Joshua 21:45 No Failed Promises

Rainbow over water

Not one of all the LORD’s good promises to Israel failed; every one was fulfilled. Joshua 21:45 

Every day millions of promises are made by people all over the world. These promises show up everywhere in life. Some are formal promises, written down in very long legal documents, promising to pay or do something. While many others are informal promises.

The informal promises show up as just a person promising to do something for someone else. It is common to see these promises made by family parents.

At the same time, millions of promises are broken every day. Payments are not made, busyness keeps people from doing things they promised, and life throws a curve ball to ‘excuse’ the person from the promise. Wedding vows to stayed married forever, regardless of what happens are broken daily.

Along with promises to people, there are many promises to God. People promise to follow Him, if He does something, yet they do not. They promise to give up a sin, but turn back with in moments.

Since people are very quick to break promises, many do not believe God’s promises to them. Yet, God is faithful. As the Israelites were settling into the new land, they could say that God had not failed in fulfilling any of His promises to them. Every promise was fulfilled and on time.

God has still not changed. Every promise He makes is or will be fulfilled. Believers can count on His promises. Knowing God’s promises will always be fulfilled can give hope to the believer in any situation he finds himself in. This can remove all fear or doubt in his mind and bring about a supernatural peace.

There is no longer any reason to fear or worry about anything. God has promised to take care of those who are His.

As a believer, you may also trust God’s promises to you. Read through the Bible and see the hundreds of promises God has made. Also take note of how all of them were fulfilled.

God is not like people, in which He will break His promise to you. You no longer have to have any worry or fear in your life. Trust God with everything, and He will be faithful in His word and take care of you, regardless of how things look.

God is in control and is perfect love. He will never break His word to you.

I pray today that you will know the fulfilled promises of God; that you will know you can trust God’s promises to you; that you will see God’s promises being fulfilled in your life; and that you will trust God’s word for you.


Joshua 1:9 No Fear Or Discouragement

No Fear

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go. Joshua 1:9

Facing the unknown or large enemies can be very intimidating for most people. Looking into the darkness of the unknown often brings on fear, because a person does not really know what is ahead. Most people will freeze up and not want to move forward. It is unknown, unfamiliar territory.

Very few people want to face an enemy. The larger and more established the enemy is, the more fear people can have. People do not want to be killed or cut down by the enemy.

Along with the fear, can come discouragement. It can be discouraging to face one enemy after another. It may feel or appear as though the end of the enemies will never come, there will never be any success.

As Joshua began to take over as leader of the Israelites after Moses died, God came to him and told him not to be afraid or discouraged. God would be with Joshua wherever he would go.

Although today most people are not going into physical battles against an enemy to take over some land, there are battles in every believers heart that they must go through. Looking forward in the direction God wants a person to go will often appear dark and unknown. God can lead a person to step out into a new ministry in the enemy’s territory to take back what has been stolen.

It can also be discouraging for a person to go through battle after battle in his walk with God. These can be battles to overcome sin, or to fight for what is God’s. Yet, the person does not need to be fearful or discouraged. God is with him.

As a believer, God is also with you. No matter what they battle you are facing or are led in, Jesus is right there with you. Jesus overcame death, so there is nothing that you can face that He cannot help you overcome.

The battles you will go through will not always be easy or fun, but with God, you will win. Do not give up in discouragement or fear for in the end you will gain eternal life. The world cannot take what it did not give you.

Go forward with God and do not fear or be discouraged…God is with you!

I pray today that you will know God’s presence in your life; that you will allow God to remove all fear; that you will trust God to keep you; and that you will have God’s strength and courage in your life. 

Matthew 18:3 Become Like A Child

matthew 18-3

And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 18:3

The disciples asked who would be the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. Jesus answered that everyone must become like a little child or else they will not get into heaven. The person who is like a little child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.

When a people talk about who would be the greatest or best person in an adult organization, the last person they would think of would be a child. The only time people think that a child is great is if it is their own child, or if the child plays and instrument, sings, or acts and is great.

Children are often seen as naïve and trouble causing. They are often in the way and ask too many questions. The smaller children require lots of help, getting them dressed, fed, washed, and much more.

