1 Kings 9:9 Why There May Be So Much Disaster

People will answer, ‘Because they have forsaken the Lord their God, who brought their ancestors out of Egypt, and have embraced other gods, worshipping and serving them–that is why the Lord brought all this disaster on them.’ 1 Kings 9:9

Every time a major disaster occurs affecting a large number of people, many will wonder why it happened. Almost immediately people will blame other people or God for what occurred. Some will blame others for the long-term effects of some action, while others blame for immediate choices made.

Seldom do people take responsibility and blame themselves for the disasters.

God told Solomon that he and the people must follow Him. If they don’t and follow other gods, He will bring great disaster on them, until the people of other nations will see and recognize that they left God, and He destroyed them.

It is sadly common for many who claim to be believers in Jesus to walk in sin and follow false gods more than following God. Sin is justified and accepted as good, twisting scripture to make it acceptable.

While God is patient and full of grace and mercy, there comes a point in which He will punish the choices of believers.

Communities or nations that begin to follow false gods as a whole and do not have true believers standing for God’s truth and ways, may begin to feel the judgement of God come upon them. He allows disasters to occur to try and get their attention back to Him so that He may forgive them and heal them of the disaster.

In the same way that Israel has experienced disasters for turning away from God, other nations have also experienced it and America is beginning to feel His strike against them. Believers need to stand strong and true for God and refuse to follow the false gods of this world to avert greater disasters.

You may be tempted at times to follow the false gods of this world–money, fame, sexual immorality, self-pleasure, or more. The world will do whatever it can to draw you away from God into its sinful pleasures that bring about death and destruction.

Focus your entire heart and life upon God and His ways. Do not allow the temptations pull you into sin and judgment. God will make a way for you out of temptation and provide more life than this world will ever offer.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will follow God alone with all of your life; that God will give you strength and direction to flee temptations to sin; that God will never have to bring disaster upon your life due to sin; and that the world will see you follow God.

1 Samuel 28:18 The Results Of Disobedience

Because you did not obey the Lord or carry out his fierce wrath against the Amalekites, the Lord has done this to you today. 1 Samuel 28:18

No one who is a leader likes someone who is disobedient. Every leader understands that those being led must be obedient. Usually there are consequences to not obeying, sometimes very severe consequences and other times not very severe.

Often the consequences are set up as punishment or correction to prevent disobedience from occurring again. Many people get upset when negative consequences occur due to disobedience, feeling that they should be able to do what they desire.

God was bringing the Philistines against Saul for disobedience. Saul went to Samuel for help but was told that because he did not obey God this is what God was doing to him.

Even though the world understands consequences to disobedience, many in the church feel that God will not do anything if they disobey Him. Many in the church will refuse to repent and turn away from certain sins. They will not take time to be His witness. They hold on to bitterness and seek vengeance.

While living in sin, many will wonder why God is against them and negative things are occurring on a regular basis. Others will wonder why God is silent when they seek Him at the same time they are disobeying His commands to them. Often they hide behind grace, believing that their disobedience will be overlooked.

God’s holiness demands obedience. Jesus did not die for the sins of the believer, so that the believer could continue to live in sin and disobey God. In His great love God will deal with disobedience harshly in this life so that the person may continue to gain eternal life in the end. The ultimate punishment for disobedience is death for eternity in hell.

As a believer God has given you all the general commands He has given every believer and He has also given you some direct commands specific to you alone. You are given a choice as to whether you will obey those commands or not. There will be consequences to which way you choose.

Obeying God will bring about His hand of favor and direction. Disobeying will result in punishment and losing His hand of favor.

Make the choice today to obey God in every area of your life and every command God gives you.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will know the commands God is giving you; that you will obey all that God commands you to do; and that God will not have to punish you for any disobedience.

Genesis 19:17 Flee For Your Life

As soon as they brought them out, one of them said, “Flee for your lives! Don’t look back, and don’t stop anywhere in the plain! Flee to the mountains or you will be swept away!” Genesis 19:17

Danger from forest fires, floods or extreme storms occur in different areas with expectation of their coming. People are often warned ahead of time of the coming danger to leave the area immediately for protection and safety.

Some people will heed the advice and leave, while others ignore the advice and stay at their own peril. Those that stay do not see the danger as a real threat.

As God was getting ready to destroy the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, He had angels get Lot and his family out. The angels told them to flee for their lives and to not stop along the way to avoid being destroyed.

Most people will probably never have to flee their home due to a natural disaster occurring that threatens their home and lives. However, there is another disaster that is occurring in which people need to flee, but most do not flee as they ignore the warnings.

