Mark 15:12-13 Crucify Him

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“What shall I do, then, with the one you call the king of the Jews?” Pilate asked them. “Crucify him!” they shouted. Mark 15:12-13

Jesus had been taken into custody by the teachers of the law and was being tried. He was brought before Pilate to have Him judged. Pilate asked the people what the wanted to do with Jesus, and they replied that they wanted him crucified.

Extreme violence against someone is something that most people say they would never do. When someone goes on a mass killing spree, most people will demand that the person be caught and punished to fullest extent of the law.

It is very well documented in history that Jesus did exist and was a well-known teacher or prophet. It is also very well excepted that He was crucified on a cross. Very few people actually deny these things.

Looking at the scriptures, it shows that the people wrongfully judged and that the people were extremely violent against Him. Instead of just asking for jail time, the people wanted Jesus killed, in a violent manner.

Today many people say that they would never have yelled for Jesus to be crucified. They would not be willing to have Him killed, because they see Jesus as a good person. They also see themselves as a good person.

Most people are not violent physically and do not condone such behavior. Yet, every person is guilty of being violent towards Jesus. There is not a person on this earth that would not have called out the same words, “crucify Him!”

The reason this can be said, is that every person has sinned against God. No matter who you are or what you have done in your life, there has been times you have sinned against God.

Every time that you have sinned, you were also crying out, “crucify Him!”

Your sins and my sins are what put Jesus on that cross. Our sins is the reason why Jesus had to be crucified. You, along with everyone else is guilty of sin.

Jesus loved you enough to go to the cross for you. He paid the price for your sins, so that you can be forgiven.

Even though you have cried, “crucify Him,” you can be forgiven. Turn away from sin and towards Jesus and repent of your sins. Accept what He has done for you today.

I pray today that you will know why Jesus was crucified; that you will know Jesus as your Savior; that you repent of any sins against God; and that you will tell others about Jesus.


Zechariah 2:10-11 God Will Live With You

“Shout and be glad, Daughter Zion. For I am coming, and I will live among you,” declares the LORD. “Many nations will be joined with the LORD in that day and will become my people. I will live among you and you will know that the LORD Almighty has sent me to you.” Zechariah 2:10-11

While the Israelites were in captivity, God tells them that there is coming a day when He will come and live among them. At that time, not only will the Israelites be His people, but there will be many other nations that will become His people. The people were to shout and be glad about this. It was something that they were to look forward to. This was looking forward to the day when Jesus died and rose from the dead, opening the door to salvation of all people.

People look forward to many different things in life. Some things they know exactly when it will occur, such as: birthdays, Christmas, vacations, paychecks, paying off a bill, and many other things.

Other things they do not know when it will occur, they just know it will. Some of those things are: getting married, having children or grandchildren, purchasing a new car or house, and other major events in life.

Right now, every believer can know that God is with him and living with him. God’s presence can be known right now, causing one to shout and be glad.

Along with the here and now, the other thing that every believer can look forward to is spending eternity with God in heaven. Every believer, regardless of his past or nationality, has the opportunity to be one of God’s people. He can have God living with him wherever he is at. Jesus made that all possible.

Knowing that should make you shout and be glad. You should want to let the whole world know that God is with you and can be with the.

Not every person knows that this door has been opened. Many people believe that Israel is God’s people, but they are not Israelites, so they cannot be apart of it. Let the world know that Jesus wants to be with them. Let them know that they can be one of God’s people.

Does knowing God make you shout and be glad? Don’t hide it in.

I pray today that you will know Jesus as your Savior; that you will know God’s presence in your life; that you will know that Jesus will come again some day; and that you will let the world know about Jesus. 

Psalm 98:4 Shout For Joy

Shout for joy to the LORD, all the earth, burst into jubilant song with music; Psalm 98:4

People everywhere shout for joy when something happens that is good and that they want. Watch a football game and see how much people will shout for joy when their team wins a score or wins the game. Add how much more people will be shouting when their team wins the Superbowl.

There are many other individual times when people may shout for joy. Times such as when they get a pay raise or promotion, a new baby is born, someone gets married, or some other great event in their lives.

With all of these events, they are all one time events that is usually soon forgotten. The lives of people move on and the burdens of the day get them down.

It is common for most people to question what they should shout for joy about. Most are searching for just a little joy in their lives and cannot seem to find any. The bills and cares of this world loom like a huge wall in front of them blocking them from joy, pulling them down into despair.