Yet, Jesus says that people must become like little children. So then what is a little child like?

Little children have complete reliance upon their parents. They trust their parents to provide food, clothing, bedding, and shelter. They trust it with no fear at all. Until a parent or someone else fails in one of those areas, a child has no fear.

Children will also trust the father who lifts them up and tosses them into the air, trusting that the father will catch them. Or trusts the father who holds their hands and swings them around in a circle, trusting that the father will not drop them.

Most adults have lost that fearlessness and trust.

Believers need to be in the same mindset. They need to have no fear with God. In your life God will do things that without the trust will cause fear. God will ask you to step out into the unknown and trust Him, just like the father tossing the child into the air. God will catch you and guide your steps correctly.

God has never made a mistake or dropped anyone, and He will not start with you. Let go of your fears. Grab onto that child-like faith that just knows that God can and will do what He says He can and will do. See what God can and will do in your life when you trust Him.

I pray today that you will have the faith of a child in God; that you will know you can trust God; that God will help you remove all fear in your life; and that you will allow God to do great things in your life.

Be Ready, Without Fear

hurricane harvey

Over the last few weeks weather has played havoc on the lives of many people in the United States and several island countries nearby. Two major hurricanes, Harvey and Irma, have hit the coasts and created a lot of damage.

damages harvey

The first hurricane, Harvey, hit land only a few hours from where I live in Texas. Houston, itself, is only about 1 1/2 hours from my place. I had many friends who live in some of the coastal cities and the Houston area that were hit very hard. Several completely lost their homes, others had their homes completely flooded out. It was a very bad storm.

flooded homes

During the last 2-3 days before the hurricane hit, people started running to the stores to purchase food and water. In the days before, till several days after the hurricane, many of the shelves in the store were bare. As fast as the stocker could pull water off a cart and put it on the shelves, the water was snatched up and purchased by someone.

bare shelves

Along with the shelves becoming bare of food and water, there was a run on gas. People quickly ran to the gas station to fill up. This occurred even more, once they heard that the oil refineries were broke down. There was a great fear of a shortage of gas. Gas and food prices started to rise in the fear.

Even now, after a week of Harvey being gone, there are gas stations that shut down nightly because they are out of fuel. People are still lining up at the stations to get gas. Talk is everywhere about the fear of the shortage of gas and prices going higher all the time.

I will not try to spiritualize the hurricane and say that God is judging America. He did not tell me that, so I will not say that either. It may or may not be true. God does use natural disasters to punish a nation. And there is sin in this world, so there are also natural disasters that will take a toll on human life.

What I do want to talk about is being ready without fear. Panic had risen in the hearts and minds of many people. This had caused the people to run to the stores and buy as much as they could, as fast as they could. This was all done out of fear and lack of preparation.

Many people live their Christian lives in the same way. They react to situations in their lives out of fear and lack of preparation.

Some negative situation happens in the life of a person and immediately he runs to God, crying out in fear and desperation for help. He then opens the Bible and scours it for verses of hope dealing with his situation. Prior to this situation, he never prayed, except at an occasional meal, or at church when the pastor asks everyone to bow their heads and pray, and he never opened the Bible, unless the pastor asked him to directly. The Bible sat on a shelf, collecting dust all week, until Sunday.

dusty bible

This is not a picture of someone who is ready. It is not a picture of someone who is prepared for whatever may come his way. It is only one of fear and desperation, just like those running to the stores to get food or gas during and after the hurricane.

2 Timothy 4:2 New International Version (NIV)

Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage—with great patience and careful instruction.

Paul had told Timothy to preach the word and be prepared at all times. Although Paul was talking about directly preaching to people the gospel message, it can be seen in preaching the Word of God to situations in your life.

As a believer you must study and know God’s word in your heart and mind at all times.

Psalm 119:11 New International Version (NIV)

11 I have hidden your word in my heart
    that I might not sin against you.

Hiding God’s word in your heart and knowing it all times will keep you from sin. Running in fear is not trusting God. Not trusting God is a sin.

Time in Gods Word

The only way you can know God’s word and have it hidden in your heart is if you spend time in His word. The only way you can know God’s will for your life is if you spend time talking with God about it. And if you talk to God about it, you must listen to what He has to say.

