Job 35:12 Does God Answer?

He does not answer when people cry out because of the arrogance of the wicked. Job 35:12

Elihu had continued his argument against Job. He is trying to point out that no one can teach God or control God. Here he states that God does not answer people when they cry out to Him. The reason for not answering is because of the wickedness of the people.

Very few people feel that God answers them directly. The majority of people feel that they cry out to God and God remains silent and does not seem to do anything. Often people believe that only “holy” people, such as the pastors, preachers and priests can hear from God. God will only talk to those who are “holy”.

Others will think that they are not worthy enough for God to even notice them, much less speak to them.

These thoughts, along with those of Elihu, are false beliefs in how God works. If God does not listen to a wicked person, then no person could possibly ever be saved. There is no way a person could call out to God to be saved, because every person is born into wickedness and has sinned.

David said that God is near to everyone who calls on Him in truth. When a person is truly trying to reach out to God for an answer, God will come near to him and answer.

The problem that most people have is either they are not listening for God to speak to them, or they do not like the answer God is giving them. God will always answer in one of three ways: not now–wait, no–never, or here is what was asked for.

The only time God may not answer at all, is when the request is trying to challenge God and prove He cannot be real or do something. Even then, God usually does answer, but most will not hear the answer.

Do not be afraid to cry out to God. When you do cry out to God, expect an answer. Believe that God has heard you and will answer your request. Then wait for His answer. Finally accept His answer to you.

You are not so far lost, that God cannot hear you or is unwilling to answer you. He is always near to those who call out to Him.

I pray today that you will be willing to call out to God for all your needs; that you will expect God to answer you; that you will hear God’s answer to you; and that you will accept God’s answer to you.


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