1 Kings 22:14 Speaking Only What God Says

But Micaiah said, “As surely as the LORD lives, I can tell him only what the LORD tells me.” 1 Kings 22:14

Jehoshaphat, king of Israel, was at war with the king of Aram. He had lost one of the cities to Aram and wanted to get it back. He sent for the prophet Micaiah to hear what he would say. All the other prophets had been prophesying success for the king and wanted Micaiah to say the same. Micaiah told him that he can only speak what God tells him to say.

People have their opinions about everything that is going on. All over the social media people talk about what they think about wars, robberies, deaths, killings, the economy, politics, and more. Television shows have various speakers discussing what they feel about everything. Sports fans always watch the games and have their opinions on how the play should have been called or actually played.

Opinions are not limited to the views of things in this world, but also in the church. Many believers also have their opinions on what God’s word says, some of which take into account all of Scripture, while others only a few verses.

Micaiah was willing to give a statement about the situation, but it was going to be only what God’s statement would be. He said the same things as Jesus would have said. Jesus said that He only said and did what the Father told Him to say and do.

As a believer you must also say only what God is saying. Sometimes that word is not a positive word. God may be saying to stop something or it will become a very bad situation. Other times God may speak positively in favor of something.

God always speaks out negatively about sin in a person’s life, and positively about living for Him and building people up in Jesus.

What are your opinions in this life?

What are the words you are saying?

Are the words your own words?

Or are they the words of God that He has given you to say?

I pray today that God will give you the words to speak; that God will reveal His thoughts to  you; that you will only speak God’s truth in love at all times; and that God will use you to reach the world.


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