Zechariah 2:10-11 God Will Live With You

“Shout and be glad, Daughter Zion. For I am coming, and I will live among you,” declares the LORD. “Many nations will be joined with the LORD in that day and will become my people. I will live among you and you will know that the LORD Almighty has sent me to you.” Zechariah 2:10-11

While the Israelites were in captivity, God tells them that there is coming a day when He will come and live among them. At that time, not only will the Israelites be His people, but there will be many other nations that will become His people. The people were to shout and be glad about this. It was something that they were to look forward to. This was looking forward to the day when Jesus died and rose from the dead, opening the door to salvation of all people.

People look forward to many different things in life. Some things they know exactly when it will occur, such as: birthdays, Christmas, vacations, paychecks, paying off a bill, and many other things.

Other things they do not know when it will occur, they just know it will. Some of those things are: getting married, having children or grandchildren, purchasing a new car or house, and other major events in life.

Right now, every believer can know that God is with him and living with him. God’s presence can be known right now, causing one to shout and be glad.

Along with the here and now, the other thing that every believer can look forward to is spending eternity with God in heaven. Every believer, regardless of his past or nationality, has the opportunity to be one of God’s people. He can have God living with him wherever he is at. Jesus made that all possible.

Knowing that should make you shout and be glad. You should want to let the whole world know that God is with you and can be with the.

Not every person knows that this door has been opened. Many people believe that Israel is God’s people, but they are not Israelites, so they cannot be apart of it. Let the world know that Jesus wants to be with them. Let them know that they can be one of God’s people.

Does knowing God make you shout and be glad? Don’t hide it in.

I pray today that you will know Jesus as your Savior; that you will know God’s presence in your life; that you will know that Jesus will come again some day; and that you will let the world know about Jesus. 


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