This is fleeing sin to avoid the disaster of eternal judgment of death that is coming against sin. Looking at sin, it is seen as fun, with no danger and pleasurable. It is a given right to have all of this fun and it appears to be safe.

While the world lives in sin due to ignorance, many believers dabble in sin, despite knowing that it is wrong. Instead of fleeing sin, some will stay in it believing God will have mercy on them and understand their ‘need’ to sin.

Jesus said to stop sinning and be holy. One is to resist the devil and temptations to sin and run to God, not towards sin. Judgment will come, but only if one did not flee to Jesus.

Prior to knowing Jesus, you were on a path that led to destruction and death by judgment of God against your sins. Jesus is willing to remove those judgments and the sin in your life.

Do not allow yourself to stay in sin, nor to turn back to sin. Flee away from all sin as fast as possible and as far as possible. Flee to Jesus and receive forgiveness and be made holy, removing the judgment of death upon your life.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that God will strengthen you to flee from all sin and temptation; that you will run to Jesus for your salvation; that you will not stop on the journey God has for you; and that God will help you to not look back to a life of sin.

Genesis 6:13 Destruction Will Come

So God said to Noah, “I am going to put an end to all people, for the earth is filled with violence because of them. I am surely going to destroy both them and the earth.” Genesis 6:13

Living on this earth, the majority of people believe they can live as they want and there will be no consequences. Very few people live in a way of being aware of the consequences of their actions. Living in the moment for self pleasure is all that counts.

In Genesis, mankind had grown corrupt and was living in extreme sin and violence on the earth. God tells Noah that He is going to destroy the earth and all the people.

The majority of people around the world are familiar with the story of Noah and the flood. Most do not believe that is actually occurred, but that it is a made-up story.

Since the majority of people do not believe it happened, they also believe that they can live however they choose to live. There are no absolute standards to live by.

As a result of this type of thinking, the world is getting more and more corrupt. There are things that are being allowed and promoted more and more all the time. Nations that were once known as being ‘Christian’ are no longer Christian as a whole. Sin and violence are spreading like a rapid, raging fire across the lands. God is being rejected and believers are being persecuted.

It appears as if God will never do anything, and that the world is winning. Yet, there is coming a day when Jesus will return and destroy this world and all that are in it that are disobeying God. Judgment is coming for all who do not follow Jesus.

God loves you and does not want to have to destroy you when Jesus returns. He sent Jesus to pay for your sins and make you right before God. This was done so that you can have eternal life with Him in heaven.

Choose today to repent and turn from all of your sins and follow God with all of your heart. If you do not do so, then when you die or when Jesus returns you will be included in the destruction for eternity in hell.

Although it looks as if the world is winning, God will win in the end and destroy all sin and this earth. Will you be destroyed?

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that God will strengthen you to turn from all sin; that you will live your life serving and obeying God; that God will not have to destroy you in the end; and that you will tell others about Jesus returning someday.

Revelation 20:15 Will You Be Thrown Into The Lake Of Fire?

Anyone whose name was not found written in the book of life was thrown into the lake of fire. Revelation 20:15

Going through pain, suffering and judgment is something that most people want to do. The desire of most people is to eat, drink and be happy each and every day of their lives, with very little to no concern or worries about tomorrow.

Outside of having pleasure in mind, most people are not concerned about the future, especially long term such as eternity. Days are taken one day at a time with just a desire for more fun filled days.

In his vision, John sees death and hell tossed into a lake of fire. Along with death and hell, everyone whose name is not in the book of life is also thrown into that lake of fire.

While it appears that everyone is free to live life as they want with no consequences, this is not true. As people live their lives, they are building up judgments of God either for or against them. Every action and every thought are being recorded to determine what will occur in the end.

The majority of the world is living to please self and ignoring God each and every day. They have no focus upon eternity or God. As it is they are living in sin and rebellion, whether consciously or not, against God.

Since God is a holy and just God, He has to make a judgment someday against the sin against Him. Jesus has provided a way to have all of those sins and judgments removed, but one has to choose to accept it.

Upon accepting what Jesus provides, one will have his name put into the book of life. He will be made clean and pure before God, saving him from the lake of fire. Any who has not accepted Jesus will be cast into the lake of fire.

God loves you and wants the best for you. Jesus is ready to forgive you of all sins against God, but you must choose to accept what Jesus did and repent of all sins. Until you choose to repent and be forgiven, you are doomed to be cast into a lake of fire with Satan, death and hell in the end.

Choose today to repent and believe upon Jesus and obey Him. Allow your name to be written in the Lamb’s book of life to give you eternal life.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will repent of all sins and follow Jesus; that your name will be in the Lamb’s book of life; that you will be holy and righteous before God; and that you will know the true life you can have in Jesus.