Jonah 4:4 Is It Right For You To Be Angry?

Angry baby

But the Lord replied, “Is it right for you to be angry?” Jonah 4:4 

Anger is something that is seen everywhere a person goes. No matter where one goes, there appears to be someone angry about something. While most of the time it is silent angry, with just a look on the face and no real action, there is still anger.

People are angry about how slow someone is driving, or how long the checkout line is, the sudden change in weather, what is being said in the news, or some other reason. Most often anger is because someone is not getting their way in some situation.

Once Jonah had preached to the people of Nineveh, the people had repented and God had relented on destroying the city. As this occurred Jonah was very angry with God. God asked Jonah if it was right for Jonah to be angry.

As said, most people get angry about something because it did not go their way. They wanted or expected things to go a certain way and they did not, so they get upset and angry.

It is common for people, including believers, to get angry with God, because God did not act or do something they way that they had desired and prayed for. They had in their mind the way it should be handled and God did it differently.

There have been many people who have walked away from God and quit serving Him because He did not do something the way they desired. The reasons can be many, such as someone was not healed, someone died, a provision was not made in a certain way, or some other reason.

For the believer to be angry with God is to be selfish and refusing to believe God is in control. When things do not go a certain way or as expected, the believer must trust God knows what is going on and is still in control, rather than get angry. See the situation through God’s eyes.

In your life there will be times when God will not act in just the way you think He should. Do not get angry with God. Ask God to reveal to you why His way is the better way. See the situation through His eyes of perfect love and perfection.

God sees the bigger picture and His goal is one of eternity, not just the temporary. Trust God, rather than get angry, which can lead to sin.

I pray today that you will trust God is in control; that you will trust God knows what is best for every situation; that you will know God’s great love; and that you will not get angry with God’s choices in your life. 

Psalm 112:7 No Fear

Man sitting on cliff edge

They will have no fear of bad news: their hearts are steadfast, trusting in the Lord. Psalm 112:7 

Hearing bad news about someone or something else is what sells in the news broadcasting business. People want to hear about the negative things going on around the world. Only on rare occasions does good news make the headline news.

In the personal lives of most, people do not want to hear any bad news. They do not want to hear from their doctor that he has bad news for them. Very few people want to get a phone call containing bad news.

In both types of bad news people often get fearful. They are afraid of what might happen or will happen. Hearing the news makes people fear going places or other people. Hearing bad news personally makes one fear that things will change.

The psalmist points out that those who are righteous have no fear of any bad news. The simple reason is that they trust in God.

While living in this life, there will come days when every person will hear some bad news. There will be trouble and challenges in this life. However, the believer knows that God is in control and loves him.

If God is in control and loves a person, there is no reason to be afraid. Fear does not need to come about because one knows that God will not allow anything to happen that is not within His will.

Love will cast out all fear, strengthening a person. Love trusts that God will either remove the what is bad, protect the person or help the person walk through the bad situation.

The believer knows that he is secure in Jesus Christ, that there is nothing that the world can do to stop the salvation He provides. With that there is no fear.

As you go through your days, you will hear or see bad news. Some of it will be impersonal, while other news will be very personal. When you hear the bad news, focus your eyes and thoughts on God, rather than the bad news.

Know what Jesus has done for you and what He will continue to do for you. Know the tremendous love God has for you. Then allow God to remove all fear that may arise in your heart.

Trust that God knows what He is doing and what is best for you. Stand strong and true in Christ Jesus with no fear.

I pray today that you will know God’s love for you; that God will fill you with His presence; that God will remove all fear in your life; and that you will know God is in control of everything. 

Psalm 20:6 God Gives Victory

Gaining victory

Now this I know: The Lord gives victory to his anointed. He answers him from his heavenly sanctuary with the victorious power of his right hand. Psalm 20:6 

Everyone wants to have victory in everything that they do or tackle. They want to win in the end. Although everyone wants to win, the majority do not feel as if they are winning. Watching other people causes them to often think that they are losing the battle.