The psalmist said that the everyone is to shout for joy and burst into song. Going back to verse one shows the reason why. It is because God has done marvelous things and provided salvation.

Take a moment to think about all the things God has done in your life. These are all the good things He has done. Provided food, shelter, life, clothing, and that is just the very basics.

Have you seen a beautiful sunrise or sunset? God gave that.

Have you seen a beautiful day? God gave that.

Have you been blessed with a great friendship with someone? God gave that.

Have you seen the beautiful stars at night? God gave that.

Do you have a job? God gave that.

Do you have a family? God gave that.

And the greatest gift God has given you is the salvation that Jesus had provided by dying on the cross. He died to give you life.

If this little list of things God has done for you does not make you shout for joy, then you are dead. Your focus is on the wrong things. Turn your focus on what God has done and know the joy that He has for you. Shout for joy today for what God has done.

I pray today that you will know what God has done for you; that you will be filled with the joy of the Lord; that you will not focus on the wrongs of this life; and that you will shout for joy to God for what He has and is doing in you.

Luke 23:21 Crying Crucify Him

“But they kept shouting, Crucify him! Crucify him!” Luke 23:21

Pilate had heard all the arguments against Jesus. He could not find enough evidence to convict Him. He wanted to release Jesus. Yet, the crowd of people shouted that they wanted Jesus crucified. They put extreme pressure on Pilate until he gave in and gave them what they wanted.

Many believers today will state that they would never have yelled out to have Jesus crucified. Many look at it and get angry with the people for wanting Jesus to die.

It is very common for this type of response to happen to something that occurred to someone else. Watch the news broadcasts about a policeman, or someone else, injuring or killing someone. Watch the whiplash against the person before the full evidence is made known.

Everywhere you listen you will hear people say they would never have done such a thing. They cannot understand why it happened the way it did. Only the person that was actually there and going through the circumstance can answer for his action.

Very few people will go against a crowd of other people. Most people will go with the flow. No one really wants to be different or really stand out. Everyone wants to be accepted. If you had been there, you would have gone with the crowd in shouting against Jesus. You would have demanded His death.

Think about how many times you have sinned against God. Each time you sin, no matter whether a “big” or “small” sin, you are driving a nail into Jesus’ hands or putting the whip across His back. You are shouting “crucify Him” with the rest of the world.

If you were the only one who had sinned, (and you were not), Jesus would have died for you. God loves you that much.

Turn away from your sins today. Seek His forgiveness. Do not allow yourself to be self-righteous and state that you would not have done the same thing. Don’t allow yourself to shout “crucify Him” anymore.

I pray today that God will reveal His love for you; that God will reveal His forgiveness He has for you; that you will seek God’s forgiveness; that you will follow Jesus with all of your life; and that you will not condemn others but show them God’s love and mercy.

Mark 11:8-9 Praising Him

“Many people spread their cloaks on the road, while others spread branches they had cut in the fields. Those who went ahead and those who followed shouted, Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the name of Lord!” Mark 11:8-9

Jesus was heading back into Jerusalem for the last time. He knew that He was ultimately going to His death. As He came riding in on a colt, the people gave Him praise.

The people went to the extreme in praising and honoring Jesus. They would lay their cloaks on the road for the donkey to walk upon. They felt He was of such high honor that the donkey should not even touch the dirty ground.

Along with laying down their cloaks, they also shouted praises. Hosanna means to save. They were wanting Him to save them. Although at the time, they were looking more at salvation from Rome, than from their sins.

They also shouted that He is blessed and was coming in the name of the Lord. They saw that God was blessings Him. They also knew that Jesus was coming in the name of God, in His power and authority.

These people went above and beyond what was needed. They were in a sense going extreme on their honoring Jesus, although He deserved it. In the eyes of the world, Jesus was just a good teacher or prophet, nothing more. No other prophet or teacher had received this type of honor.

How should this affect you today? Are you going a little bit crazy about Jesus?

If you realize who Jesus really is, and what He is doing, and has done for you, you will be crazy about Him. You will be willing to do crazy things to let others know about Him.

How many people go crazy about a famous celebrity or sports team? What do they do? Many crazy things are done.

How much more does Jesus deserve? Shout out loud praises of Jesus. Let the world know about Him and who He is. Let the world know He is coming again. Let the world know Jesus is there for them.

I pray today that you will have no fear in praising God openly; that God will reveal more of Himself to you; that you will tell the world who Jesus is; that you will tell the world Jesus is coming again; and that God will use you to build His kingdom.