August 2, 2020 Verse Of The Day

Psalm 119+11

Jeremiah 16:17 God Sees All

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My eyes are on all their ways; they are not hidden from me, nor is their sin concealed from my eyes. Jeremiah 16:17 

People like their privacy. Large privacy fences are set up to keep others from seeing in. Actions are done behind closed doors or in the dark. Extreme passwords are put in place to protect their privacy online. Many will not talk about what is actually occurring in their private lives to others.

Some of this is done for protection, much of it is being done out of desire to hide the truth of what is occurring. Most criminals do their work in the middle of the night, while it is dark, because they do not want to be seen.

God tells Jeremiah that He can see everything the people are doing, all their ways and actions. This is to include their sin is revealed to Him.

Knowing that God can see everything can be a comfort or a fear. It depends upon what the person knows God is seeing in his life. For the person who is living for God, it is a comfort because he knows God is seeing his work to build His kingdom. For the person who does not follow God fully with all of his heart, it is a fear, because he knows that God is also seeing His secret sins.

Many believers live their lives holding on to secret sins, refusing to give them up. This brings fear of God seeing their lives.

For the believer who wants to live for God, knowing that God sees all of his sins can also be a comfort. It shows that God loves them, even in spite of their sins. It also allows God to reveal sins and allow for repentance and change.

God wants you to be the best that you can be. He wants you to be like Jesus–perfect and holy. He is willing to look deeply into your heart and soul and seek out what is wrong and show you the way to make it right. God is ready to forgive all sin and strengthen you to turn away from sin.

Instead of running from God’s vision for you, run towards Him. Run into His arms of love and mercy and find the forgiveness and strength you need to live for Him. Do not fear that God can see all of you, but embrace it and grow in Him.

I pray today that you will know Jesus as your Savior; that you will not fear God seeing you; that you will live as Jesus lived; that you will allow God to change you; and that God will see you living for Him. 

Isaiah 59:1-2 Keeping God From Hearing You

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Surely the arm of the Lord is not too short to save, nor his ear too dull to hear. But your iniquities have separated you from your God; your sins have hidden his face from you, so that he will not hear. Isaiah 59:1-2 

When people talk, some will listen and some will not. Those who do not listen, don’t for various reasons. Sometimes they will not listen, because what is being said has nothing to do with them and they have no interest in the information. Others don’t listen because all they hear are lies coming from the person and don’t want to hear lies.

It is common for some people to be ignored because all that is being said is false. Their word cannot be trusted.

Isaiah points out that God is big enough to hear and save everyone. Yet, God is unable to save some because of their sin. Sin is hiding His face from them to keep Him from hearing the person.

Many believers will cry out to God for help or guidance and will hear nothing in return. God appears to be silent and refusing to answer and they wonder why.

As they are crying out to God, they are also living in willful sin. They continue to sin on purpose, with no mind to change. In doing so, they are trampling on what Jesus has done for them and rejecting God, even while claiming to follow Him.

Sin blocks people from God. He cannot be around sin. The first thing a believer must do is be willing to repent of the sin and change. Jesus offers that forgives and removal of all sin.

Once the sin is removed, God can begin to hear the believer’s prayers and calls. His ear is listening for the broken heart that is repenting of sin. Once that is heard, God can move forward.

You may have times when God appears to be silent with you. He does not want to answer you. One of the reasons this may be is for unforgiven sin in your life.

Examine your life and see if you are allowing sin to reign in some area of your life. Be willing to go to Jesus and seek forgiveness. He is willing and ready to forgive you of your sins and remove them. Once your life is clean again before God, He is able to hear your prayers.

I pray today that you will seek the forgiveness Jesus provides; that you will repent of all sins; that you will seek to live for God in every area of your life; and that God will be able to hear all of your prayers. 

Ecclesiastes 12:14 There Will Be A Judging

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For God will bring every deed into judgment, including every hidden thing, whether it is good or evil. Ecclesiastes 12:14 

Judgment is something that very few people like, unless they are the one doing the judging. It implies that one can do something right or wrong and it is someone else that makes the choice as to whether it is right or wrong.

No one likes to be told that he is wrong. He wants to be able to do, say, and think what he wants, when he wants and how he wants with no judging by anyone else. Judgment is usually seen as being told he is wrong.

As Solomon finishes out this book, he reminds the people to fear God, because He will judge every deed done, whether seen or unseen. The judgment is to determine if the action done is good or evil.

While the world hates to be judged, there are many believers who do like not like the concept of being judged, though they judge all the time. Judgment against others, believers and non-believers occurs all the time, though no one wants to get judged himself.

Many will claim that they are free in Christ Jesus and cannot be judged. While there is truth in the freedom in Christ, it is a freedom to follow Christ and a freedom to turn from sin. It is not a freedom to do what one wants with no consequences.

When Christ returns there will be two judgments. One is whether one follows Jesus or not. This brings life or death. The other is judgment for believers as to what they had done with following Jesus. The more they have done, the greater the reward in heaven they will get. The less they have done, the lesser the reward.

As a believer and follower of Jesus, you have an obligation to obey Him. God will judge how well you have chosen to obey Him. Claiming to follow Jesus is one thing, but obeying Him is completely different. It is the proof of what your words are saying.

Do not allow freedom or grace to allow you to live in sin or refuse to obey God’s every command. Out of love for God and for what Jesus did for you, obey Him. Live in a way that when God stands before you to judge what you have done, He will find that you have obeyed Him and lived as Jesus lived.

I pray today that you will know the salvation Jesus has for you; that you will obey God out of love for Him; that God will be able to judge you and find no wrong; and that God will be able to give you a great reward in heaven for your obedience to Him.