As things go wrong and do not go the way a person thinks they should go, most people think they have lost the victory and are a failure. At this point many will give up and not try any more. This is losing the battle and is failure.

David learned that God gives victory to those who are anointed. God always answers and gives the needed victorious power to overcome.

It is common for believers to struggle with the thought that they have been given victory. They see things happening in their life that does not appear to be victory but defeat. God does not appear to answer their cries for help.

Some will say that this is only about Jesus and not about them. They forget that as a believer they are anointed by God. They are anointed with His Holy Spirit, so they can have victory.

Yet, if they stay focused on trusting God and His direction in their lives, they will begin to see that there is victory all the time. Walking through a difficult situation with joy and head held high is victory. Walking through a difficult situation knowing that God is in control of it is victory. Turning away from any sinful temptation is a victory. Being a witness is a victory.

Faith in God will ultimately result in the perfect victory of eternal life in heaven with God.

God has given you victory. He has won the war for you. All you need to do is trust Him and follow Him daily. Know that God is in control and wants you to win every time.

Ask God to open your eyes to the daily victories in your life, the little steps that move you forward in your journey with God. Do not be discouraged when things don’t go your way or the way you think they should go, God is in control and is doing the best for you. You have victory in Jesus!

I pray today that you will know God is in control; that you will have faith in God; that God will reveal to you His victory in your life; that you will know the strength God has for you; and that you will walk in the victory of Jesus.

Joseph: Faith-God Is In Control

Handcuffed hands

So then, it was not you who sent me here, but God. He made me father to Pharaoh, lord of his entire household and ruler of Egypt. Genesis 45:8 

The next person of faith that I want to look at is Joseph. It is not common to think of him as a person of faith, but he was. I will quickly retell his story leading up to why he is a man of faith and how his faith looks.

Joseph grew up as the youngest for many years in a large family of twelve plus children. Not only was he the youngest, but he was much younger than the rest of his brothers. He was different in that God had given him visions, even at a young age.

Some of the visions he had been given had made his brothers angry with him. They realized that the visions meant that at some point in the future they would bow down to him. In their anger they were about to kill him, but was stopped by one of the brothers. Instead they sold Joseph into slavery.

Abu Simbel temple

Despite being in slavery, God was with him and gave him great favor. He had started out being the head of the house of Potiphar, one of Pharaoh’s officials and captain of the guard. This was a very high and honored position to have. Potiphar trusted him completely.

However, Potiphar’s wife tried to get Joseph sexually. Joseph refused and she had him falsely accused and thrown into prison.

Even while in prison, God was still with Joseph and continued to give him favor. He was made the head of all the prisoners because of his faithfulness. Yet, he was still a prisoner, locked up in prison for a false accusation against him.

While in prison, two prisoners had a vision and were unable to understand what the vision was about. God gave Joseph favor and gave him the meaning of the visions. Both of the visions became true.

Human eye

Later, Pharaoh had some visions and no one could interpret them. One of the released prisoners then remembered Joseph interpreting his dream and mentioned him to Pharaoh. He brought Joseph out of the prison to get the interpretation. Again, God gave Joseph favor and he was able to interpret the dream for Pharaoh.

Pharaoh then honored Joseph and made him second, only to him over all of Egypt. Joseph was the person who would save Egypt and much of the world during a very long famine in the land. It was Egypt that would provide food needed by people from many nations.

Some time later, his brothers came to Egypt looking to get some food. Immediately Joseph recognized his brothers, but did not reveal the fact until later, because they did not recognize him. They thought he was either dead or in slavery yet.

When Joseph did reveal himself, he told them not to worry about what they had done wrong to him, but that it was all God’s doing. God had put him into slavery in order to get him to Egypt, in order to have him in position to save Egypt and the world from a famine.

Egypt pyramids

This is where his faith comes in.

It is commonly thought that when a person becomes a Christian believer in Jesus that everything will go alright, that there will be no problems. It sounds nice. Think about it God is with you, He will protect you, and He will meet all of your needs. Why should anyone think anything different?

