Psalm 56:3 What To Do When Afraid

Whenever I am afraid, I will trust in You. Psalm 56:3

Fear is something that every person has at some point. It is being scared of what dangerous or bad thing that could occur but is unknown if it will for sure or not and being unable to stop it. There is an infinite list of things that people are afraid of. Some can legitimately harm someone, while many things cannot or most likely will not harm a person at all in any way. Having a fear will often paralyze a person and keep them from moving forward in life.

As the Philistines had captured David, he writes that whenever he is afraid, he will trust in God.

No one wants to be harmed in anyway, whether physically, emotionally or socially, so fear rises up in their minds. During times of being afraid, a person’s heart rate may go up, one starts to tremble, the mind begins racing at the possibilities and often causes a person to run the opposite direction.

Running away, shutting down or turning to some drugs are the most common ways to deal with fear. Each person deals with fear in a different way.

Believers are to not fear. Throughout the Bible, God is constantly telling the believer to not be afraid. Instead of being afraid of a possible dangerous situation, the believer is to trust in God.

It is God who has created everything and sustains everything. It is God, and God alone, who is in absolute complete control of every situation. In this position, God is also perfect love and knows what is best for each and every person. His goal is for every person to be saved and spend eternity with Him in heaven.

Knowing this, the believer can trust that God is in control and in the end will win eternal life, no matter what bad things may or may not happen. No fear is needed with this trust in God.

Ask yourself what things you are afraid of. Then ask yourself why you are afraid of those things. Fear will try to rise up in your heart and mind at times. When it does, put your trust in God. Believe that He knows what is best for you and will take care of you, bringing you, ultimately, into eternity with Him. Trust God when you are afraid and He will give you His peace.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will know God loves you; that you will know God is in full control; that you will trust God in all things; and that you will not be afraid as you trust God.

Picture by Chad Madden on Unsplash


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