Uncancelled (book review)

Title: Uncancelled
Author: Phil Robertson
Publisher: Nelson Books
Date: 2022

Uncancelled (book review)

Phil Robertson, famous for the tv show Duck Dynasty, writes a book about finding meaning and peace in a today’s culture of accusations and condemnation. In today’s society there are many groups trying to cancel one another out through accusations both true and false.

He begins by telling his story of how his show was cancelled because of views that he held to that were ‘politically incorrect’ to the powers that are in the media world. Instead of being angry, Phil remembers that this world is not all that there is, and that God is in control.

Phil quickly states that the world is not alone in cancelling people and organizations out, but that the church does the same on a regular basis. Instead of cancelling people out, Phil states that people need to have Jesus in their life.

Throughout the book, he goes back to the basics of belief in Jesus as the most important thing in life. Once that is established, nothing else matters.

This book is an easy, short read that will point a person to Jesus and how to react to being cancelled by the world or being pressured to cancel someone else. Many scripture verses are used to backup what he is saying. It will also challenge your belief in and walk with God in this world.

I highly recommend reading it and allowing God’s Holy Spirit to guide you in how to act and react to the cancel culture that is pervading America and many other nations around the world.


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