Yet, this is not the truth. Yes, God is with you, is protecting you and is meeting all of your needs, but the process may be through tough times. God is also going to use you to meet the needs of others. In order for that to happen, you may have to be moved or have to go through something to get you in the right position to be able to meet those needs.

Being moved into a downward position does not always make sense. Why would God move someone down, when He said He would lift a person up? God gave Joseph a vision that he would rule over his brothers. Why would God make him a slave then?

Puzzle pieces

God sees the bigger picture. He is standing above all watching what is happening and is able to know where each person needs to be to fulfill His work. We, as people at the bottom of the picture, or in the picture, cannot see the full picture. We cannot always understand what God is doing or why He is doing it. We cannot always understand why God is allowing certain things to happen in our lives.

This is where faith comes in. Remember, faith is being certain of what you cannot see. Joseph could not fully see what God was doing, but He had faith that God was in control. Instead of blaming his brothers, he was able to see that it was God’s hand that moved him to where he was in the way that it occurred.

God may have placed a vision or a dream in your heart as to what He wants from you. As you strive to achieve that dream, you may have to go down a different path that appears to move you further away from it. You may have to go through some difficult times to achieve that vision.

During those difficult times, do not give up on God. Do not lose faith in God. Have faith in God, knowing that He is still in control and knows what He is doing.

Burning car

Do not allow yourself to become bitter because of the circumstances you may be going through or have already been through. Everything that you go through is meant to build you up in Jesus–to make you more like Jesus. It can expose areas that need to be worked on, areas that need to be strengthened, areas that need to be removed and cleaned up, and areas that can be honored and broadcast.

Every believer has some area to improve on to become more like Jesus. No one is perfectly like Him, so there is room to grow. Trust that God is in control and is working towards that goal–that is faith in God.

Looking up

Seek God to understand why you are going through tough times or had gone through tough times. Find out how you can use those tough times for His glory and His kingdom.

This is faith. You cannot fully see the whole picture, but can know that God does. God is working all things out for your good. Have faith that this is true and will always be true.


1 Corinthians 6:7 Being Wronged And Not Fight Back


Being Wronged

The very fact that you have lawsuits among you means you have been completely defeated already. Why not rather be wronged? Why not rather be cheated? 1 Corinthians 6:7

Paul talks about how the Corinthian church was taking people to court. They would place a lawsuit against another person because of something that person had done wrong. He calls them completely defeated because of these lawsuits.

In America, lawsuits against a person or company is a very common thing to happen. Something does not go just perfectly right and a person is ready to file a lawsuit.

A doctor does not do something correctly or makes a mistake and there is a lawsuit made up. A person in a restaurant or some other business treats someone wrong and there is a lawsuit. The floor is wet in a business and some one slips and gets hurt, and there is a lawsuit. Workplaces see lawsuits all the time for treatment of the workers. And the list of lawsuits is endless.

In this mix of lawsuits are many believers. Paul said a believer must take the wrong and move on.

Look at the life of Jesus. How many times did people do Him wrong? And yet, He did not fight back or create a lawsuit against them. He knew who was in control and let His Father deal with the person correctly.

Every believer must know who is control. It is God who is in control. If God is the one in control, then it is probable that He allowed the situation to occur to build you up in a certain way, or to allow the believer to be a witness to someone.

When a believer shows love to a person who has done him wrong, it will speak volumes. If a believer does not fight back when wronged, it will show God’s love.

There is going to be times when someone does something wrong to you. Even though the government and the world says you have a right to fight back, that is the time to turn the other cheek and let God deal with that person in His own way and time.

Instead of drawing up a lawsuit, seek to show that person love and forgiveness Be a witness of who Jesus is and was. Trust that God is the one who is in absolute control and not fight back.

I pray today that you will know God’s love for all people; that you will trust God’s path for your life; that you will not fight back against those who have done wrong to you; and that God will give you strength to love your enemies.