Colossians 3:3 Where Is Your Life Today?

For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God. Colossians 3:3

Some people love to live a life that is isolated from others. They choose to live deep in the woods or some other remote location to stay away from other people. Others will choose to have their home among people, but refuse to go out an be among them, staying isolated in their own home.

Most people, however, love to be among other people. In fact they want to blend in so well, that they will live as the others do in order to fit in.

Paul reminds the people that they had died, when the became believers, and are now living a life that is hidden in Christ.

Believers are to be set a part and different from the rest of the world. They are to live by a standard that the world cannot know or understand. This is to be done while physically living among the world and in this world.

At the point in time when a person chooses to follow Jesus, he is to die to his old self and sins. He is to become someone completely new and different. At this point, his life becomes hidden in Christ Jesus.

All of his thoughts and actions are to become those of Jesus, not his own or those of the world.

In the church there are some who have chosen to believe in Jesus, but have not chosen to die to the old self. They hold on to sin and keep on sinning on purpose, refusing to change.

Choosing not to sin and live in Christ has to be a conscious choice. It is one that a person must do daily, dying to self and sin. He has to choose to remain hidden in Christ, not this world.

When you chose to begin believing in Jesus, your life was to be changed. You are to no longer live as the world lives. You are to no longer blend in with the world, but to be separate and set a part.

Allow your old self to die to the world and sin and become hidden in Jesus. Allow God’s Holy Spirit to guide and control your every thought and action.

When people see you they should be able to see Jesus, because that is who you are hidden in. Is your life hidden in Jesus today?

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Savior; that God will help you to die to sin and this world; that you will live to please God above all; that you will be separate unto God from this world; and that the world will see Jesus in you.

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