2 Samuel 7:18 Who Am I?

Then King David went in and sat before the Lord, and he said: “Who am I, Sovereign Lord, and what is my family, that you have brought me this far?” 2 Samuel 7:18

All around the world, from the youngest child to the oldest adult, people are often questioning who they are. People desire to know their purpose in this world and seek to find in it many different ways and different things.

Others believe that they know who they are, and that the world owes them everything. The things they get are expected, along with more.

God had just told David that He would establish his throne forever. David then asks who he was that God would bring him as far as he had already come.

When a person gets a glimpse of how vast the universe is and how small he is in the universe, he can begin to wonder who he is. Then he adds in the factor that God made that universe and is much greater, yet takes time to help him out, it can make a wonder even more who he is and why God even pays any attention to him.

The world feels that one can make his own destiny and purpose in this world. The individual is in complete control of everything in his life to make it or break it. It is all about self.

Believers realize that it is all about God and what He can and does do. Seeing God’s hand at work in one’s life will open his eyes to the reality of God’s amazing love and grace in his life, because he realizes that in and of himself, he is nothing in view of the universe and God.

True believers will turn that glory back to God, knowing it was God who did it all, not himself. There may be times you wonder who you are that God loves you and cares for you. It is not about you, but about His great and perfect, eternal love for you.

You have been brought as far as you are today because of His love for you. God put you in the place you are in to be His witness and do a work here on this earth.

Do not be arrogant in and of yourself, but give God all the glory and praise for what He is doing and has done in your life.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will know God’s love for you; that you will see God’s hand at work in your life; that you will realize what God has done in and through you; and that you will give God praise for what He has done for you.

1 John 2:3 Do You Really Know God?

We know that we have come to know him if we keep his commands. 1 John 2:3

It is easy for people to say that they know someone. People all over talk about knowing famous actors, yet, in reality do not really know the person. They know about the person, but not directly know the person.

This is taken to another level for knowing someone who is an authority. The better a person knows one who is an authority and how much he cares for him, the easier it is to obey commands given. One will be able to understand why the commands are given.

John states that the way to know if one knows God is if he obeys God’s commands.

Obeying God is often seen as one of the hardest things for a believer to do. This difficulty arises because very often what God asks a believer to do does not always make sense, appears to be dangerous or crazy.

People often hold back on obeying God out of fear, not really knowing God and His heart. Stepping into sin and disobeying God will only be done, because one does not know or trust God.

God is perfect love and everything that He does, says or asks a believer to do is done out of that perfect love. He does not give commands just to be a dictator or ruler, but to build the believer up and make him more perfect.

As the believer begins to realize and understand God’s perfect love for him, he will become more willing to keep all of His commands. Obeying the commands will no longer be done out of fear, but out of great love because of God’s love.

Knowing God and obeying Him must go together in the life of every believer.

As a believer, you claim to know and love God. There will be commands in the bible that you have read and there may be times the Holy Spirit tells you things that you must do.

How willing are you to obey the commands God is giving you, whether by the Bible, or through His Holy Spirit speaking to you? How you answer this reveals how much you know God.

Strive to know God more and more each day, so that you can learn to trust His commands more and obey them. Be willing to step out in faith knowing that God has your best in mind.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will know God and His heart; that you will learn to trust God’s every word; that you will obey every command of God; and that you will truly love God as He loves you.