Jeremiah 9:1 Weeping For The Slain

Oh, that my head were a spring of water and my eyes a fountain of tears! I would weep day and night for the slain of my people. Jeremiah 9:1

As the nation of Israel was being thrust into captivity, God was weeping. He was weeping over all those who were slain, even though they were slain because of their sins. The Israelites had refused to follow God and had to pay the consequences of their decision. Even though God was just in doing what He was doing, it broke His heart to see His people have to suffer and get slain.

Seeing a wicked person suffer and pay for his crimes often brings about a lot of rejoicing. Most people are glad to see someone pay for what they have done wrong. This is true whether it is something done wrong directly to the individual or to someone else. People want to see others pay for their crime.

Even many Christians rejoice in seeing someone fall and be punished for crimes done. The more popular and greater the crime, the more the rejoicing in the fall. Many are very quick to pass judgment or demand judgment up on a person. They forget the love that God has for that person. They forget that the person is a lost child of God, whom God wants to save and love.

God does not work that way. He does not rejoice when He has to punish someone or a group of people. His heart is broken with sorrow at what has to be done. Unlike most humans, God does not take great joy in punishing someone for doing something wrong. He has every right to rejoice, because He is holy and perfect, yet, He will weep instead of rejoicing. God wants to save every person, not punish them.

As you are going through this life, there will be people who hurt you very badly. There will also be people you hear about who do very bad crimes, sometimes to someone you know, many times to those you do not know. Watch the news and you will see crimes of many people.

When the person is caught and punished, what are your feelings?

Do you rejoice with the world?

Or do you weep for those who are slain and punished?

Weep with God for those who are lost and slain.

I pray today that you will see people as God sees them; that you will know God’s heart for all people; that you will weep for those who are slain; and that you will be a witness to the world of God’s love for all people.

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