God is a God of peace, not fear and panic. He is always in control of every situation in your life. Whether the situation is of hurricane size, or a bump in the road, God is still there with you. Know this before you hit that situation and you will have His peace and comfort in the storm. Spend time with God and His word, before life gets rough with a bad storm.

Do not place yourself in a position of running in fear to God’s word, drastically searching for some help. Know it before the time of need comes. Then you will be able to confidently go before God with your needs, knowing that He is there and in control. You will be ready for anything and not have any fear.


Today as you think about this, please be praying for those affected by the hurricanes in Texas, Florida and any other states or countries in their path. Pray for their peace, protection, and restoration.

Psalm 91:5 No Fear

You will not fear the terror of night, nor the arrow that flies by day, Psalm 91:5

Fear is something that is prevalent in society today. People fear many different things, from spiders heights, to being robbed, to cancer and death. This feeling comes from the unknown, not knowing what is coming next.

The media plays upon people’s fears. Look at all the horror movies that bring out a fear factor in the mind’s of people. Something is seen on the big screen, and then it is believed that it could actually happen in real life.

Many fears begin in the night with nightmares. During the night it is dark. A person cannot see very far in the dark, making what is ahead unseen and unknown. This causes people to fear.

The other fears are what people can do during the day. People fear the attacks of other people. These attacks can be physical or emotional attacks. Fear of what people say or might say is common among many people. The words can strike fear into the heart like an arrow shooting from a bow as it hits the target.

Believers are people who are trusting in God. The author of this psalm says that the believer in God does not need to fear anything in the night or during the day.

You must put all of your trust in God. God is the only one who can see the future since He is already there. Nothing in this world can happen without God’s approval. Everything that happens in your life has to go through the approval of God, regardless of whether it is something good or bad.

Never ever forget that God works all things for your benefit. This is means all the good things that happen, as well as all the bad things that may happen. All of them God will work out for your good, if you allow Him too.

As you keep this in mind, you will no longer have to fear anything day or night. God is on your side and will bring you through the valley of the shadow of death to keep you alive for Him. In the end you will step into heaven to live forever with Him.

What do  you fear today? Give it to God and do not fear any longer.

I pray today that you will know the peace God gives; that you will trust God with all of your life; that God will remove all fear from your heart; and that you will know God’s protection in your life.

Joshua 10:25 Your Enemies Will Be Defeated

Joshua said to them, “Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. Be strong and courageous. This is what the LORD will do to all the enemies you are going to fight.” Joshua 10:25

Five Amorite kings got together to fight the Gibeonites because they made a treaty with the Israelites. Joshua took his army to help the Gibeonites fight the Amorites. In the end he captures the five kings and has them killed. He then tells the people to not be afraid or discouraged because this is what God will do to all of their enemies they have to fight.

At the time of this event, Israel was working at taking over the land of Canaan. They had many physical enemies and had to physically fight every one of them. Although today countries will have physical enemies to fight at times, individual people usually do not have physical people to physically fight. However, individuals do have enemies to fight.

Many believers like to believe that they will not have to do any fighting at all. They are peaceful and want to just talk it out. This is acceptable for when dealing with a physical person that is being an enemy.

However, the largest enemies you will ever face are ones that are not physical. Paul said our battles are not against flesh and blood, but against spiritual rulers in this dark world and heavenly places.

Your major battles are against spiritual darkness. This is the temptation to sin, the spirit against God in the workplace or home or community, and the spirits of false teaching.

These battles will be hard and sometimes long, but must be fought against. The devil will not agree to just discuss the situation and he will back down. He wants you to compromise your stand with God…to agree with him.

You must stand your ground against the devil and his lies and fight him. Do not allow the devil to get a foothold in your life.

You must be strong and courageous in this battle. It is not just a battle for some land that is temporary, but for your life, which is eternal.

Do not be afraid to fight and see what God can and will do to your enemies. If you resist the devil, he will flee. God will beat him back down.

I pray today that you will be willing to fight the enemy; that you will trust God to defeat your enemies; that you will have courage; that you will have God’s strength; and that God will defeat your enemies.