Job 36:11 False Expectations

If they obey and serve him, they will spend the rest of their days in prosperity and their years in contentment. Job 36:11

Elihu continues to defend God against Job. He points out that God makes the rules and holds everyone accountable to them. When a person does not obey God, according to Elihu, God will bind them up and bring them into suffering. Those who obey God will live in prosperity for the rest of their lives.

Living in prosperity can mean various things. The most common belief in prosperity is that a person has wealth and health, with no problems at all. In America, this means that a person has a six figured income, a four car garage home with the cars, perfect health, and no bills at all. Once a person has all these things, he is considered prosperous.

This mindset has also worked itself into the church. The belief that if a person loves and obeys God he will be prosperous and have all these things.

Over the years there have been preachers who have preached this type of message. Prosperity meaning only with things, and nothing else. When witnessing to the world, many have said, just believe in Jesus and everything will be perfect.

Take a look at the life of Jesus. He was the perfect example of perfectly obeying and serving God, yet, His life was far from trouble-free and He did not have a home to go to.

The prosperity that Jesus had, was success in His mission. He accomplished what He was sent to do. His life was in line with what God wanted. Jesus had perfect peace and joy, because He was obeying God. That is real prosperity.

Having all the wealth in the world will not bring about true peace and joy. It will not bring about true contentment, because you will always want just a little bit more.

As you obey and serve God, do not expect things to look perfect in this life and go your way perfectly. There is still sin in this world that needs to be overcome. You are still in a battle until Jesus returns.

Do not expect the false prosperity of this world. Seek out the prosperity that God is giving you, love, joy, and peace. He is giving you eternal security, eternal prosperity.

I pray today that you will love and obey God; that you will seek what God has for you; that you will be content with what God gives you; and that you will be His witness in this world.


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