When All Hell Breaks Loose (book review)

Title: When All Hell Breaks Loose
Author: Deborah Wittmier
Publisher: Xulon Press
Date: 2021
Pages: 149

When All Hell Breaks Loose (book review)

Every person has challenges or adversities in life that occur on and off on a regular basis. Most of the challenges are not very large and are easy to deal with. Sometimes, however, it feels as if all hell breaks loose in your life and everything that can go wrong does go wrong. Life is completely turned upside down and everything is helter-skelter. It may feel as if God has thrown you out and forgotten about you, leaving you to your torment and suffering.

This book is about when things like this occur in your life and how to move forward despite the setbacks. Deborah Wittmier, the author, had such a situation occur in her life. She is a minister and does a lot of missions work in Africa with her husband, Harvey.

In 2018, she noticed her vision was not very good for some unknown reason. After getting examined by a doctor, they found out that she had a brain tumor and they needed to do brain surgery to remove it.

In this book she discusses the fears and struggles that she had. She talks about her insecurities and feelings of no value, while wondering why God did not just miraculously heal her. As she does this, she allows you to apply it to any situation that is horrible in your own life.

The first section talks about how to face the adversity in your life. The next section talks about how to walk through it with the eyes of God. The final section looks at how to make room for victory.

At the end of each chapter, she asks a few questions to get you to thinking about how to apply what she talked about. She makes it very clear that this is not an easy road to travel, but at the same time God is with the person and makes a way. There are times she points out where she had the wrong thoughts or attitudes about what was occurring with each setback and trouble, yet God, in His mercy strengthened and guided her.

Although she did not get the complete victory as she would have loved to have, God did bring her through it with great health and no more brain tumor.

Harvey and Deborah Wittmier

I highly recommend this book if you have ever gone through some traumatic experience in your life, or if you have not, read it to be prepared in your mind and heart for any setbacks that will occur. It is a short book and easy to read, but will tug at your heart, even with small troubles or setbacks that you may be going through with day to day in your own life.

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