Revelation 15:3 Recognizing How Great God’s Deeds Are

and sang the song of God’s servant Moses and of the Lamb: “Great and marvelous are your deeds, Lord God Almighty. Just and true are your ways, King of the nations.” Revelation 15:3

People all over the world are often recognized for what they have done or not done good or bad. Those who have done great things are often praised and honored in many different ways. Those who have done negative things are often shunned and looked down upon.

The world often looks at some people as having done good, even when it is sinful and in the end bad.

John has a vision of people who have been saved being given a harp and they sing a song of praise to God. They sing of how great His deeds are and how just and true His ways are.

Looking at the works of God through the eyes of the world, one would often think that God is not a very good God. The world cannot understand the ways of God and how pure of love He has in every action He takes. People often just look at things with a short-term vision and see them as bad.

God’s perfect and holy love does not allow Him to do anything that is ultimately bad for anyone. Every action God takes is to build someone up in Jesus, to make him more like Jesus–pure and holy, without sin.

Although at times this can seem painful and horrible, it is for the best for each and every person. It is a great and marvelous deed of God’s. There is no lie or deceit in His actions, but only pure love to which every believer should be willing and joyful to give praise for.

Every believer has a song of praise for God for what He has done.

God is working everything in your life to build you up to be more like Jesus. He is not out to destroy you, but to make you pure and holy as He is.

Instead of looking at situations from a temporary viewpoint, look from an eternal view. Recognize and praise God for what He is doing in your life. Recognize how true and just God’s ways are.

Allow God to work in your life to make you the best you can be for Him. Then take time to praise God for all the great and marvelous deeds He is doing for you.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will recognize how great God is; that you will know how pure, holy and just God is; and that you will praise God for all that He has done and is doing in your life.

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