Jesus, make the words He says a part of your life. Each time you eat of the words of Jesus, you will have greater satisfaction in life during troubling times. You will know what God desires of you and you will know the abundant life He has for you.

Do not be like many and become sick because you have rejected feeding upon Jesus.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Savior; that you will feed upon the words of Jesus everyday; that you will apply God’s words to your life; that you will know the abundant life God has for you; and that you will know the satisfaction you can have in Jesus.

Marriage Vows: I Do

I do

One of the things that people look forward to in going to a wedding ceremony is waiting for the marriage vows to be said. When the vows are said, it completes the marriage ceremony and the couple are then married. It becomes official.

Although there is nothing in the bible about having to say a marriage vow when one gets married, there is nothing against the bible in saying a vow. All a vow is, is making a promise. It is promising that you will do or not do something. It is committing oneself to something or someone.

In a wedding ceremony the common traditional marriage vow goes somewhat like this:

“I, ___, take thee, ___, to be my wedded husband/wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part, according to God’s holy ordinance; and thereto I pledge thee my faith [or] pledge myself to you.”

Some have changed the wording some, but this is the basic standard of a traditional wedding vow or promise.

Autum twigs

When you look at this vow, you will see that it covers everything possible in a marriage–better/worse, richer/poorer, sickness/health. Every marriage will go through every one of these at some point or another. It is human nature to do better or worse, be richer or poorer, and have times of sickness or good health.

Every person who goes into a marriage must realize that these things will occur. There will be times of great joy and happiness, when everything is going perfectly. There will also be times of struggle and pain. Neither one should stop a marriage.

All of these things are done because of love. The next part of the vow is to love and cherish the spouse.

Love comes from God. Remember God is love. God loves you with a perfect, undying love. That love is a love that loves you no matter what, better/worse, richer/poorer, sickness/health. There will be times of better, worse, richer, poorer, sickness and health as you walk this life on this earth. God’s love for you remains the same. He keeps His promise to love you for all eternity.

Heart padlock

The same love God has for you is to be brought into a marriage. There will be times that will be better and there will be times that will be worse. There will be times that will be richer and times that will be poorer. There will be health as well as sickness. None of these things should change a marriage and the vows to each other.

As you are going through life married and begin to face some tough times, the worse times, look back to your vow at the beginning. Think about why you were willing to say ‘I do’ to those vows. Hold on to that reason. Keep loving and cherishing your spouse, regardless of what your spouse says or does.

It will not always be easy, but then life is not easy either. Walking with God is not always easy. There are always tough choices to make. There are always difficult times to walk through when walking with God. It is a walk of faith.

Older couple walking

Your marriage is a walk of faith with God. You are trusting that your spouse will be faithful and continue to love you, just as God has faith that you will be faithful and love Him as He loves you.

When you said ‘I do’ you made a promise. Now work at keeping that promise and don’t give up.

Thank you for continuing with me on this journey at looking at marriage. Next week I will look at the husband and his responsibility in a marriage. Have a blessed marriage in our Lord Jesus Christ! See you next week as we continue this journey.