Mark 13:2 Every Thing Is Temporary

Magnificent Buildings.jpg

“Do you see all these great buildings?” replied Jesus. “Not one stone here will be left on another; every one will be thrown down.” Mark 13:2

The disciples and Jesus were walking through town one day. The disciples started talking about the great buildings that they were seeing. Jesus points out that every one of those buildings would be destroyed at some point in the future.

Men have taken time and money to build some very beautiful and magnificent buildings over the years. Some are impressive with their height. Others by how they are designed.

Not only has men made these buildings they have built other things that are very impressive. Sculptures, vehicles, boats, planes, and many other things that are unique and magnificent to see.

No matter how magnificent these buildings and things are, they are all temporary. Some of these buildings are still standing after a thousand years or more, but eventually they will crumble.

The Titanic was a very impressive ship, but was sunk very quickly. The Twin Towers in New York were very impressive large buildings, but were taken down in one day with the crashing of a plane.

People need to realize that all the things of this world are all temporary. The physical things will not last forever. They were out and break down. Or they can be destroyed by someone.

Think about all the stuff that you have owned over the years, the clothes, the shoes, the cars, and other things. How many of those things do you still own ten years later? How many different pairs of clothing have you had to throw out or get rid of because they wore out and can no longer be worn?

People often put their trust in the things they can see, feel and touch, but all those things are temporary. The only thing that is temporary is the soul and God with His Word.

As a believer you should be focusing on the things that are eternal and of eternal value. The two things that are of eternal value is your own soul and the souls of other people. You, along with every other person on this planet need to know Jesus as their Savior. And these are not physical things that you can see and touch, they are spiritual things.

What are you focused on today? The temporary physical? Or the spiritual eternal?

I pray today that you will know Jesus as your Savior; that you will tell others of Jesus; that you will not be caught up in the temporary; and that you will focus on God and the eternal. 

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