Psalm 115:1 For God’s Glory, Not Ours

Not to us, LORD, not to us but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness. Psalm 115:1

All over the world buildings, parks, ships, and many other things are named in honor of someone.  Some of these people did things to be seen by others. They want their name to be known and honored. They want the glory that comes with honor being given them.

People love to be honored. They want to be recognized for what they have accomplished. They want their hard work recognized and talked about. They want to see their names in the lights and headlines.

Take a look at all the movie stars and musical pop stars. They strive to get the glory of being the best in their field. They want all the glory that comes with being the best.

Even in the church, the desire for glory and honor shows up. When a person does some hard work for the church, he often wants to be recognized for that hard work. If no one says anything, people are often depressed and angry about not getting the desired recognition.

The psalmist is stating that he should not receive any of the glory at all, but that God is to receive all the glory.

It was once said that a believer must hold a mirror up in front of himself. When someone gives praise and glory to him for something done, he should let the mirror shine that praise and glory up to God, to whom it belongs. If persecution or bad words are said to the person, he should also shine that up to God, and let Him deal with it.

The reason God is to receive the glory is because of His love and faithfulness. God loved us first and has always been faithful.

You would not be where you are today, if God did not love you. Jesus loved you as you placed Him on the cross. He took the nails through His hands for you, while you hated Him.

Do not take the glory for yourself. Jesus deserves all the glory. Give God all the glory for everything good in your life. Give God the glory for all the good things you have received.

I pray today that you will give all the glory to God; that you will know God’s love and faithfulness in your life; that you will not seek your own glory; and that you will do everything you do for the glory of God.

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