Numbers 28:3 A Daily Sacrifice To God

Say to them: This is the food offering you are to present to the Lord: two lambs a year old without defect, as a regular burnt offering each day. Numbers 28:3

When people desire to have something, they will often be very willing to sacrifice something else to get it. The desire may be for some object, a position, a title or nearly anything else. The sacrifice offered may be time, money, friendship, food, or nearly anything else.

How much a person is willing to offer as a sacrifice depends upon how much the person really wants that item.

God told the people that there had to be a burnt food offering of two lambs without defect offered each day as a sacrifice.

Food is something that every person needs every day to survive. Some need a lot of food, while others not as much, but everyone needs food. Giving up food is difficult for most people because of the desire for it and the physical need for it.

Unlike the Israelites, believers no longer have to offer food sacrifices to God, because of Jesus being the one sacrifice for all. However, every believer still needs to make a sacrifice to God every day.

Instead of offering a food sacrifice, the believer must be willing to sacrifice himself to God on a daily basis. This sacrifice is offering to God his entire life, his thinking, actions, reactions, abilities, words…everything. He is to place himself upon the altar of sacrifice and allow his life to be burnt up, dying to self, sin and this world for God to use in His way.

Jesus has already taken away all the sin, making the believer a perfect sacrifice unto the Father. God can do great things in and through the one who offers his life as a sacrifice before Him each day.

As a believer the greatest thing you can give to God is yourself. Allow yourself to die daily on the altar before God.

Place God and His desires above your life, regardless of the cost. The reward of sacrificing your life to God is that God gives you back an abundant and eternal life that will far surpass anything this world can offer. Nothing this world can offer can match what God will give you.

Trust God with your entire life daily and see what God can and will do.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will trust God with your whole life; that you will sacrifice your will and desires to God each day; and that you will see God work in and through you great wonders.

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